Author Topic: EARLY 1968 RS Grill Attaching Screws  (Read 2023 times)

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EARLY 1968 RS Grill Attaching Screws
« on: September 19, 2012, 10:55:37 PM »
If you have an EARLY 1968 RS Camaro..Build date of 9A..9B..9C..9D..10A..10B..10C..10D
and your Camaro is ORIGINAL..I would like to see pictures of the lower grill attaching screws and nuts that hold it to the lower valance. IT will help myself and others for restoration purposes.  The 68 AIM ist specific on these screws and nuts and it would be good for everyone if we knew what was used on an ORIGINAL car during these dates.
Thank you for your help.