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General Discussion / Re: 67 front stripe color and interior question
« Last post by 67jeffreyt on March 26, 2017, 01:51:21 AM »
Thanks guys, at least I know what colors for the outside, now I'm just curious how the black deluxe interior would have been.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Caveat tag?
« Last post by cook_dw on March 26, 2017, 01:17:56 AM »
The owner of the car reached out to me the last time it was for sale. I offered my opinion at his request and informed him of all the issues I found with the car. He stated he had gotten a differing opinion from a known Camaro expert/ business in MI. It was not HBC just for clarification.

Quote from sYc thread about the car.

Quote from: juliosz;1346735
I looked at the car a couple of weeks ago.  Owner is a nice guy and very accommodating.  I too had concerns with the tag as well as I could not find a VIN anywhere on the block.  Several small items missing that would add up.  Console and gauges added according to owner.  Camaro expert referenced in his description is Richard Maksym (Coast 2 Coast Camaro) who also did much of the work. Paint is really nice overall and interior needs minor sorting out. I am not 100% sure the tag is a problem and I was less concerned with the POP.  The car however presented me with more questions than answers so the search goes on for me.
Restoration / Re: Accurate 1969 dash panel replacement?
« Last post by little_hoss on March 26, 2017, 01:07:05 AM »
Thanks for the input guys. I've looked at a few of the repros now and have only seen what William was talking about. Looked up AMD and didn't realize I live so close, less than 15 miles! Going to have to see what they have. Was really hoping I wouldn't have to go the cut and splice route, but it's looking like my best option as of now. The nova dash sounds like a good idea also. I'll have to look into that as well. Charlotte is also coming up! Maybe find an original cut out one there!  :D
General Discussion / Re: 67 front stripe color and interior question
« Last post by Mike S on March 26, 2017, 12:39:18 AM »
 My 67 is butternut yellow, black convertible top and a black stripe. That is how it was originally.
Can't help with the interior though because it is standard.

Restoration / Re: 68 dashpad
« Last post by 68camaroz28 on March 25, 2017, 10:26:26 PM »
Knoch did a 67 pad for me last year and it took them two times to get it right, but they did finally nail it. They can recover you original metal core or provide you with their plastic core. I had them replace the original speed nut studs with threaded studs. They will not do so if not asked.

Just Dashes must have improved their manufacturing if their pads look as good as Knock's. The Just Dashes pads I've seen were very bloated and easily spotted. I'd have to see their latest work before I dropped any coin on one.
X2 on Just Dashes! Hopefully they have it going good now but before the dashes looked over stuffed or bloated. Good point on the threaded stud.
General Discussion / Re: 67 front stripe color and interior question
« Last post by KurtS on March 25, 2017, 10:19:58 PM »
Stripes on a yellow car were always black.
Seats - white inserts with 765 interior.
General Discussion / 67 front stripe color and interior question
« Last post by 67jeffreyt on March 25, 2017, 07:20:11 PM »
My car is not factory color, it's painted black with white front bumblebee stripe.  My factory colors are butternut yellow with black vinyl top and deluxe black interior. Currently with white stripe insert in the seats.  What color would the factory bumblebee stripe possibly have been and what color insert on factory seats could have been?  Is there a color correlation? The car is a true SS/RS 350.
With how accurate your models are, I could see some reverse engineering a trans am car based on the pics of your models!
(the pics of the castings are great)

I'm glad I was able to help with the Challenger seat pics and that they will help you make a better, more accurate model.

I'm very impressed with the molds you are creating to make needed parts and the resin "glass" as well.  Great job and thank you for keeping us informed.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: help please decoding a 1968 Camaro
« Last post by bertfam on March 25, 2017, 05:19:54 PM »
Both look like they were done with the same gang stamp.

Yep. Now that I've adjusted the stamps and looked at them closer, they're from the same gang.

Congrats Nigel. You have a numbers matching car!

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