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Thank you for checking that and posting that information.

From everything I have seen written about the proportioning valve located on the frame, it wasn't used on that many cars and even the experts aren't sure now why some cars got them and others didn't.......I wonder if when that frame mounted proportioning valve was used, that maybe the RPV was eliminated.

I do not have the frame mounted proportioning valve in my car.

The RPV mystery continues.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: Muncie metal trim tag identification
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 03:12:37 AM »
Randy, I will check to see if I have an extra. If I do I will send you a PM.

Chick, that list was for Chevelles. Note their are no listings for Z28.  The AIMs for each year are the best source for the data.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Muncie metal trim tag identification
« Last post by 68camaroz28 on Today at 03:12:31 AM »
Our M21 metal ID tag from our 68 Z Randy prior to restoration.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Muncie metal trim tag identification
« Last post by 68camaroz28 on Today at 02:42:57 AM »
Randy, I thought Heartbeat was selling the repro's also but did not verify. Years ago they were still pretty easy to spot a repro but maybe they are better now.
From the Yenko website: "Lots of people contributed,but credit goes to Chuck Hanson for publishing this all in last months Chevelle World.Box #28 on the Buildsheet will reflect the 2 letter code as well."
Muncie ID Tags
1964 M20 3841435
1965 M20 3857577
1965 M20 3857578 Z16
1966 M20 3870357 L-34 L-35
1966 M20 3890534 L-78
1966 M21 3877459 ALL
1966 M22 3879993 L-78
1967 M20 3870357 L-34 L-35 L-79
1967 M21 3877459 ALL
1967 M22 3879993 L-78
1968 M20 3915079 L-34 L-36 L-78 L-79
1968 M21 3915085 L-34 L-36 L-78 L-79
1968 M22 3925626 L-78
1969 M20 3950301 L-48 L-35
1969 M20 3946767 L-34 L-78
1969 M21 3946798 ALL
1969 M22 3950318 L-78 COPO L72
1970 M20 3952659 WB
1970 M21 3968012 (disc.3-11-70)
1970 M21 3968011 WL
1970 M22 3978766 WO
1971 M20 3974484 WN
1971 M22 3978766 WO
1972 M20 3974484 WN
1972 M22 6271517 WJ

Information on RPV on a 69 Camaro SS 396 with a build date 02D.  I am the original owner and have done all the maintenance since delivery.  The master cylinder US code 309 casting does not have a RPV in the rear brake circuit.  I have the master off and put a drill bit into the seat.  It went in 2 1/8 inches and finally hit the end of the hole.  Np restriction like a bad RPV that had a hole or deteriorated.  The car has the round pressure hold off valve on front brakes and the proportional valve on the subframe below the drivers door on the rear brakes.  I'm sure it never had a RPV.  The brakes worked fine. 

Eldon, did you have time to check your driveshaft? 
Research Topics & Reports / Re: Hurst Shifter date codes
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 02:16:26 AM »
Well since this is a First Generation Camaro website, and the only Hurst shifters that we are doing research on are from 69 Camaros, yes. That's what we have determined in this thread that we are concentrating on, and we are trying to figure out the stamping codes. Unknown shifters don't help much.

My earlier post was a REQUEST, not a demand.

Research Topics & Reports / Re: Hurst Shifter date codes
« Last post by GreenNV on Today at 01:53:29 AM »
You can delete that post then.

It's one number off the original from my car and thought the more you can learn about dates the better, but I guess this thread is only for original "born with" shifters for the 69 model year only then?
Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Smokey Yunick
« Last post by Jon Mello on Today at 01:11:38 AM »
General Discussion / Re: 427/425
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 12:50:08 AM »
I really don't care who it was. It wasn't me.

But if this car does sell, I would like to know more about it. I would really have wanted to try for it, but the timing is wrong for any more projects and this time and I don't have room.  But Burnished Brown is a good color.

I just hope the engine and the CY coded transmission stay with the car.
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