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 on: Today at 12:17:01 PM 
Started by Mark - Last post by VINCE Z28
John Z as a young foreman working the line what was your first impression of this ( '67-'69 ) new pony car called Camaro? Did you owned one at the time or was it just another car? I know the bigger car were popular back then and did you know about the COPO 427 '69 camaro's then? I like the first person history.

 on: Today at 11:16:58 AM 
Started by L78 steve - Last post by JohnZ
The measurements in the P&A are taken from the seal surface facing the stick end. The problem is that the stick shown is generic in that it has a washer and a seal and no bell.
Stop the press. Just found something interesting in my 67 Corvette AIM that may explain the purple button.

'67 Corvette big-blocks had dipsticks with pink (salmon) buttons, both before and after the mid-season running change.

 on: Today at 11:10:51 AM 
Started by SgtHawkUSMC - Last post by JohnZ
How about  intake # 3933163 date 3-29-68 on a motor # 3935440 date G 1 8  L.A. 69 car ?

G 1 8 is the block casting date - what matters is the engine assembly date.

 on: Today at 11:04:10 AM 
Started by Mark - Last post by JohnZ
   But did you solve the problem?

Absolutely! See the end of the second paragraph in that post:

<<I described to him the line-stop problem that caused, and asked if he could wipe off his brush elsewhere. He understood, and said he could do that, no problem. I thanked him, and headed back toward the Chevrolet side, pleased that I had solved this apparently unsolvable problem with ten minutes' work.>>

 on: Today at 11:01:00 AM 
Started by barsteel - Last post by BillOhio
My opinion, for what it's worth lol, over 30 with those quarters is too much. What I have seen with that damage, if original fenders are still on it, they would be suspect at the bottom with the brace. Car really needs a good looking over

 on: Today at 10:49:14 AM 
Started by RonnieJ - Last post by 69Z28-RS

Our Thanks to you for caring enough to effect the re-uniting... Smiley    It would have been much easier for you to just run a for sale ad on your local Craig's list.. but you made an effort and did something good!  Congratulations!

 on: Today at 10:45:42 AM 
Started by RonnieJ - Last post by RonnieJ
Sorry, I don't have one and dont think I could figure out how to get it on here.   Me and computers have never gotten along.   If it wasnt for my nephew helping me I'd have never gotten this far.   I ran the motor over to Dave on Thursday and since everyone seems to know him, I'm sure he can get you what you want.   I really liked seeing the car that this motor came from, it made this old heart feel good.   That thing has just sat under my workbench for so long.   It was nice to meet him and see all of his cars and parts.   I expected a garage at his house and it was I suppose, but its across the street and I swear he has the whole dang block.   He even has a few railroad cabooses sitting in the yard.   He has Camaros everywhere, Ive never seen anything like it.   The shop is huge, he has a machine shop, a welding shop, a sheetmetal shop, a wood shop and he does media blasting.   Lord almighty.   He is finishing a upstairs area for storage and boy is it nice.   He showed me some of his other pats he has squirreled away and I saw things I'd only seen in magazines.   He even has one of those 2-4 setups for a Camaro.   He called it his hotel California where stuff checks in but it never leaves.   I asked him what he did for a living and he said he was retired and now this is his toy box.   He is too young to be retired.   I'm 67 and still working, he is barely 50!   If I had that place nobody would ever see me again.   I'd better shut up now and say that I think my motor is in good hands.   Thank to everyone who helped you really made this old mans day.

 on: Today at 09:21:13 AM 
Started by barsteel - Last post by 69Z28-RS
I understand what you are saying.. and the 'statement of having the POP' certainly addressed most of the 'originality' issues..   but that said, if I viewed the car and inspected it.. and didn't find anything suspicious (ie. I believed it to be an original Z28 with all it's major factory parts), I would not let the lack of the documentation prevent my purchasing it...

 on: Today at 09:18:34 AM 
Started by ko-lek-tor - Last post by 69Z28-RS
That's why I'm such a fan of this site, like-minded people who often go the extra mile to help a fellow member.
Glad you got the car with no issues or missing parts Bentley; is that the X22 car?

X22 car? Yes! Thanks Tim, you are one of the great ones here, if I may ad.

 Kiss Oh you hugger orange guys should start your own site..... Lips Sealed


I thought this one was our site...   Smiley 

lol,  Good one Gary. I knew that one was coming.

Smiley   The JOHO guys need a reminder sometimes....  Smiley

JOHO   = Jealous of Hugger Orange......    Smiley

 on: Today at 07:36:00 AM 
Started by RUNUTZ - Last post by hgger69

Looks fine to me. In Illinois, personalized plates are a mix of letters and numbers. It's the current plate design that's been used for a number of years now. On the IL Secretary of State site you can plug in what you want to find out if it's available.
Nice info, thanx! So that means that this is an official plate then?

Hakan, you'd be shot on sight then sent back to Sweden..... Grin  Seriously, years ago I tried getting a " Vanity plate" that said "Slick 69" ( Hey I have a black shiny 69 camaro ) the state of Washington was not too impressed to say the least, they didn't say "NO" they said "HELL NO"!! you see everyone that wants a personalize plate (the State calls them Vanity Plates) must send them to Olympia for approval. One way to get around Olympia is to find a original old Washington plate that's in good shape, take it to the local licensing agent and you can have a plate with 69 on it and get a permanent registration.   Cool Geez.... I hope no one from Olympia reads CRG's posts Undecided
Ha, ha, nice story, I'm glad I'm still in Sweden then! Smiley

Merry X-mas to y'all!

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