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General Discussion / Re: New to group and bought a 1969 X77 Z28 recently
« on: November 08, 2016, 05:20:20 PM »
@X33RS, My bad you are correct, they are only offering the Firestone as you say.
I spoke to a Goodyear dealer and they said there are noises out there about Goodyear themselves molding a Radial in a bias look. He thought middle next year but was basing it on industry rumor mostly.
I guess as opposed to being "Correct" I was just wanting to avoid the "Experts" at a local deal who want to Question the tire choice and me having to defend it over and over.
I will be fine with a Period Correct appearing tire and completely enjoy a radial versus the Bias Ply.
Glad to hear the conversion to Power Steer is not taboo. It actually drives awfully well with that light little 302 on the nose, but I want my Wife to embrace this car and enjoy it.
I know the late reaction into corners and the horrible tracking on our country roads would scare her to death.

Given the odometer reading of under 80k I am torn about driving it much, but realistically speaking, I don't own them to hide them, I own them to drive them, so I guess I won't sweat it.
Who even knows if it is original miles anyhow. I guess Macneish can track that down, but again, does it really matter.

I intend to own it for the next 20-30 years and then it is my Daughters problem.

I considered a bolt on Unisteer rack kit but why, it's not a road racer today, even if they were the cars to allow the Trans Am cars to race.

End of the day it'll probably be like the rest and only get maybe 3-500 miles a year so it'll stay pretty fresh.
I have a bunch of performance cars 8+ including projects and can hardly find the time to drive them all.

General Discussion / New to group and bought a 1969 X77 Z28 recently
« on: November 08, 2016, 02:29:52 AM »
Hi group,
I recently bought a 1969 Z/28 through Barrett-Jackson in Vegas.
Unfortunately car was an estate deal best I can tell, so absolutely no history on it.
While I own a bunch of collector cars and several first gen F-Bodies. Mine have historically been Plain Jane nothing special cars.

So this Z/28 I am learning about as we speak. It is a Norwood Car. It has a Crossram that is Date Correct (real not a repro)
It has Date code and list Correct Holleys, also seem to be originals not repros. Remote drivers mirror, Gauges, Trim Package, Spoiler package, M-22 although I haven't checked date yet but it is a 22, 12 bolt limited slip, I simply tested that....LOL
Rear window defogger, Tach, Clock, original a.m. radio and Rosewood Wheel.
The odomoter says 79K and looking at pedal wear, carpeting, interior and all seems like it very well is likely it is real mileage.
It has the DZ numbers up top but haven't been under the car to look by the Oil Filter pad yet to see if the VIN is there.
The car is a color Change, it was Fathom Green previous owner switched it to Tuxedo Black.
The paint is incredible, too smooth in fact.
Anyhow, car has those fabulous Bias Ply tires that are brand new repros but they drive like crap.
If I want the wife to drive it I am thinking of putting on the new Cokers Goodyears in a radial as soon as they come out January or February.
I was also considering swapping out the Manual steering box with a Conversion from Heartbeat City, here is a link
So after saying all of this.
I do have a couple questions, I am not trying to do a concourse judging, so is it acceptable to convert this car to a correct nice power steering setup and are the radials something I am going to have to listen to everyone bitch about?
Thanks for any opinions.

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