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General Discussion / Re: pretty cool
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:11:51 PM »
Very nice and fun to learn about the cars history and some good stories about it.

I wish I could do that onto car. My trail ends with the guy I got it from.

No that's across the street from his house. I keep the camaro there with all of his stuff. I love blues and greens. I made the mistake of making my daily a black car so im always washing it, but its a fun car none the less - 98 Camaro SS.

Oh yeah we still do cars together. He is still very active. He has a 55 Chevy bel air 2dr hardtop that he has had it over 40 years, 56 Chevy 150 custom, a 91 camaro Z28 convertible and we share a 33 Ford pickup. He built it before I was born and I grew up in it. Now since I work Im starting to redo and update it.

Here is a link to a recent article on us and the 56 Chevy we just finished restoring. It's a true 60s custom.

You are what every car club in the world is looking for right now! We need to hear from you....
If you don't mind my asking, why did you wait to join CRG?
Welcome! Nice car!  Tell us more...

I just felt my car was at too modified at first but I came here after I read in a book about the L30/M20 cars because my 68 had most of those markings I ended up here

A little more info on my car,

Factory options from what I can tell,

Power steering
Power brakes
Front disc
Deluxe interior
Tilt column
Wood wheel
Deluxe seat belts all 7 of them(lap and shoulder front, 3 in the back)
Factory console no gauges
Rear window defogger
Remote side mirror

All of the wiring is original in the car and it all works, even the door buzzer and backup lights
Grill was replaced when I got it but the original doors were present and had traces of the chrome on the horizontal bars

The suspension still sorts original springs, ball joints, bearings, bushings, rubber bits. I have only replaced the shocks and gas tank because a previous owner jacked it up on the tank.

The odometer shows 35,xxx miles that could be original on how good of shape everything is underneath but I bet its rolled over at least once.

General Discussion / I'd like to introduce myself and my Camaro.
« on: May 13, 2014, 03:15:28 AM »

I have been lurking around the site for a couple years now doing research on my Camaro and though I should just finally join. I'm a youngster at 22 but have been a Camaro nut forever. Here is my Camaro, I have had it since I was 8 years old. my grandfather bought the car to learn how to work on cars. He only worked on it when I was there. We spent the next 7 years restoring it. Got it done right before I turned 15, I learned how to drive a stick in this car. there are some mods to the car but all the factory stuff that was pulled off has been kept if I ever want to go 100 stock again.

It is a 1968 RS car. Numbers Matching 327/275hp car. Factory L30/M20 Camaro. Doesn't have the Saginaw in it. Didn't have it when I got it, the Muncie looks to have been there for awhile. Still has the 12 bolt and multi leaf rear springs and the 12 bolt proportioning valve on the subframe on the drivers side.

Car was a factory Matador Red with Black Vinyl top car. the jambs were still red when I got the car. Its a 3rd week of March car built at the Van Nuys Plant,

Car has been wrecked once or twice early in its life due to the front clip being replaced at one point but with original panels and its had a full quarter on it at some point. Only rust in the car when I got it was in the upper A pillar under the top. Floor and trunk are perfect. The car had a original SS hood on it and was drilled for SS badges so I kept them. the original plan was to do a yenko clone but after finding it number matching motor I decided to keep it stock, (grandpa still wanted a big block). The block was pulled out after a fun incident coming home with it. On the highway the car backfired and made a huge boom. first though was motor was blown. towed it home and my grandpa starts pulling a few things. pulls the distributer and finds the gear missing 75% of the teeth. when it backfired it sheered the teeth clean off. So the motor came out. luckily every tooth landed in the pan. block was perfect didn't need to be bored, could still see the original hone marks in the cylinders. car had power pack heads so replaced them with 68 camel humps, and added a 350hp 327 hydraulic cam. placed the cast iron manifold and quad back on. I later replaced the quad and intake with a aluminum Z/28, LT-1 intake that's a over the counter piece and a Edelbrock carb( the cast intake and quad are on the shelf).

The interior is 95% original, factory deluxe interior, factory console car, I added the gauges and then factory tic/toc/tach. the hurst shifter is another old unit.

I'm in the process of redetailing the engine compartment to bring it into more factory correct looking but more like a Z/28. Got correct valve covers, new hoses and correct clamps, and other odds and ends.

Its not 100% original and as long as I own it, it never will be. I love driving it and showing it. I try and keep the car looking stock but guys like and other first gen experts will know that's its wrong and I will admit it. I don't try and pass the car off as a fake.

Here are some more different pictures of the underside of the car.

Hope to learn more on original equipment and how things were done from the factory. its really interesting to learn how it was done back in the day.

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