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Restoration / New Fuel Sender Unit, hose cushion detail.
« on: July 19, 2020, 02:43:21 AM »
I have to replace the fuel sender unit in the gas tank since it wouldn't pickup gas and the fuel gauge wasn't working.

The replacement I got from Classic looks very close. The only detail I'm wondering about is the piece of soft hose that cushioned the hard fuel line where it passed under the tank strap.

See the pictures, the soft hose is the texture of water pipe insulation and is in amazingly good shape after 53 years. There were slight remnants of tape that apparently held it in place.

At first I thought I'd replace it with a section of fuel hose, but after cleanup, it looks like I can just reuse this piece with the new unit.

What do you say

Originality / Original 67 Gas Tank with blue stencil markings.
« on: July 14, 2020, 12:54:18 AM »
Anyone else seen these marks on their original tanks?

Car is a 02B LOS build and tank has 5 D 7 (fifth week of 67) date code stamp.

My air cleaner needs a repaint and a new 210HP sticker.

I've got the sticker but not sure of the correct paint? Posts about other cleaners mention Black Semi-Gloss, is "Semi-Gloss" a standard or is there a specific (rattle can) paint I should use?

Any tips on repainting? Strip to bare metal? Primer?

Second question, I've owned car since 1975 but don't remember there ever being any gasket on either the lid seal area or the contact between the bottom of the cleaner case and 2bbl carb, should there be one? And if so, where to get it?


General Discussion / How to Confirm ID of 1967 A/C Controls?
« on: June 16, 2018, 04:30:20 AM »
My 67 doesn't have A/C.

About 20 years ago I broke the defroster lever in my dash heater control, a common problem.

Back then they didn't make a replacement repop, and I ended up fixing it with a tiny piece of metal, a couple of screws, and good ole JB weld.

Before I did the repair I tried to buy a used replacement control set, but the seller sent me a set with A/C controls. I ended up keeping it thinking I might add A/C someday and it would be nice to have.

Now I'm looking at it and I can't figure out how to confirm that it is even from a Camaro, more less specifically a 1967 as advertised back then.

Can anyone tell me about it based on the pictures? I don't see anything that looks like a date code, is there one or am I missing it?

Full size photos are at
Thanks for any info.

I know there are a lot of topics about what date is correct and I think I have that understood. My 67 was built Feb 16, 1967 in Van Nuys (NCRS letter), so I'm figuring an alternator date code of 7A(16-31) or 7B(1-7) approx. opinions on that?

My question is more about the best way to obtain an actual working date coded 1100693 .

My car has a perfectly good alternator, unfortunately back in the days this was my daily driver and when the alternator went out I simply took it to the parts store as a core and bought a replacement.

I wasn't concerned about "correct" just needed something working.

So now when I go looking for one like I gave away back then what are my choices? On eBay they pop up all the time like this one for $90 with shipping

But they are almost all sold as "rebuildable core", so after I have it, should I send it to someone like this eBay seller

Who advertises to rebuild/restore for $375 plus shipping?

Or is there a better way? Related question, the original alternator being only 37A, could the internals be upgraded to say 55A output?

Side note, the alternator in my car now is model #1100692, 55AMP, Delco dated 6C25, if I could figure out what that was for maybe I could sell it for big bucks!

Sorry this got long, thanks for any input.

Current alternator

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