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31  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Bumper Finish on: June 22, 2014, 10:33:32 PM
Use something to neutralize the rust and just spray it with chrome spray paint to protect it.

Do just that, or bead it and paint with either chrome or flat silver. Looks better than rust any day of the week.

I actually did that on my rear guards after re-chrome just to protect them better. Most chrome shops don't finish the backside (unless you are paying for it with a higher price).

Regards -
32  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: Fake or real DZ stamp and partial Vin ? on: June 17, 2014, 10:39:30 PM
My understanding is that GM's broaching machines weigh many tons... I doubt these 'replicators' have that sort of machine available to them, and if they did.. my question would be..  how much material do they 'broach' off to remove all traces of the original stamping, machining, etc..?   I suspect they might fool *some people* with their approach...  but not all.. Smiley

Excello LaPointe rack broaches are huge - individual racks, made up of many broach segments, can weigh thousands of pounds and stand 10-12 feet in length (and more). Machine bases and hydraulics are enormous. You're right - most of these guys that do this mill the blocks, and then work the surface to approximate broach marks (which you can usually spot right off).

The "real deal" pic above does show the result of milling - the curved lines you see are the result of the feed rate of the milling machine, and the ridge left by the insert radius on each circular revolution of the cutter. Whoever milled this one knew what they were doing - the mill lifted when it got to the stamping, a very light cut just to square the surface and clean it up. I'd bet the owner was relieved to see that -
33  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What's it Worth..? on: June 17, 2014, 10:23:14 PM
I'll take a shot -

Really does remind me of my Z by description, a lot of similarities. Documentation and born with engine are a plus, car should bring about $25-30K or a bit more unrestored, but that's just my opinion. Non-original drivetrain would drive the price down to $15-25K depending on condition and further documentation, but since you've got what you have, I think the price is fair. I haven't seen it, so it really is a guess based on looking at a lot of cars for sale.

I've seen prices on restored versions go from $40-55/60K for exceptional cars - I'm sure you can find cars outside of this range in both directions, like the linked Corvette Bronze original in the thread (which is a right nice piece to be sure).

Beauty and value are always in the eye of the beholder (or enthusiast).

34  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: DZ stamp on: June 16, 2014, 11:30:35 PM
Difficult to tell for sure - stamping appears correct, but the block surface looks a little weird. No real obvious evidence of broaching lines - surface almost looks shot peened, or blasted, but it could be O.K. I don't think the Van Nuys VIN stampings ever made it to the block side as did Norwood's above-the-filter stampings, so at least that matches.

Without a larger view of the deck surface, it would be difficult to pronounce a verdict one way or the other. At least no decking lines visible -

35  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: A.I.R Smog Diverter valve on: June 16, 2014, 11:16:08 PM
Not many in this business since ASL went out, Don was really good and reasonable. I still like to look through his old catalog - 

Contact Bill Hodel @ 330-833-0871. This maybe the guy that Don sold his business/inventory to, still advertises in Hemmings.

Greenhoe's Corvette lists parts, but I don't know if he rebuilds or offers that as a service or not. Worth a shot -

36  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Camaros at AACA Grand Nationals Last Friday on: June 15, 2014, 10:12:13 PM
Are you kidding me!!  I didnt even know it was in town!!!  Im mad I missed it..

Did anyone post on here about it before hand?

I thought you, Satch and Billy probably went to Bowling Green - otherwise I would have called you when I didn't see you there. Show kinda slid in and slid out -
37  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Camaros at AACA Grand Nationals Last Friday on: June 15, 2014, 03:43:43 PM
Good show, better weather on Saturday, but the worst in lack of advertising locally. 7 miles from my house, and I found out about it Thursday.

I can't blame this on the AACA, but I was amazed this size of show could sneak in here without at least some warning or propaganda.

Regards -
38  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: 1969 Z28 X33 fire damaged on: June 15, 2014, 11:19:39 AM
Go on line and download Light Image Resizer - you can then re size to any that you need to transmit (600 X 480 works), and/or simply save the image as a .jpg file, which will downsize most image files (tif's, etc) to a much smaller format. I had the same problem with my iPhone pics, the resolution of the camera is tremendous, which causes a very large file content (usually greater than an MB).

Works for me -

39  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: What's it worth, untouched Cortez silver 69 RS Z on: June 13, 2014, 11:24:38 PM
Looks like the person who just bought it is a flipper:
Buy It Now $23,500.........

Indeed. The gentleman has sold a couple of '69 Camaros in the last couple of months/year, but this is his biggest price to date. I like the "15 minute conversation" with Jerry MacNeish concerning the car, plus his direction to have Jerry come document the car after purchase. If only it had some documentation other than parts, he might get somewhere. Knowing today's market and some misinformed buyers, he still might get somewhere.
Not with my money - even as a "flat hood spoiler delete" rare car.

His one negative feedback rating came from an auction in 2013, a dispute over a Chevrolet Silverado truck descriptive condition.

40  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Original dealer info for 1st gens is available on: June 12, 2014, 08:23:30 PM
BTW- my entry is #1491. I'd venture a guess that the NCRS has paid for at least some of the labor that Roy did. Several times over, maybe -

Regards -
41  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: RS Headlight Vacuum Hoses on: June 10, 2014, 11:34:29 PM
Dishwashing detergent (I prefer Dawn), warm water and gentle scrubbing (use a cloth to prevent scratching), followed by either soaking in Armor All regular or clear Detailer's Advantage protectant. Soak them inside and out, or immerse if you can to get inside the hoses, which further protects and restores them. Wipe them down, blow out any excess inside the hoses, and let them dry out for a bit. You'll be amazed at how they soften up and look. I've used this technique on original vacuum hoses on Therm A/C air cleaners for a number of years, and it works perfectly.

42  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Original dealer info for 1st gens is available on: June 10, 2014, 11:22:49 PM
We'll find out - just placed my second order. Site is still working, order acknowledged by Marilyn Heitzman, Chevy Muscle Docs Historical Document Services Administrator. I'll report back when (and if) it arrives.

Thanks again to Roy for all the work he put into this over the last many months. Keeping my fingers crossed that this one goes through (first one was in the group of "no shows").

43  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Which water pump needed for '68 Z28 on: June 08, 2014, 11:44:18 PM
Last two pics.

Also, note the instructions in the sheet above. This pump appears to be NOS, not a reman, plus no signs of ever being bolted on an engine. I could not find the part number in my '74 printing parts manual. Bag containing the 3/8" bypass plug, two gaskets and a 3/4" square head pipe plug were (are) in the box -

44  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Which water pump needed for '68 Z28 on: June 08, 2014, 11:27:21 PM
For your consideration - I picked this pump up ($15.00) in a local swap meet a few years back, thinking it was correct for my '68 due to the date, bypass, short design, and instruction sheet, but after reading the previuos threads I have a severe case of doubt. Looks appropriate, but maybe not -

Nice pump for the price, anyway.

45  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: 67 Dimmer Switch 3841892 Grommet? on: June 07, 2014, 11:28:13 PM
I'd say the one on eBay (Alliance Plastics, Erie PA) has to be a lot later production - compare it to my original I salvaged from my carpet when I changed it in (about)'73-'74 - company was previously Niagara Plastics, Erie, PA, and had the numbers "833" and "3" molded into the reverse side; hope the pictures are clear enough. As was mentioned earlier, it's not rubber, not a hard plastic - kind of in between.

I knew there was a reason why I saved it all these years - just to see how wild prices get on these things sometimes.

This one is in good enough shape to go back in the car. Maybe I could trade it for the Pace Car jacket on eBay - lol.

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