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1  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Got My '69RS Back From Paint and Body on: April 13, 2014, 10:22:15 PM
Great color  Smiley  Now drive and enjoy as you I'm sure you will.
2  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: 67 convertible 6 cyl 3 speed rare?? on: March 14, 2014, 05:51:06 PM
Question, do the numbers match on the cowl tag begin 124 and the door jamb tag begin 123? As I understand vin 123 is 6 cylinder and 124 is v8 or am I confused?
3  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Order of assembly when painting car on: March 12, 2014, 11:05:16 PM
  I had engine/trans and all trim, bumpers, and wiring in addition all items off firewall and radiator, inner fenders plus glass removed. I reinstalled front clip, only the sheet metal and completed all body work/primer, block sand etc. to set all gaps and body lines in addition to trunk to tail pan etc. This way all surfaces are one level and uniform in gaps etc. Then pulled front clip off and made notes and assured all shims and bolts tagged/bagged to go back into same location to duplicate adjustments. Proceeded to "cut in" fenders ,door jams, trunk area and hood and front valance etc. Reassembled front clip keeping shims and bolts in order, adjusted back to previous gaps and body lines and finish. Taped off sub frame and all openings, and used 3m foam soft edge tape to create soft lines at all gaps in doors fenders, trunk etc. Painted car, wet sand buff. polish etc. No matter how much you tape off subframe, areas etc. all the over spray and wetsanding ,  buffing debris gets into nooks and crannies. This is why I left sub frame in and then removed control arms etc. to replace ball joints ,bushings , springs, shocks to have all the new parts FRESH and a cleaner look. Did same for rear suspension and trunk floor as it is easier to cover whole car with Blue shield plastic cling and not worry about all the detail painting overspray. Reinstalled engine/trans etc., wiring , brakes, glass trim etc. with detailed fresh and no overspray. Do as much as you can to save time and money and communicate what you want as a finale product. And when reassemble just everyone be careful and use protection. I am novice and have done it from start to finish so make sure no rush jobs and you will be happy.
4  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Base hubcap on: February 10, 2014, 07:04:14 PM
   I have been seeing mixed info on the color of a standard steel wheel on a 67 coupe with the base hubcap. As some state the wheel is painted body color and my car is white with black painted wheel and I see no evidence of re-paint. Which is correct and judged by others?  Thanks for looking.   Huh
5  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Re: Just bought a all original 67 convertible with a 6 on: December 15, 2013, 09:51:07 PM
Looks Great and welcome. Keep the 6 cylinder and enjoy as I have been enjoying my base car also.
6  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Nothing been going on......... on: November 08, 2013, 10:35:24 PM
 pictures of 67 with mother in law w/sis on first new car purchase. Picture of wife at 3 years old in 1971. And the car today
7  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Re: 1968 Fuel Line From Fuel Pump To Carburetor on: May 07, 2013, 09:56:58 PM
Great looking engine. Enjoy
8  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: Odd find on: April 13, 2012, 08:50:20 PM
Thanks for the info.  Cheesy
9  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: Odd find on: April 13, 2012, 09:55:33 AM
This is a Feb. build Nor. plant.I also found a cut off piece of the headliner glued to th drivers side rocker shield that covers body wiring. Did they glue a sample to show what interior color to install down the line ?
10  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Odd find on: April 12, 2012, 10:35:24 PM
I found four 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" pieces of paper taped under my drivers side carpet. One had a large B for body, one large P for paint , a large M for mechanical and the fourth had a Large R.T. no info. What does R.T. mean and why was it under my carpet ?
11  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Re: Hello to All on: February 04, 2012, 12:24:02 AM
Also yes i have all paperwork,invoice,protecta plate,mother in law is a horder  Grin. Funny story is my mother in law thought this whole time she had the <upgraded 6 cylinder> and I informed her it was the base 230. She stated NO I told the salesman I wanted a manual and V8 but the extra cost was almost 3 weeks of her pay. Cashier at A&P  Roll Eyes. Salesman showed her 2 6 cylinder cars and she stated I want the upgraded 6 cylinder. Guess what, the dealer just put the 250 air cleaner on the 230 car and sold it to her. They wrote upgraded engine on invoice Shocked.
12  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Re: Hello to All on: February 04, 2012, 12:09:43 AM
I am not having any luck  loading pictures. I have many pictures now as I removed front clip and rebuilt and detailed etc. I rebuilt engine and improved cylinder head for unleaded gas usage. Just put engine and subframe back into body. I will try pictures later. Embarrassed
13  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Brake Shoes on: January 24, 2012, 11:04:25 PM
Thanks for the info.  Smiley
14  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Brake Shoes on: January 23, 2012, 11:54:26 PM
Putting brake shoes on 67 camaro front and rear and question is does the long shoe (primary ) face the front and shorter face rear (secondary) ?  Huh
15  Model Specific Discussions / 6-cylinder Camaros / Hello to All on: January 12, 2012, 10:43:50 PM
I am new here and once I figure how to post pictures I will share. I am Refreshing a 67 base coupe with 230, 3 on the tree and only option is am radio. My mother in law is orginal purchaser and she gave to me as car was driven daily from 67 to 1974. The car sat since 1974 and about 2 months ago I dropped fuel tank and cleaned and changed oil and fluids and made shore breaks released. pulled plugs and WD40 in holes and verified engine spun. Sprayed start fluid in carb and jump boxed it and it started on first crank. Smoked for a while and I then drove it 1 and 1/2 hours to my home. Thanks for reading.
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