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181  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1966-1972 Trans-Am race memorabilia [dash plaques, patches, passes, etc] on: June 13, 2011, 10:08:11 AM

1970 SCCA Schaefer Trans-Am / Lime Rock windowfront decal used to regionally promote the race.  A rare survivor, this an eBay find.  Thanks...

Mike K.

182  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1966-1972 Trans-Am race memorabilia [dash plaques, patches, passes, etc] on: June 11, 2011, 10:39:07 AM

A used book find in Detroit, MI. this.  A first edition copy of Mark Donohue's racing autobiography The Unfair Advantage, purchased for a very modest $25.  Good of course, but same copy bore an inscription I couldn't immediately make out.  Concerned only to purchase the copy and get away quickly (!), I later inspected my purchase to notice this copy had been lent to '68-'69 AMC Javelin Racing Team principle Jim Jeffords.  Upon return of the copy he signed it, whereas he also scribbled in margin notes to correct what needed correcting within the Javelin chapter - too cool I think.  Anyways, something to share...

183  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Recommended Reading on: June 11, 2011, 10:27:14 AM
Another title to consider then,

Consider Sam Posey's racing autobiography The Mudge Pond Express, from 1976.  Some reference to his few 1968 season appearances with Penske, impressions of both the man and the commitment and character of Mark Donohue, etc.  Always loquacious and possessed of atypical insight, his is clearly one of the better period racing titles I can identify.  The book contains insights into the Autodynamics Challenger '70 SCCA Trans Am effort, the circumstances of their loss of the American Motor's contract as Penske swept in just before them to claim the same, as well as much more.  A bit pricey, and unlikely to be reprinted soon.  Perhaps see or Barnes and Noble Used and Out of Print to source a copy should you be intrigued. 

Hardcover: 318 pages
Publisher: Putnam (1976)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0399115692
ISBN-13: 978-0399115691

184  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: June 08, 2011, 12:33:00 PM
This concerning the dash and directions taken,

Thanks for the very nice '67 dash image Jon.  The Maisto part is crude, but a basis for something and hence I'm using it.  Did wonder if standard heater control block out plates or radio block out plates were used, although if they were plastic I can't imagine a race fabricator adding flammable anything to the interior.  Probably best to cut out the entire center section, and insert a fabricated overlay sans detail.  Thought too as to whether the push/pull standard switches were retained, and if not, if the resultant holes were left alone or plugged.  Thanks for guiding the way forward here.  Though constrained by the scarce availability of 1:18 specific photoetched parts, metal rings for the instruments and photo-reduced gauge faces will likely find their way here.  At least the strange 'tunnel effect' of the gauge faces will be done away with on the standard GMP model as-delivered.

I'm seeing what appears to be an asbestos pad in one photo not unlike what was seen in the forward footwells '69-'70 Bud Moore Mustangs.  What a modeler might do is to take a few sheets of paper towel and soak the same in a solution of diluted white glue, press fit the same to the footwell, remove when dry, and then trim/paint/fit the resultant 'pad'.   A bit tedious, but at least no asbestos hazard is risked!  Thanks for the interest and support.  Model now features an exterior round side mirror - but sigh, for that news the ground did not shake.

Mike K.
185  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: June 08, 2011, 12:18:41 PM
Thank you both, and thanks Jon for turning up and posting the '67 cowl induction air cleaner housing photographs - I really appreciate the kindness,

Slow progress, dash and other parts soaking in paint stripper - hence not quite photo-worthy.  1:18 Lane cowl induction air cleaner/snorkel/plenum assembly lent to me, the same promptly cast.  Took casting and enlarged snorkel (will modify and reshape given your input Jon - thanks!), whereas largely happy with the shape of the Lane air filter lid and housing.  Plenum overly large at present, but this is scheduled to be further shaped and shrunk as I get closer to what is required.  

What is seen in the photograph painted black is the standard 1:18 Lane Performance part, the white resin item that which I cast and subsequently modified, whereas the last item is the standard 1:18 GMP exposed element part.  Still a work in progress, whereas I next hope to remove the hood and hinges, and final fit with the engine and firewall in place.  Where the plenum is screwed down at three points will be sanded to reflected a bit of a bend in the material, whereas again, all of this will shrink a bit as I come closer to final.   If it all comes together, I'll likely cast the finished '67 air filter/snorkel/plenum in its entirety should anyone want one.  Yes, I'll get that recess seen on the base correct - thanks Jon!

Need to experiment more with regards to the exhaust dumps.  Have tried to bend the appropriate K&S tubing diameter to suit, although I greatly suspect I'm not using a good enough bender; i.e. my efforts crimp.  Have tried to apply heat prior to bending, but alas, no dice.  Thanks for the kind suggestion to try the same.  More to come...

Mike K.
186  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: June 04, 2011, 01:16:38 PM
Thanks Jon,

Working on air cleaner, snorkel and what they seem to describe as the plenum chamber for the same.  Have fabricated wider snorkel to attach to air cleaner base, whereas plenum to be scratchbuilt.  Photos to come, but progressing.  Scratchbuilt new instrument pod/cluster that is both narrower and tapered a bit from top to bottom.  Have copy of first and second edition of The Unfair Advantage, know famous instrumentation photograph, wish it were all not painted black for hard to see details within what seems a tomb.  'THINK' lettering actually quite possible, given that scale railroaders in N and HO scale are afforded font size and styles of nearly any description.  Hopefully it will all come off.  Again, my appreciation...

Mike K.
187  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Engine photos on: June 01, 2011, 03:05:56 PM
Crude scanner didn't permit cropping/enlarging.  Better, whereas painfully tiny.  Will try again soon.  M.K.

188  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: June 01, 2011, 12:19:21 PM

Quick photo update.  Dashboard mockup seen, GMP '69 Camaro front package tray and mounts saved and reused, Maisto '67 Camaro dashpad and instrument panel meshed to same.  Item screws in as per stock; i.e. no glue.  Pedal dress up vanishes, instrument cluster to be painted as will be dash.  Coming along...

Mike K.

189  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Engine photos on: June 01, 2011, 10:03:04 AM

This is from a MT/PP 1968 Yearbook (trying to avoid the copyright Thought Police then), featuring as it does season reviews of select racing series run across 1967.  No specific notice as to just what car is being inspected, but the cowl induction air pickup seems to match the '67 Marlboro photograph seen elsewhere in this thread.  Appalled to notice I've lost the same yearbook over the course of a mere 24 hours, hence desire to scan same and afford the reader a higher resolution image has for the moment been thwarted.  Thanks...

Mike K.
190  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: 1966-1972 Trans-Am race memorabilia [dash plaques, patches, passes, etc] on: May 31, 2011, 05:24:35 PM
1969 Wolverine Trans Am program and ticket stub.  Rain, sleet, snow, nasty Kwech wreck, Donohue spiriting trophy away as well as time sheets, Parnelli winning - quite something.  Swap meet finds, total of $25 spent. 

191  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: May 31, 2011, 05:16:10 PM
Greeting Jon,
Indeed, the water thermostat housing will be painted gray, although at present I'm gathering parts from different sourced to judge how they'll mate.  What I found was sourced from an ERTL Authentics '67 Impala SS and bears orange paint I couldn't remove, hence the finish noticed.  May not be able to do a convincing chrome oil inlet tube, know it was small block Chevrolet dress up package issue, whereas photo seems to suggest either a dirty tube or something unpainted.  Thoughts?

My dashboard is nearly together, combining the package tray of the '69 dash with the pad and instrument panel of a '67 Maisto rendition of the topic.  I reused the standard '69-model GMP mounts, hence a 'bolt-in' mod. if you will.  I always try to 'keep the mods on the part', leaving everything else untouched even if it results in an extensively modified subassembly.  Best to respect standard mounting points, reuse structure, add rather than remove strength. 

Standard vinyl 'braided' lines with aircraft fittings to be removed entirely, whereas I kindly thank you for your informed input.  My photos to compliment this post were quite a mess, hence I opted to delete the same.  I think I'll study a few color Penske Donohue USRRC Lola photos reproduced in period issues of Sports Car Graphic from '67 to ponder what might have been Penske build practice translatable to the first-year SCCA Trans Am effort with the Camaro.  Slightly different personnel behind each build, but perhaps something to learn anyhow.

I'll soon have a choice between two 4BBL cowl induction setups for the '67 Camaro, one tooled by Maisto, the second by Lane.  Neither will be perfect, whereas I hope to modify that which I'll base matters upon in the fashion you've articulated.  Happily the assembly isn't chromed, hence much work can be performed without drawing betraying the extent of mods. done for extremely close inspection. 

Lastly, I may go one of two directions with the deck lid.  Should I source a solid decklid from another GMP release, then the body will be entirely refinished in a darker blue appropriate for the '67 season.  Pity I didn't consider undertaking this work prior to applying what are quite scarce waterslide decals.  The least-resistance option will be to remove the plastic insert and fashion from scratch an elaborate flush-fit plug with revised and corrected inlet detail on a smaller scale.  The inlet will be lifted up, whereas somehow, some way a round 'slam shut' hinged aluminum top will be fabricated and fitted. Thanks - I really appreciate the fellowshiip and interest afforded. 

192  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: May 30, 2011, 10:41:16 AM
Thanks for the kind notice and reception,

A new photo, a touch fuzzy, but what is possible at present.  Single 4BBL '67 engine mock up, intake shorn of erroneously reproduced cast-in water intake neck appropriate for later cross ram, oil inlet tube and cap installed, 'definned and stamped' valve covers in place, oil injection nipple added to valve cover, rudimentary oil breathers added (chrome finish to vanish - each will be cast in resin as good breathers in 1:18th are quite rare and unquestionably useful).  Vents and hoses associated with each breather tube to come.  All of this is pretty raw.

Hope to alter paintwork discreetly concerning finish on valve covers versus block; i.e. from photo observed elsewhere on this site, it does appear the valve covers were fabricated in-house, whereas the long block expectedly came from Traco and wears a discreetly different shade of gray paint.  Hope too to source some pale flat yellow, perhaps model railway issue of some kind.  Headers appear chalky in the period photo, even allowing for the peculiarities of period color process.  Again, thanks for the kind attention.  

Mike K.
193  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: May 27, 2011, 03:47:05 PM
Terrific post! Thanks for taking the time to do so. You got an eye for the details and I am certainly a fan of that. I think you'll find some others of the same mind here as well. When I heard that GMP was working on these I contacted them and tried everything I could to get them to not do the gray on the '67 model since it was not authentic for that particular car. Told them about the incorrect dash and numerous other details. In effect, they thanked me for my efforts, sent me several pre-production samples as an extra thank you (which I indeed appreciated), but cranked them out just as they were. I was very tempted to pull my '67 model apart and at least redo the gray to black but that hasn't happened. I'm not a modeler of your caliber but I do enjoy looking at the results of your efforts. I like to think I could do something similar but know that is too far down on my priority list to get to that level of professionalism. Show us some more details! How did the '67 and '68 dashes turn out?

Dear Jon,

Quite curious what you would have asked GMP to correct back in the day.  Short impressions of lacks include wrong contour on ARE Torq Thrust wheel lips, '69 dashes on everything, wrong interior level on the '69, wrong valve covers, wrong cage '67 and likely off on '68, so-so Minilites (especially wheel spoke design), what seem Goodyear rain tires versus dries fitted across the range, not the best tire size either front or rear, pedal dress-up just seems wrong, etc.  I know that the '67 'over the top' stripes need to come down across the back of the tailpanel and rear valence, although not looking at all forward to fixing that. 

Poor style not to relate that I greatly appreciate what they did successfully capture, but all the same, curious what quickly came to mind in your analysis those years ago.  Certain I'm overlooking things, whereas after a time I just fail to see what may be plain to an expert.  Kind regards...

Mike K.
194  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: May 27, 2011, 03:07:59 PM
Thanks for the kind interest displayed,

(Good 1:18 GMP Camaro subassembly photographs are few as when most work undertaken, I did not have a digital camera.  As each Camaro is overhauled in anticipation of final finish work, I'll have more topic-specific photo images to share.  Thanks...  M.K.)

...'70 Autodynamics Sam Posey Challenger.  Most conversions seen online are 1:18 ERTL-based, whereas this is a 1:18 Hwy. 61-based project.  Hand-sculpted flares, massively complex to do from scratch.  '68 Mustang flares to be done in the same fashion.

...'70 BME Parnelli Jones Boss 302.  Revised from1:18 Welly '71-season Follmer release.

...'70 Penske Donohue AMC Javelin.  Jimmy Flintstone resin shell combined with Jo-Han chassis - a quite complex project.  Like my Racemark seat?  Not sure if I should go will a late-season car, hence early kit front spoiler seen in place.

...'69 Penske Donohue underhood, needs stamped steel valve covers, firewall out, accessories and hosing/wiring to come.

...69 Shelby Racing Co. Dan Gurney Laguna Seca.  Nice one-off ARE CP-200/Trans Am wheels.  Wheels done in three parts but for lugs.

...'68 Shelby Racing Co. mockup.  Just tires and wheels, ride height - nothing more.  Will love to do the oblong headlamp block out plates.

...'67 BME Dan Gurney Cougar late-season versus early.  No interior yet, but largely happy.  Fender extensions hacked off with a saw, body paint touched in.  Very, very butch in appearance.

...'67 Shelby Racing Co. Jerry Titus.  No interior yet, also largely happy.  If things come undo, well, J. Titus 'rolled his own' more than once in '67.

...'67 with 1:18 Hwy. 61 '69 Camaro-sourced 'stamped steel' fuel tank fitted versus standard GMP fitment.  Not much to see, but day-to-day stuff if you will.


Primative point-and-shoot camera with limited manual controls restricts what detail I can capture, whereas a few further photographs of period SCCA Trans Am projects are seen above.  For '67-'68 dashboards, I have a pair of 1:18 Maisto Camaro dashboards which may be mated to the mounts found on the GMP dashboards.  Wish parts cars were cheap, but 1:18 Lane Camaros start at about $70, 1:18 ERTL Authentics Camaros start at about $40, whereas 1:18 Maistos are in the $30 range.  A tiny network of friends who also kitbash diecasts will afford spares, and how thankful I am.  

I do cast standard and modified parts in two-part resin within the space of urethane molds, largely as a means to economy.  What are seen here are mainly pre-assembled and pre-finished diecast models evidencing more than a few errors that this poster has opted to correct.  Some work is quite straightforward and simple, whereas other aspects quite frankly are not.  Bodies are white metal, chassis largely plastic, tires rubber.  Architectural sheet and rod plastic used to scratchbuild that which is missing, whereas brass and aluminum is also employed as required.  Select paintwork is done upon subassemblies pulled clear of the overall work, whereas at other times items must be masked 'in situ.', this lending yet another dimension to various tasks undertaken.  Hmmm - should I attempt to change this for risk of destroying a $120 model?  Decisions, decisions...

Quite hard to see, but on my '69 one may discern tiny 'dymo' labels for the electrical switchgear, an aircraft 'ON/OFF/ switch with red plastic cover, as well as the dash pad covering.  Many details simply can't be seen but are nevertheless there; i.e. the 'swiss-cheesed' dead pedal structure on the '69.  My '69 is currently without wheels, waiting if you will for 'new cast' '69 Minilites with properly shaped spokes complete with more vibrant, almost earthy yellow paint finish applied.  Will install 'stamped steel' valve covers on my '69 as well, whereas what photos are seen here are quite old.  Tires pulled from '69 now fitted to dauntingly complex '70 Autodynamics Challenger - my most ambitious project by far.  I move back and forth across projects, for finishing them seems a terrible bore!  Again, my thanks and updates to come.

Mike K/Swede 70
195  Model Specific Discussions / Trans-Am Camaros / Ideas to share concerning 1:18 '67-'69 GMP Penske Donohue Camaros. on: May 26, 2011, 06:36:11 PM

Likely falling under the heading of memorabilia, some time ago I purchased an example of each 1:18 Penske Donohue SCCA Trans Am Camaro that GMP produced and sold during the mid-2000's.  Then I was alternately impressed and disappointed for what was captured, and what was not, whereas now I'm trying to fix everything.  For example, each seem to have a '69 dashboard, whereas all underhood details but for the induction system seem oriented towards an older interpretation of how one of the '69 Penske Donohue Camaros was first restored.  Not a terrible effort overall mind you, but not quite all that I wished for as delivered.  I'm sure others here have thought the same.  

Anyhow, each can be modified, and although incomplete as a trio, below will be seen a few in-progress photographs.  I'm curious if others have attempted mods. much as I have, and specifically, what impressions and ideas may be exchanged or offered up, etc.  Wonderful to notice this unexpected vintage SCCA Trans Am web presence oriented to the Camaro crowd, and very thankful for it.  Hope I do to post a few messages and photographs to lend to the sense of community present here.  Thanks and with warm regards...

Mike K.

...'67 Marlboro, MD conversion, incomplete and a bit raw.  Interior/chassis/underhood painted semi-gloss black, markings revised, more to come in the form of a Lane's Performance '67 4BBL cowl induction air cleaner, '67 standard accessory drive, upright radiator, yellow-painted headers, 'stamped' valve covers sans fins, etc.  Entire gray paint application found under roof, on door jams as well as door inner structure removed - incredibly tedious this.  Chrome drip rail tampo print application removed.  Front spoiler removed and reshaped prior to respray of same - quite a bit shorter now.  Thanks so much to the poster who uploaded the underhood picture of this topic within the space of the first thread.  I'd seen the same online, had lost just where I'd seen it, and was heartened to discover this new website addition as I continued my search for the image in question.

...'68 with revised 'SUNOCO CAMARO' markings situated higher up, red interior panels (sprayed within vinyl interior restoration paint color matched to suit), repainted wheels (sans lugs at present), revised markings, rear screen sans retention straps.  Chrome drip rail tampo print application removed.  Clearly an 'engine out' effort, for the engine is nowhere to be seen.  1:18 Maisto '68 Z/28 grille cut and installed in place of horribly-rendered standard part, headlamp covers drilled out for each of three 'dimples' seen on same within period photographs, reshaped and resprayed front spoiler.  Hood hinges painted black, undersurface now painted blue but may paint black given a color '68 Sam Posey image viewed elsewhere on this website.  Obviously a work in progress.

...'69 roughly a Riverside entry but for missing C-pillar Diehard battery sponsorship decals.  Foilwork as well as rubber window gasket detail.  Bumpers removed, overiders on rear bumper sanded off, front and rear refinished.  Grille surround painted gray, grille removed and stripped of chrome, with the same being painted argent.  Markings revised, jack fluorescent 'flashes' done in R/C aircraft vinyl tape, sway bars and mounts to be scratch-built.   Much done that cannot be accurately captured in so short a space.  Fuel inlet 'trap door' setup to come.  Single upright wiper likely the very last thing that will be set in place.  Thanks for inspecting this post.  

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