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« on: March 08, 2012, 09:09:53 AM »
hey guys a little help here would be great:
I purchased a 69 Z back in 2008 off of the second owner who only had the car about 9 months. The car is unrestored and was preserved very well by the original owner. I was fortunate enough to get the p.o.p. and original invoice along with any and all receipts for any kind maintenance that was performed on the car. Since the purchase I have been locating most of the small parts that got replaced through the years. The one thing I have had trouble with is  finding a JIM EDELBROCK CHEVROLET license frame. The dealership was located in Plymouth Michigan at 345 N. main st. He bought the dealership from Ernest J Allison in approx 1966 an then sold it to Lou LaRiche in the early part of 1970. I would really like to find a license frame from this dealer, but would appreciate any memorabilia. I have  tried ads on cragslist, contacting antique dealers in the area, estate sale companies, the graduating class of 1968 of plymouth high school on facebook, as well as searches on Ebay, with no luck. The closest I have come is a tow truck driver that colects frames says he saw one in the junkyard a couple years ago but didint pick it up since it had a crack in it.

Please put the word out and lets see if this can be located.


Originality / what is unique or special about the 1111480 distributor?
« on: October 27, 2011, 03:08:38 PM »
I recently discovered my car does not have a 1111480 distributor, which is unfortunate.  I am curious what is so special about the 1111480 distributor, my car runs fine with the gm distributor that is in it I think I looked it up and it is 67 distributor for a 350. If any of you guys could help me understand the differences I would appreciate it. I have seen guys asking anywhere from $500 to $3500 for an original 1111480, stating they are rare, but didn't these come in all 69 z/28's? so wouldn't there be at least 20,302 of them out there not to mention the extras that GM would have had on hand at the parts counters? why would these go for so much?

Originality / Could you get a cowl hood on a base 1969 camaro?
« on: October 04, 2011, 07:44:53 AM »
Hey of corse you see the cowl induction hood on the pace cars madatory, and I know you could get them on ss cars or you could opt for it on a z/28. BUT could you order say a 1969 camaor with a 307 with the cowl hood. You could get a 6 cylinder Rally sport, right? so why couldn't you get the special hood with any V-8?

I Heard from John Z among others that in september 0f 69 all camaros got the vin decal applied to thier cars. My question : DOES ANY CAMARO OWNER OUT THERE HAVE A NORWOOD AUGUST BUILT CAMARO WITH THE ORIGINAL VIN DECAL?
NOTE: I do have jerrys book and have seen the posts concerning the pic with vin 671208, I have been unable to verify this as an original vin sticker and have multiple people tell me this sticker is reproduction as well as his dx tire sticker. So I put the question out there to our camaro universe, please post a pic if possible . I posted a september pic as a reference.

thank you

69 Z
date: 08C

Hi fellas,

I am looking for any info concerning the dealer of JIM EDELBROCK CHEVROLET. I purchased my current Z a couple of years ago, it had been an original owner car for all of its life, except 8 months. I am hoping I am not the only Camaro owner out there that has heard of this dealer and someone can help me out. he was located at 345 N. main st. in plymouth Michigan. The location then became Lou LaRiche chevrolet and in 71 or 72 they moved a few blocks away. While I was fortunate enough to get an orgy of paperwork with the car and an original dealer key fob, I have been unable to locate an original picture of the dealership, or any other memorabilia ( of course a dealer license plate frame is one of the items on my wish list). So if anyone has any info or items for this dealer, POST IT


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