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76  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Pilkington Classics glass thickness and quality ??? on: January 04, 2014, 08:27:11 PM
Thank you. That's good to know. The can put anything they want on it as long it is not visible.

By the way, is there a listing of these DOT codes so that I can decipher my glass when I get it?

77  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Pilkington Classics glass thickness and quality ??? on: January 04, 2014, 02:25:05 PM
Does this mean I should expect my Pilkington glass will come with current DOT markings that are visible in addition to the old LOF markings I am having spite of what the guy from Pilkington told me?

I am going to call Pilkington on Monday and go over this again.

78  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Pilkington Classics glass thickness and quality ??? on: January 03, 2014, 09:36:35 PM
Can you explain what the DOT numbers mean? I am not that familiar with them.
79  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Pilkington Classics glass thickness and quality ??? on: January 03, 2014, 08:14:00 PM
After getting some positive feedback on Pilkington from the Team Camaro forum, I ordered the glass directly from Pilkington Classics. I spoke to them on the phone and asked many questions before placing the order. I was told their windshields were made in Mexico and that all the other glass was made in the USA.

I also asked that if you ordered the correct date coding and "LOF" logo (which I did),  would there be any other markings on the glass. I was told that would be no other markings. We'll see what is on them when I receive them and I'll report back .

80  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Pilkington Classics glass thickness and quality ??? on: December 31, 2013, 10:23:36 AM
I was on the phone with Pilkington Classics Glass asking questions and they tell me their glass is thinner than original but could not tell me exactly by how much.

Just wondering if anyone who has used Pilkington Classics could see a noticeable difference in the thickness.

Also wondering if anyone could comment on their quality vs. other stuff available out there.......and it it worth the extra cost.

81  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Quarter panel window U-jamb seal fittment ??? on: December 15, 2013, 10:11:14 PM
I wonder if someone could comment on...or post a picture of how their quarter window u-jamb window seal is supposed to look installed. I have attached some pictures of mine that I am test fitting with a new quarter panel. It fits down into the cut out on the quarter panel OK but the inner top of the seal does not seem to conform in any way to the quarter panel. I have red arrows in my pictures showing the area I am talking about. It is just kind of hanging out there. I would have thought maybe that it would snap in place but there seems to be no correlation bettween the shape of the seal and the shape of the quarter panel where they mate up to each other.


82  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Correct top of door window opening dimension ??? on: December 14, 2013, 09:09:23 PM
Jim, thanks for the dimesions. It's a relief to know that my dimensions now pretty much match an original door.....and that I didn't change the wrong door. We pushed the outside face of the door to reduce the curvature and close the gap. We didn't touch where the inside of the window touches the door.

83  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Correct top of door window opening dimension ??? on: December 14, 2013, 03:24:28 PM
I am hoping someone can verify the dimensions I have marked with red arrows in the attached pictures. I have new AMD door skins on my original shells. My car is getting close to going in the paint booth. We are still doing some final fitting. When the doors where fitted back on the car, I noticed the window opening gap at the top of one door was wider than the other with more curvature on the outside top of the door

I measured the window opening gap in the center of the doors on both sides.........Sure enough, one side was 5/16 inch wider than the other. One side measured 1 3/4 inch and the other side was 2 1/16 inch. A 5/16 inch difference.

The 2 1/16 side looked awfully wide so we pushed a few times on the outside of the door and and finally got the center of the window opening to about the same distance as the other side. In hindsight, maybe we should have worked the outside of the doors to match the curvature of the windows. I don't know.

So anyhow, I am wondering if the dimensions I am showing are what they should be, and if not, what the correct dimensions should be.


84  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: '68 D90 stripe questions on: November 30, 2013, 09:55:18 PM
I have never seen one of these stencils. How are they made and how are they applied? Does the stencil merely give you a guide as to where to place your own masking tape. Or is the masking tape you use part of the stencil itself?

Also, if your engine size emblem and the stripe are both placed according to the AIM, will the emblem fit inside of.....and be centered in the fat. middle part of the stripe?.....I see emblems out there in all kinds of different places in relation to the stripe.


85  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / '68 D90 stripe questions on: November 24, 2013, 03:33:30 PM
I am going to putting the '68 D90 Super Sport stripe on my car. I am going to have mine fully painted and not use any decals.

 I am not sure where to order the stripe stencil from.......I know you can buy them from any catalog but am sure the quality probably varies depending on who makes it.

 I did some research here on the site and the name Stencils and Stripes, Unlimited came up a lot.

 I would want mine to look like the one in this picture. I have seen some stripes out there where they look too fat as they sweep across the rear of the fender and door.

 If the "Camaro" script emblem on the fender is positioned properly and the stripe is the correct width under the "Camaro" emblem, will the emblem overlap the stripe?..... I know the bottom of the "C" probably will, but how about the "amaro" ?


86  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: KICK PANEL... DOOR PANEL....REAR SIDE PANEL FITMENT on: November 19, 2013, 09:13:49 AM
I have no idea where.... or what the problem is.  I don't think the quarter panel position is an issue. At the pinchweld where the forward edge of the quarter panel connects to the inner structure, the quarter panel doesn't extend extend past the inner structure which is original. That being the case, I don't think the the side panel can be pushed forward of it's original position.

I was worried with the aligning of the quarter panel, door and fender that the door got moved too far forward. But the gap between the top of the door panel and the windlace on the rear side panel is only 1/8 inch.

Is the forward edge of the door panel and the edge of the kick panel supposed to have some overlap or should there be a gap between them?

Can anyone comment from my photos if the relationship between the door panel and the kick panel .....and between the door panel and and rear side panel looks correct is is something obviously wrong?
87  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / KICK PANEL... DOOR PANEL....REAR SIDE PANEL FITMENT on: November 18, 2013, 09:18:41 PM
I am test fitting my kick panel.... to door rear seat side panel fitment after having had new quarter panels, new door skins, new fenders, and new inner and outer rockers put on my car.........It is a '68 coupe with the deluxe interior.

I am having an interference problem with the lower half of my door panels and my kick panels binding when the doors are closed.

Maybe I should have done this before all the final panel fitting was done on the side of the body but the quarter panels, doors, and fenders have all been fitted to each other and there is no going back on that now. This is a probem I didn't see coming.

The interior hasn't been in this car since 1988 and I have no reference pictures of how all three interior panels fit together as far as gaps or clearences.

The rear side panels are back as far as they will go and the windlaces are pushed tight against the pinchwelds of the quarter panels. The door shells are original to the car and the door panels are located in all their original holes. There is an eighth inch clearance between the top of the door panels and the windlaces. The kick panels are original to the car. I don't have them screwed in but I can't push them back any further.

When I close the doors, the upper half of the door panels slide behind the kick panels but the lower half of the door panels binds against the kick panels, trying to push the kick panels forward. And since the kick panels can't go any further forward, they start to bow.

I am attaching some pictures of how all these panels fit togther. Hopefully somome can tell me what's right or wrong with the way these panels all fit together and a solution on how to improve or fix the binding problem.


88  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / '68 fender "Camaro" script emblem location ??? on: November 12, 2013, 12:11:03 PM
I am trying to figure out how to locate the "Camaro" script emblems on the new fenders of my '68.

I can locate them vertically with the dimensions from the AIM with no problem as it gives dimensions from body line peak. Horizontally, the AIM gives the dimensions from a reference line whick looks to be the front of the firewall and would be harder to do......I was hoping I could get a dimension from the rear edge of the fender measured at the body peak line.

I made templates from my orignal fenders but was suprised when I compared the templates side by side two.  The edge of the emblem itself (not the holes) to the rear edge of the fender at the body peak line differed from side to side by 1 1/8 inches. This may be correct but I would have thought that this dimension would have been about the same on each side. That the emblem itself on each side would be in the same place even though they are facing oppsite directions

I had access to two other original fenders (assembly line take-offs) to take measurements on and the emblem location on them was different from my originals. One of them by FOUR inches!

So I don't know what is right and what is wrong.

I was hoping someone with emblems they know are in the factory correct locations could measure on their car the dimensions I have circled in red in the photos of my templates.......or could provide any other dimensions I could use to get these emblems in the right spot.


89  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Spare tire hold down bracket location ??? on: November 12, 2013, 08:30:02 AM
Mike, thank you for the picture.

When I visit the body shop where my car is at later today, I will check to see if the dimples are there in the reproduction trunk floor.
90  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Restoration / Re: Spare tire hold down bracket location ??? on: November 11, 2013, 10:07:07 PM
69Z28-RS.......Thanks again for taking the time to take those pictures. I notice that your bracket is not in the same location as the one in the first picture I provided. That is not my car in that picture and I have no idea if that bracket is in the original location or not.

I wonder if someone could take the dimensions I am showing in this picture were dimension "A" is from the centerline of the bracket to the center of the curve where the trunk floor transitions from the flat part to the sloped part............and dimension "B" is from the centerline of the bracket to the center of the stamped ribs.

It would be interesting to see if the bracket is in the same place on most cars or if this is one of those "it's different on every car" situations.

Thanks......... Dave

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