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Pex68, you are correct. I forgot about that. Knowing the plant will help in determining possible install start and stop times of the valves etc. etc. Why can't Mr. J.M. at CHP and CRG get the info for all the cars documented so far? Just wondering why that can't place...........Danny

Hey Dave thanx for the info. Look's like we are on our way to gett'in some more good info. And as Kurt mentioned I also believe it is Kelsey Hayes that made them. And I am assuming also that the little "R" does stand for rear. The bolt's that hold them down are a different story. They are specific and as far as I can tell not your basic fender or common body bolt. There was I think 3 manufactures of bolts. But not sure about the one that made the bolt that held these valves to the frame. Maybe somebody else knows for sure. But lets not get off track. Still need people to chime in on their cars and these dang valves. Over and out for now.......Danny

Hey Steve, I can't tell ya anything about any other Camaro's. Only Z/28's and not past 1969. Any info is of course useful. But I sure would like to be able to have someone contact all registered owners of first Gen Z/28's and ask about the valve. Got a good start here I guess.......Danny

Hey Blackout Steve, I was just talking about the Z28 of the first Generation. But I think it would be great if we could have every first gen Camaro chime in. Cause we know alot of big blocks were supposed to have them and many others. I am sure this thread will die off long before we have the info we need. But a guy could dream I guess.........Danny

So there it is, I guess that's the latest. Just frustrating. And as some of you know, I collect these valves for fun. I know....I know....I think I am up to about 20 or so. In fact that reminds me, I need to get John Z and or CRG a new front and back picture of all of them. So if ya have any of these valves LMK. I may purchase them from ya.
Sure would be nice to know if Jerry M. kept track of all the cars he inspected, had the valve or not. AND what the julian date was on each valve. Maybe he did. Anyway to go to the registry of all these cars on the list for 67' 68' and 69'.....and email or contact them and ask? Takes about 30 seconds. Not like ya have to take any components off to find out. Then at least we could have the info on ALL remaining cars? I talked to some guy a while back and he said he wouldn't own a car if the valve date went farther back then 35 days from build date. What's the deal with that? I have seen them on original 23,000 mile cars with full doc's and it was 62 days back. Even FIREZ mentions his car at 54 days. I think everybody should add the date along with the info. Good idea??...Danny

Hey Guys, anybody know why there is some car's that are equipped with the rear Proportioning valve and some car's that are not? You know, the one on the drivers side frame rail. I see lot's of car's with and without. The old story used to be that the car's that got it had A/C. And so the extra weight needed to be controled so the rear wheels would not lock up during hard braking. But that's on SS big block's and such. Z/28's never had the A/C on any of the 28,103 first gen cars. Why do I keep seeing some cars with them and some without? I met a guy back east who has 6 Z/28's all original. He might even hang out on this site. He said 4 of his car's have it and 2 don't. I just seen another car certified by Jerry M. in PA and it's ALL there, but has no valve. I'm gett'in pissed. What the hell is the deal with these valves. I also have seen them on some 68's but not other's. And if a 68' doesn't have it it scares me into think'in it ain't the real deal. Could Chevrolet really come up with this system and then just say to the guys on the assembly line... put them on when ya want? I have seen probably a hundred of 69's with it, and just as many without. Jerry never really decided to put this info in his book's??? It even show's it in the assembly manuals. Ok, I have rambled enough ???.......Danny

General Discussion / Re: '67 Z28 At Cecil County
« on: September 18, 2009, 02:09:43 AM »
That sounds good Jerry. The car is MEAN! What thrill. Can't wait to see more launching and full down the track video. Danny

General Discussion / Re: '67 Z28 At Cecil County
« on: September 15, 2009, 11:19:08 PM »
Hey Jerry that was pretty sweet. I am not complaining by any means, but I wonder why the camera operator didn't zoom in on the car as it went down the track? Again, not complaining. Just would have been nice to see the finish and the time on the light board. Just hit the zoom button as ya go. Just a thought as things got pretty small near the middle and end. To hard to see.....Danny

General Discussion / Re: 3908326 Rear Proportioning Valves Pictures
« on: July 14, 2009, 04:01:18 AM »
Hey Kurt, your right I clicked on it. I guess all this time I have been having fun just doing it in my head. I better check my math eh? Alot of times I also look at calendars on line and count it up. But I will use that from here on out.

Yes I also noticed that your 69' valve didn't have a large " E " What I need is about 50 from each year. I'll probably be dead by then but maybe it's worth a try. I better will them all to CRG to keep the dream alive. ha ha       Still interested in what more people think on the subjset and what other info can be added on these valves........

Glad ya got the picture....Danny

General Discussion / Re: 3908326 Rear Proportioning Valves Pictures
« on: July 13, 2009, 08:43:17 PM »
Hey Billy, yes funny I have that number AND the day before. Of course they must have had several of the same numbers. How many I couldn't say. But I have seen many with the same number as one of mine. Just like yours is...... I think the most common times I have seen before the build date of the car is about 35 days. That seems to be the norm. Perhaps Kurt, John, Jerry and the rest could verify that more tight on the days. BUT however I have seen them 65 days prior to build date on an ALL original one owner car. So who knows really......Lunch time over, back to the on demand Water Heater project...........Danny

General Discussion / Re: 3908326 Rear Proportioning Valves Pictures
« on: July 13, 2009, 04:23:08 PM »
Hey Kurt, yes, funny how that collection thing works eh? I see you have a valve dated at Thursday Feb. 6th of 69'. I also have a couple original bolts myself. So is that just a picture, or are you selling me that valve for my collection?   ha ha
 So I was right ....KINDA. ...I was wondering like I mentioned if that "R" meant Rear Brakes. But it might mean rear outlet since it is by one of the holes. Funny that the Julian dating link you posted only does month and year and NOT day??  Wonder why?

 I have seen some others in diff. locations over the years like ya mentioned. I even found them with Diff. bracket set-up above the rear axle on 70's chevelle's. I still think I wanna stay with first gen collecting on these.
Anyway, I will do what I can on the picture thing, I am not sure I know how to do your request, not a super wiz kid on the computer. I may have to take a close-up of each one, and then send them to ya directly without reducing the size. I just wrote it on my clip board so I don't forget. Speaking of clip board viewing...I gotta go install a On Demand Water Heater that produces 14 Gallons per minute, and then wire it into motion sensors connected to recirc. pumps...Good Times!   It's a monster if ya want alot of hot water........Over and Out............Danny 

General Discussion / Re: 3908326 Rear Proportioning Valves Pictures
« on: July 13, 2009, 03:54:46 AM »
Hey OregonJam, I believe this dating system was started by astronomers. And it really represents alot more then most car people want to delve into. In fact I think we are in about our second billion julian date at this point, and that goes back to the 1400's. But I digress.
  We car people use it for the 365 day year. It is the same basic set-up as many other car parts. Like your brake booster on a Camaro has it stamped in it. It is the Julian dating system. Each day denotes a number of the year. Then the dash number after that is the year itself. There are others also that are AFTER 69' I am only collecting 67'-68'-and 69' first generation. So if it's 223-7 it's the two hundred and twenty third day of 1967. Then just look at a calendar from that year and you would see the date of manufacturing. Just like my sharpie writing on each valve, it represents the day. I am hoping some master's like John and Jerry pipe in and let me know what they think. As far as the other letter's, I am guessing when I say the KH is for Kelsey Hayes?? And the small "R" stands for rear?? Again, this is just my own assumptions. I could be wrong on BOTH. Also on 1969 valves only there is a large "E" sideways stamped in the valve. That one has me stumped. I am trying to collect enough some day to know what day that "E" got started. And was it at BOTH plants. Anyway, just fun stuff like that. I may sell the whole collection in one shot and call it goodbye. Some I paid $25, others I paid $200. And I have seen many at $250 or more. It just depends on the year and such.   Danny

General Discussion / 3908326 Rear Proportioning Valves Pictures
« on: July 12, 2009, 03:18:42 AM »
Well here is my collection. Trying to get the pictures to load. Ya think it is worth it to keep up the research on these? Trying to find patterns in stamping and hole sizes etc. etc. Worth the effort? Or sell them off and let it go?....Danny

General Discussion / Re: The Great Camaro
« on: July 10, 2009, 02:38:00 AM »
Wow, and there ya have it. I don't feel too bad now. I really like the book, it's just that I always wonder when they take the pictures, if they check-out the car first for originality. Or just take some oldtimers word for it. Well it looks like the newer version has lot's more info. Going to have to get it coming.......Danny

General Discussion / Re: The Great Camaro
« on: July 09, 2009, 07:13:39 PM »
He people, this book is at right now, new for $49. They also have 13 used starting at $4.45 on up to over $100. This is as of 11:55am on Thursday July 9th.
Good Luck....
 Speaking of books, I was talked into paying $100 years ago for a copy of " Camaro" 1967- 1969 Fact Book by M.F. Dobbins and F.J.R. Incremona. I have since seen them go for $150 and $200. It has a 69 Pace car on the cover on a lawn with some brush behind it. No pace car decal's. It is dated 1984. 237 pages ...What's the scoop with this book? Anybody know how accurate it is, and why I paid so much...ha ha  I have looked it over and it seems it has some mistakes here and there compared to current data....YES? Or is it just me and everything is accurate? I was told it is very hard to find and out of print for many years. Here is a picture of it. However it's not for sale........Danny   

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