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Hey Guys, what should the date of the "YH" Rally Wheels be on a 4th week of february car? ALSO, how far or CLOSE should the dates be. A couple days ONLY between ALL 5 wheels, ok with-in 10 days? Exact match? I have seen some guys selling 4 or 5 wheels all with-in 2 days of eachother, some ALL the same day. Is this the way it should be?....Thanx......Danny

General Discussion / Re: earliest 69 ZL2 hooded car? earlier that 12E?
« on: January 28, 2010, 05:34:02 AM »
Well from a back yard rookie point of view.....That sheet is too nice, with WAY to evenly layed browning. I would have the 4 X's tested to check the age of the ink. If it's about a few years old then bingo! Of course, they could have a pen from the 60's that they are using to show aged ink. My other trick is smell. I have smelled many of these so called original invoices and build sheets. The original ones have this certain smell of age, and mildew, and must. And if I don't get that smell, I would think twice. But ya gotta have the nose for it. When I see those guys with documentation schrink wrapped in plastic. I have them cut it open so I can smell it. Just say'in, that's what I have done in the past. And it works pretty well. It is hard to get that aged paper smell. Very close to an old newspaper, but not quite. Anyway, looks too good to me...Danny

Yes, it looks to not be what I thought. Oh well..I paid $75 for it. I'll find the application and let it go. As far as putting on's a hit and miss. Depends on if the right guy sees it and who is home and happens to see it that wants this exact item. I have listed things 3 times, only to have it hit reserve on the 4th relist. I would never just throw something online for sale that could be worth $600 for 20 bucks, and hope that the right person bids. If I found this box to be for sale at two or three locations for $300, I would list at $225, not 20 dollars. Thats a quick way to lose hundreds of dollars. Again, hit and miss. I have made THOSANDS of dollars on eBay. THOUSANDS!!! And not by putting a $2000 item up for sale for $50 to try to get lucky and see where it goes, just cause I don't know what it's worth. That's crazy! That's just MY thing. But if anybody happens to know this application I would appreciate it. The top little stainless tag on the cover says 11 0 0. Thanx in advance..........Danny

Camaro Dudes!!  Hey I just scored this steering box I believe is for a Z/28. Was just wondering what is the actual application? Does it fit Chevelle, Nova, Firbird ???
 It turns stop to stop 3-1/4 turns. Actually about 3 and 3/16ths
When were they installed in relation to build dates?               So I can put fit's Nov. 30th 68' to Feb. 1st. 69' or ????

Numbers on Arm BOTTOM = NVD 1  J18      OCT. 1ST. 68 ????
Numbers on Arm TOP = 8770 
Numbers on Adjuster PLATE = 5686555
Numbers on SIDE = 5691676 And just to the right of that is either a 106 or a 108. If I had to guess I would pick 108

Wanna throw it online for sale. Thought I would do a little market and information research first.

As always, Thanx for your time......Danny
How do you insert pictures instead of having to click on a jpeg or ??...       


Thanx guys, that's what I thought from a rookies point of view. I was kinda proud of myself how I detailed the pictures and such. Anyway, one for the purist guy's....Danny

Ok, check... was just wondering. He just didn't understand I guess. To bad, it's a nice car. But same as what has been said before. You can sure hide alot under that pretty paint job.

Hey Kurt, I was looking at Jerry M.'s book this morning and it kinda has some rough pitted area's near a trans stamp. Can you explain to me how you know for sure it's a restamp. Do you have the original stamped car in the database? What do ya mean 124379L502229 for reference?...Danny

Here is the other picture......

Am I losing it or is this a restamp. The whole frigg'in trans is near smooth but RIGHT where the stamps are... I asked the owner and he got pissed at me and said no way. However he would not guarntee it in writing. Please look at the pictures and tell me what ya think. I think I see other old numbers...Danny

Indy, I know, that firebird is cool. The guy went crazy....FOR REAL And I remember was committed to a crazy house. Don't know what ever happened to him. And another friend of mine got the firebird. He has 34 cars. He is a wrecker, so he tows these old cars off properties, then titles them in his name. Legally, with waiting periods and such. The family bus. has been going since the 40's. Lot's of treasures. Lot's of family history, so the whole valley calls him for towing. The car I got coming I have wanted since the summer of 1971. Test drove one just like it with my Dad when I turned 16, and he said no, TOO FAST!! So now about 38 years later...BINGO!! I will share when it's in my garage in my name.....maybe. It's going to take every penny I have, and every collectible I own. But again, it all comes around. Then maybe recover and go for the 68 Z/28. Who knows. Then the next year the firebird....ha ha  I could probably get the firebird now, but need the dough for the big deal first. Ok, bed time for bonzo....D   

I need to apologize.....I did see all the VIN's in the orphan's section. That has alot of VIN's. Yes they are for another reason, but that is it. SORRY everyone for being a Richard Head....You'll get it.....think about it.......
I have decided to buy one of the cars I found. Would love to get one of the others, but can't plug them both in, a little to much dough. The other car is a 68' Z/28 Corvette Bronze with original paint and ALL there......Has Protect-O-Plate. Bought originally by a guy I met for 11K!! Drives around fine but needs resto. Going to try to get it next year if I can. And one of the other cars is a 67' Firebird 400HO. All matching in a barn a mile from my house. I went to H.S. with the old owner. I have not seen the car since 1979! It is white and a 4-speed car. Not sure if rear is Posi. And get this...It's a convertible! It's all there but need's a quarter and a resto. Don't know much about Firebirds. Anyway, I am selling all my Collectibles Coca Cola, Vintage Tin, Lionel, Antique's, Grand Piano, Music Eq. and my 2006 Mustang G.T. Bummer, only has 14K miles on it. But hey, it all comes around, they made more then one..........Danny

Well I started calling all my buddies that have classic Camaro's. Z/28's, R/S, Chevelle's, GTO's, JL8 one block from my house etc. etc. I have 6 so far. 6 VIN's without ANY personal info. Imagine that. Next Camaro Club meeting I'll get 25 more. Then down the road to Pomona for another 100 in one afternoon. I'm gonna wear my wireless mic and recorder. And just walk along and describe the car and talk to myself until I have hundreds. So there.....Ok, now I'm not upset anymore.. ha ha......Danny

Hey Indy69, I here what your saying, however I have more then one car I want to check. And I am wanting to check if they are even listed in this Database, not just where they fall in the build sequence. I DON'T want them added as of yet. Therefore I can't list the VIN's. Hopefully somebody can make this happen. I was going to print it all out the day I seen it, but figured it was easy to access....Thanx.......Danny 

Crap, well I know I seen a nice long list of VIN's that someone wanted at, to look something up. He wanted to see where HIS car fell in the build sequence. I don't want personal info, just the VIN's of the cars that are in the database, that have survived. I am positive I seen it HERE. VIN"s are nothing, I can go to the biggest car show in the country and walk around and collect 500 off the dash plate's before lunch....right?
Could someone tell me what it is I seen? And possibly give an explaination......Thanx......Danny

Could someone please send me the current VIN's for the surviving 1969 Z/28's. Or actually ALL first generation documented VIN's. I seen it on here a few days ago and I can't find it. It was a nice long list of cars currently on record. Want to check it with some cars I found and find out if they are in the registry. May want the non z/28 cars also if there is such a list. Thanx.........Danny

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