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Chevy Thunder, how can you tell this is a fake tag? Would be nice to know the signs when looking at other cars. Can you show the difference with a real Cowl Tag next to it?.....Danny

Thanx Jerry, I'll watch for your schedule........D

Thanx Jerry M.,......... Jerry did you happen to get my want list email. I know you apparently get up to 500 emails a day! I also emailed ya about how your documentation service works. I have since gotten a few parts off that list. And also read info on your website about how you run your business. Could you tell me when you are coming to CA. Do you have the date yet? I am working on getting this car, and was hoping to possibly meet up. I am minutes from your last trip out location. Is there a certain time you can give me to call, with a specific phone number to use?.....Danny

Hey JZ, good idea. I have one of those that was giv'in to me, however it is for a small block Ford. I will get the Chevy one. And again, I thank everyone for the info.. Danny

Well guys, I am learning. I have been a plumber for 23 years and can fix just about anything from T.V.'s , Guitars, Washing Machines, Car's, Off shore oil rig's and 40 story high rises in the 80's, to working on the USS Missouri and a couple Nuclear Carrier's and Submarines with top secret clearance. But I never built an engine. Not even in H.S. auto shop. So thanx for all the advice and future advice.

Thanx guys, but I see 2 different numbers??  Part # 46140 and Part # 43140. Is it because the 43140 are LONG SLOT? Should I get the long slot? So I can wind it up higher in RPM's? ..... Sorry, never built an engine before.......Danny

Thanx much Jerry... Can you tell me what Cam Company and Part # you use when rebuilding a 302 for a customer? Again, just a stock 302 that MIGHT see 6,000 RPM on a good day.......Danny

General Discussion / 302 DZ Engine... What is the best Cam to run??
« on: June 29, 2010, 03:56:20 PM »
Hey everyone, can anybody tell me what is the best Solid Lifter Cam to run in the 69' 302. It's going to be a stock engine with basic stock specs. Stock 186 heads no porting. I have seen many different ones, but thought it best to ask people that have built many of these engines. Would like to run new technology, and don't care to run the 30/30. Just what is comparible but advanced and updated. I was also wondering if it would be smart to run roller tipped rockers, but I heard they don't clear stock 69' valve cover's. Any help would be appreciated, as there is SO many Cam company's.......Danny

Jerry I am surprised you didn't get the fax as it went thru to your fax number. I'll send it again right now. Any scheduled dates to come to CA for car documentation in the coming months? I heard from a friend that you were in Petaluma, CA a while back documenting 6 cars. I am 15 minutes away, wish I could have met up with ya. Some day maybe.....

JohnZ, the car I am looking at is owned by a friend and is a O2D build. It's the one I have asked ya a couple questions about in the past. So I was just curious how you found the near exact build date.......Danny

Wow, well I guess it just depends on what was laying close by. I'll go a few weeks back from build date. It won't be the original carb, but will be correct anyway.

Jerry, did you happen to get my fax of wanted parts??

JohnZ, so I am assuming that the the 1st. Sat. is not considered the first week. I talked to a carb guy with data from hundreds of Feb. 69' carbs, and there is NO 5th week. And he has never seen a dated 5th week of Feb. 69' Z/28 carb. He has a list of over 200 just for thst month. So I guess that takles care of that.

How did you determine the exact day of your cars assembly line release? ......Danny

Car is dated 4th week of Feb. 69' like John Z's car. With a VO224DZ Engine build. Do you use the build date of the Engine, or the Car build date to match up correct Carb. And either way, how long should it be. I have heard 3 weeks before the engine build date, and 2 months before the car build date. What's the common practice???????????
  Also, here is a question, Is Sat the 1st. of Feb. 69' considered the first week? It's a Sat., and they worked Saturday's. Sunday the 2nd. starts the second week. If a car is O2D, then that would be between the 16th and the 22nd? Right?..........Danny

General Discussion / Re: FW Rally
« on: May 22, 2010, 08:14:00 PM »
What about 69' RS cars. Were they all 14" wheels also? Excluding Z/28 of course.

General Discussion / Re: Front speaker
« on: May 21, 2010, 05:52:12 AM »
Stock front speaker on eBay right now. Just seen it 10 minutes ago. Don't know about the bracket...Danny

General Discussion / Re: Real or Fake Cowl Hood
« on: May 13, 2010, 04:44:03 PM »
Hey John, just trying to INSERT a picture instead of having to click on an attachment. It's nice to just have them be there with the email  as soon as you open it. The pictures are in my computer drive, in "MY PICTURES" section of course. What's the sequence of events to make it happen? Thanx..........DS

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