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General Discussion / Re: 4 Leaf Springs worth
« on: January 26, 2023, 04:54:54 AM »
Car is a '68 so 4 leaf. D

General Discussion / Re: 4 Leaf Springs worth
« on: January 25, 2023, 06:11:12 PM »
David, What IS that center to center measurement? They are laying on the garage floor under a car. I can get to them if I move the car next to it. D

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 24, 2023, 06:51:24 PM »
Here you go Danny. Try these guys.

Yes, that is the same company I just ordered from... Cost was $56 complete. But I already have a set-up in the car and it is original. So just ordered the cable. Cost $24 plus whatever the shipping is going to be. Excited to get it installed. Car is in the air as I had a leaking freeze plug. VERY LUCKY it was the one above the starter. I beat it out working on it rocking back and forth until I pried it out. So ready for the cable. D

General Discussion / Re: 4 Leaf Springs worth
« on: January 24, 2023, 06:42:22 PM »
Well, I ended up buying the springs in a package deal. The springs have been sitting off a car for a estimated 24 years. So, I am taking my chances with NOT re-arching them. I also got in the package 2.5 sets of original door handle bases and pads in Black & Medium blue. Total cost was $700 cash. So if I do the math, I feel I paid $400 for the springs and $300 for the rest. Pads and bases are all in very good condition with very minimal issues. And I think with some cleaning, will be usable for a survivor that has them missing altogether.  .. Danny 

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 23, 2023, 09:59:35 PM »
That cable company in Colorado got back to me promptly. Cable has been ordered and will be here in 4 or 5 days. Nice people, I will update when item received. Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 23, 2023, 03:10:28 PM »
 Thanx for that company's info. I contacted them and was very explanatory on what I wanted. Also found another one doing a Google search. I contacted them also. We'll see what happens. Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 22, 2023, 04:45:22 PM »
Trying not to get ANOTHER 55 year old unit and take the chance of it breaking in 10 minutes. I will keep the old one and maybe it can be repaired someday. But probably not by me.
I emailed the guy in that ebay ad and asked him to take 60 seconds to measure it. Wanna make sure it was the correct size. Not a hard request to achieve. Never heard back... Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 21, 2023, 08:37:09 PM »
WELL... The 61 incher I ordered from NAPA arrived. I was hoping it was 62" since all the others have been an inch longer. It measured 61-1/4". TOO short. These college boys/engineers have no field smarts. They are super smart ON PAPER. I used to deal with this in my trade. I sold my oxy/acet torch set-up a couple years ago. I tried to rob a inner cable out of another car. But it has been sitting since the early to mid 70's and is stuck in the housing. The other cars are operating properly. I never rob parts off a complete car to get another one functioning. So STILL dead in the water or in this case... on land. D

General Discussion / GM Is Investing Almost $1 Billion in New V8 Engines
« on: January 21, 2023, 05:17:46 PM »
Seems that the big bosses at GM want to keep the V8 alive and well. They don't want no stinking electric. I am sure they will have many, but knowing the V8 will be pumping for a while longer is good to hear. Danny

Decoding/Numbers / Smog Pump Info Help
« on: January 17, 2023, 11:32:11 PM »
I have a smog pump that I am trying to find the application for.... The pad is 31081S. Which I believe would be about Nov. 6th. 1968. So that would be for a 1969, correct? The Pulley is 3927116. The only other numbers I could find were on the cast iron back. And they are 4UX. I was told it's an early take-off from a small block Camaro. Appreciate any help... Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 14, 2023, 03:36:14 PM »
Napa still has that repair kit available. I just would rather not go that route. You would think after 55 years, SOMEONE would make the correct length cable. I am picking up a 61 incher today at Napa. To see by chance if it is a 62. The last two 61 inchers were from O'Reilly and a supply company online, BOTH measured 61 exactly. I have other cars, one has the 302 on a stand. I might just rob the cable out of it for now. Just to get the running car going again. Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 13, 2023, 05:27:38 AM »
I guess I could try that. I have silver soldered 6-inch copper back in the day. Dual rose bud fitting. I don't know, I am getting frustrated. I refuse to drive the car without the speedo working properly. I want to retain the correct mileage. I bought the car with 54,614 in 2015. It now has 59,800. I might just have to let it go. I'm getting tired. D

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 12, 2023, 11:19:48 PM »
Correct... I just need the insert cable itself. I have ordered a 63 and it was 64. I ordered a 61 hoping it was 62 and it was exactly 61 inches. Go figure... Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 10, 2023, 07:42:37 PM »
Don't wanna take up any more space than I already have about health issues. PM me only please. Unless you have info on Speedo cable length or source for purchase. Thanx... Danny

General Discussion / Re: Speedo Cable Broke
« on: January 10, 2023, 04:30:31 PM »
 Yes, car was sold and then bought back. See Below.. All the cars are up in the air. I have my next CT Scan Tom at 10am. I get one every 3 months with contrast dye. Also the Cancer in my throat is back. 4 Nodules the size of peas on the left side. As previously mentioned, I have denied all treatment. Last results show:
  Helical Tomography of the chest is performed during intravenous administration of 70 cc Isovue-370. Sagittal and coronal
  reformatted images of the thorax era submitted. There significantly enlarged supraclavicular lymph nodes with-in the image Z
  axis field-of-view.
  Atherosclerotic changes are noted with-in the coronary arteries. Central airways are patent with no evidence of end bronchial.
  There are multiple bilateral pulmonary metastases nodules that have increased in size in both lungs.

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Car[s} Back in Garage!
« on: April 02, 2018, 05:44:54 AM »
Car BACK in the Garage, Raquel
Thru some unfortunate/fortunate circumstances, some creative financing by myself and my girlfriend, and some good ol’ American Ingenuity…our old ’68 Butternut Yellow Z/28 is back in the garage! I mentioned to Jon, Skip, Chick and the guys at dinner at Gibson’s last November at MCACN, that there was a possibility that this could take place. The buyers had not finished paying us the total amount. I let them slide as they are 35 year friends. SO it actually worked out in our favor as I was able to buy it back. I had a guy from New Zealand that wanted the car BAD for a few more $. But sold it to a friend. Could have been a “FRIEND RUINING” disaster as they STILL owed us 15K! BUT, I flipped it right back around and got the deal done. Between ALL of us…I don’t think his wife wanted to do the deal in the first place. So she is probably happy it’s gone. And my buddy is fine with it all, as he needed an influx of cash. So YAY!!!

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