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General Discussion / I need help identifying Rochester 2GV carb.
« on: January 16, 2009, 04:43:32 AM »
   I have located a carb, I believe is correct for my car, but it is missing the tag.   Is there any other way of identifying it?   I am told this carb. came off of a '67 Chevy II with a 283 and a Powerglide, which would have used the same carb. as my 327 - 2 bbl. with a Powerglide.    I have a Car&Parts Catalog of Chevy V-8 Engine Casting Numbers, and from other research I have done I believe this carburetor is either a 7027110 or 7027114, and I believe this would be the correct carb. for my car.  The original stock air cleaner was on the car.   I have a '67 Camaro Coupe that came with the standard 327 2bbl. / 210 hp. with a Powerglide trans. built first week of Nov. '66.    When I got the car, and before I learned how to do much, research it came with a newer intake and carb., which I have since learned came off of a '72 Chevy(was used on several models).   From all pictures I have seen, I would guess it is indeed the right carb. for my car, it has a brass elbow with a PVC Valve coming out of the center of the back of the Base Plate.   The Bore in the Base Plate actually measures 1 3/8",  I found a number on the bottom of the Fuel Bowl   703 1734 (the first 7 is lager than the other #'s) does this # have any meaning?   Ther is a larger C on the front half of the throttle plates, and a 6 * (6 degree) on the back half.  There is a G-5 on the upper part of the Linkage(Drivers)side of the Fuel Bowl (Main Body).  There is C above the # 33318 on the linkage end of the Throttle shaft.  I don't see any other 3's or identifying marks other than the GM 2 JET and ROCHESTER on top of the fuel bowl.  I think I forgot to mention it does have the Passenger side fuel inlet.  I hope somebody can give me some help on this.   Thanks much!!! ???  Mike

Originality / Correct Distributor?
« on: November 08, 2008, 06:22:09 AM »
I am concerned as to whether the distributor on my car is correct.   The car was built 11A (first week of Nov. 66), the engine is a 210 hp. 327 -2 bbl. (base engine) suffix code ME, and yes it has a powerglide.   The date code on the engine is J 17 6 which I believe codes out as Oct. 17 -66 which would be correct for the car build date.( I believe)   Alternator is standard 37 Amp. dated 6K21 (I believe correct)   My concern main is the distributor.   Information I have been able to gather tells me this engine should have a part # 1111443 distributor,  the one on the car is a # 1111150 and it is dated 6 G 15 isn't that pretty early to be on this engine?   Thanks for any help.

Originality / '67 Jack codes
« on: November 08, 2008, 03:38:11 AM »
Can anyone give me a quick lesson on '67 Camaro Bumper jack codes.   I'm looking for a date correct jack for my Red '67 Camaro built the first week(actually the first day) of November '66 in Los Angeles.   Any help is appreciated.   FYI - this car is very special to me, as my birthday is Nov. 5, yes this car was built the week of my birthday.

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