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It's NOT significant, but we don't deal in 'significant' on CRG.  we deal in the little tiny insignificant details here...   'Camaro Research Group'...  :)

PS.  There are SEVERAL differences in the Late production cars which are NOT documented accurately; I'd like to see us work to resolve some of those items... another for instance:  the Z28 valve covers and the drippers that the late cars got (the ones that haven't been changed out due to the INACCURATE information posted about '69 Camaros in general)... 

One big problem with that thinking Gary. There are documented original cars that do not have the C peened out.

Then maybe we need PHOTOS and data from those cars... to find out what is different.. :)

You guys are making WAY too big of a deal out if this.

As one of the CRG moderators, SURELY you know that's what we do here!!  :)

There is no magic aura that surrounds 69 Z28s.

SURE there is... mucho magic...  :)

Gary you should just let me be the next caretaker for your car. I promise you it would get run through the gears at high rpms several times per week. :)

Way back when I was driving my car, I DID that regularly... probably higher RPMs than we would do nowadays!  :)

I believe there is a 'story' here regarding these late cars (from the EATON plant); do we know  if there are any ex eaton employees from that timeframe that might be available for questions?  There are too many similarities in the 'peened' out C's from the cars of this timeframe for it to be from multiple different individual owners around the country!

Originality / Re: Multi-Leaf Rear, E-Brake Cable Brackets
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:28:51 PM »
Mine are original, but apparently I didn't take photographs of them when I had them off for cleaning (I just went thru ALL of my photos searching), and I'd have to get under the car and remove one now to check for you.   If no one else comes up with a photo for you, I will do so when I get a chance...

Mild Modifications / Re: Carburator replacement
« on: August 15, 2018, 02:10:55 PM »
The air cleaner base in a Corvette wraps DOWN around the carburetor more than for other cars due to the lower hood; I always thought that was why the air cleaner designed for a quadrajet had interference with the Holley spreadbore carb that I had in my car...  It might not be a problem with the air cleaner from a 350/295 hp engine in a Camaro...?  but I'd check before I installed the carb!!  :)

1970 model Novas are the ONLY 1970 model car that used a rear end that was identical (in dimension, etc) to our '69 Camaros.   The 1970 Nova differentials, was produced in the same plant (EATON? - that produced Camaro differentials I believe).  Of course the 1970 Camaro had a different physical configuration (wider), but the 70 Nova differential was the same as the earlier '69 Camaro differential.  I just checked the 1970 Nova differential listing from Nova resource and it shows the leading 'C' in the code as we believe all '70 models had, BUT...  there was no 3.73 (BU) code used on 1970 Novas!  THIS fact would make the 'transition period' (Aug-Nov'69) 1969 Camaro 3.73 (BU) differentials unique coming out of the EATON plant at that time, as they were destined for extended 1969 Camaro production~   Maybe THAT precipitated the BU axles (for Camaros) to get 're-marked' by peening the 'C' off...??

1970 Nova differential codes

CBA - 2.56 open 10-bolt
CBB - 2.56 posi 10-bolt
CBC - 3.36 open 10-bolt
CBD - 3.36 posi 10-bolt
CBL - 3.07 open 12-bolt
CBM - 3.31 open 12-bolt
CBN - 3.55 open
CBP - 2.73 open 10-bolt
CBR - 3.07 posi 12-bolt
CBS - 3.31 posi 12-bolt
CBT - 3.55 posi
CBW - 4.10 posi 12-bolt
CPA - 3.08 open 10-bolt
CPE - 3.08 posi 10-bolt
CPI - 2.56 open 10-bolt
CPJ - 2.56 posi 10-bolt
CPO - 3.08 open 10-bolt
CPR - 3.08 posi 10-bolt
CPX - 2.73 posi 10-bolt

I'm going by YOUR database (or OUR database) on the posted photos re this topic here on this site...  They ALL appear to have been peened with the same type tool...

Mild Modifications / Re: Carburator replacement
« on: August 15, 2018, 03:05:20 AM »
I had one of those Holley (quadrajet replacement) carbs on my '69 Corvette for awhile, but finally rebuilt and installed the original quadrajet.  One problem with the Holley on my corvette was that the air cleaner didn't sit down correctly over the carb due to an interference.   This was on a 350/350 L46 engine.   The Holley DID run very well on the engine - I'm a Holley fan for a long time, but when the Quadrajet was rebuilt correctly I became more of a Quadrajet fan.

Note:  Stingr69 is correct; Lars Grimrud IS the man re quaradjets.  I have some papers he's written on them which helps one understand the Quadrajet much better..  :)

I still disagree with Byron re various/sundry owners 'peening' out the C in much the same way all across the country.. Unless it was some kind of 'Let's Obliterate the C'  underground conspiracy!  :)    BUT...  you say you have HUNDREDS of examples - maybe if you compile the DATES, CODES, etc .. along with peened or not peened (or photos?), then I might come to agree with you, but in lieu of that....   I cannot believe such an 'aligned' conspiracy existed!

When I first examined my rear, I didn't even notice the 'C' (it was well in front of the 'code' and was not clearly stamped).   I think it was Kurt who suggested it looked like the C was there but damaged (perhaps by a stone or ?); now I would say it appeared like a single 'peen'!   But when we see MANY peened the exact same way, and all of them are in that 'transition period', where they are installing 1970 stamped rears in 1969 cars, I tend to lean towards the factory doing it (to appear more like the thousands of '69s assembled earlier in the year)...

Can you show us your database of '69 transition-period rears to help convince us of your theory?

Originality / Re: Multi-Leaf Rear, E-Brake Cable Brackets
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:36:27 PM »
I'm thinking the bridges should get priority!!  :)

Mild Modifications / Re: Carburator replacement
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:35:02 PM »
I agree with Bentley....    Have someone knowledgable about Quadrajets redo your carburetor; one problem the typical mechanic might not address is loose/wore throttle shaft which needs bushings installed.  Most of the carburetor restorers DO THAT when they restore a quadrajet.   When working correctly, the quadrajet is a very good carburetor, for both mileage and performance!

I'm guessing that *most* of the transition differential information sent by members here were from Z28 models, so maybe a preponderance of BU information as compared to other gears...?

The only 'bad' thing I see is that the cowl plate has been SANDED....  please tell them NOT to do that again (if they are the ones who did it).

also appeared the car was painted before..   but a very nice car with a great list of options..  :)

I was sent that picture.  I will take more tonight with my camera when I am there.  Look for an update later tonight or tomorrow! Thanks for the offers to help.  Your 200K/500K limits for photos are a little tedious but I will manage!  Thanks!

To meet the image size requirements, I suggest first using the standard PAINT program to clip out just the portion of the image you desire, and then use a program such as  Light Image Resizer to reduce the data volume (with little loss of information).  This program is free for personal use and is very flexible to you can tailor it (to achieve the results required)...

Decoding/Numbers / Re: What do you think of this stamp?
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:05:55 PM »
As JohnZ quite clearly pointed out, there have ALWAYS been 'good accurate RESTAMPS'... but they are still restamps.   (The Corvette world and NCRS judging of 'high end' cars is a good place to check that out!).. :)   One should not look at ONLY the characters in the stamping to determine this, but analyze ALL aspects of the engine/car/stamping/etc to make a determination.  IMO, having 'accurate stamps' is no more convincing as a single indicator than having a block with a good cast date!

note:  Original broach marks are the best indicator I've found when all else appears good.

1969 - Orphans / Re: 124379N640398 entire Z drivetrain on eBay 69, no 68
« on: August 06, 2018, 08:57:12 PM »
I wonder why the seller believes it's a '68? or maybe a typo when he entered the ad??   

"68 VIN with '69 Suffix.... Transmission VIN derivative stamp does not match...  Seems like it might just be a bunch of parts.

The ONLY place i see anything related to '68 model year' is the Seller's own statement that it's a '68 drivetrain (and his 'assumption' of the VIN prefix)..  ALL of the parts photographs would indicate '69 parts, and what I can read are consistent...??   but maybe I'm missing something ??

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