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Originality / Re: Aluminum intake BB bolts?
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:26:36 AM »
Ok, thanks William.
But you don't happen to have that book, do you? You can send me an PM if you have....

I don't seem to find any engine pics of that #3 ZL-1 car, did you have any of those too? ;)

Originality / Re: Aluminum intake BB bolts?
« on: July 13, 2017, 08:28:44 PM »
Near as I can tell all ZL1 engines were assembled with the studs, used or not. They are visible in original engine photos of ZL1 #3, a 4-speed.

The drawing is a page from the ZL1 engine assembly manual.

What? :)
Is there a ZL-1 engine assambly manual? Never heard of and is possible to download it?
I would really appreciate that kind of document in my ZL-1 build right now.....

Originality / Re: Aluminum intake BB bolts?
« on: July 13, 2017, 06:22:56 PM »
Great William, but why do they don't have extra bolts in the kit for all of us that don't need the studs?
There only three washers and not four either, strange?
Where did you get that pic?

Originality / Aluminum intake BB bolts?
« on: July 13, 2017, 04:40:24 PM »
I bought a master screw kit for my ZL-1 project but I don't really understand where all the stud bolts should go when mounting the aluminum intake?
They look like this:

As I t says there one should be for the alternator bracket and one maybe for the fuel block, but the rest? It's four of them in the kit.

Site Comments/Discussion / Re: problems...BIG time!
« on: June 30, 2017, 01:43:22 PM »
How can we act to make photobucket reasonable again, suggests?

Hit'em where it hurts.  Stop using them.  I did over a year ago.
That's easier said then done, Iīm afraid!  :(
I've got threads that I started years ago and they still are active and to start to edit the pics, if its even possible, itīs not an option!  :'(

Site Comments/Discussion / problems...BIG time!
« on: June 30, 2017, 11:54:43 AM »
After more then 11 years as a happy user I, and a huge amount of internet users, today discovered that decided to take action against 3rd party hosting usage as they call it.  :o

This makes all my threads in different forums, including this one.,..... round the world, worthless cause all the pics are gone...  :'( demands a fee of $399 a year to let the pics be used in forums, homepages and similar.
How can we act to make photobucket reasonable again, suggests?
Otherwise this act is going to kill a lot of good and reliable forums connected to our hobby...  >:(

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: June 27, 2017, 11:35:33 AM »
That is going to be one fun car!
Thanks...hope youīre right!  :P

Originality / Re: How is the original spare tire mounted?
« on: June 26, 2017, 08:35:23 PM »
Remember JohnZ's pic above is the correct mounting.

Huggers orange car, he decided to mount it with the letters up, and go through a stud hole.
Correct, Bullit!
Mine is a custom thing but it looks far better in the trunk, in my opinion!  8)

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: June 26, 2017, 12:38:20 PM »
Weīve had a Midsummers holiday here in Sweden this weekend but I managed to get some hours off to continue the build of the ZL-1. :)

A proper, and hopefully period correct, fuel pump from AC Delco have found its new home:

The aluminum water pump is also in place now:

Since I choose to use the factory installed exhaust manifolds, they went in as well:

Rocker covers made the all the parts getting more and more looking like a real engine!

Itīs always something missing so Iīm waiting for some parts from US & A to arrive...maybe in the next coming weeks?!

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:33:35 AM »
Even if everything is moving slowly, suddenly things are happening! :)

The Hugger itself needs some attention during this heart change so Iīve done some work in the engine bay and I finally got the heater box out!

The new heater core from NPD, that I got as a gift from winning as ROTM on Team Camaro, didnīt fit in height even though it was made for a 1969 BB Camaro! Thatīs not good for NPD...... :(

Now I have to let the local radiator shop build me a new and correct one, We have an original 1969 BB core as a template so hopefully we get it right.
As said here in Sweden: - I f you want something right, you have to do it yourself! :)

The missing parts for the engine has arrived so I've started to do some mounting.
The timing chain and gear, the timing cover and the special cam looking plate are now in place.

The timing cover and harmonic balancer in place...

The heads came back from the engine shop with the new and correct springs from Crane in place.
We didn't put the inner springs in yet due to the breaking in process of the cam.

Other stuff that didn't come with the block are now in place.

Then I started with the beautiful head gaskets from Felpro...

But after mounting a bunch of bolt by hand I realized that 8 of them was too long for my heads...I had bought a special kit for aluminum heads and block  but maybe different heads has this setup of bolts? :(
We had to order 8 new ones and luckily they had them here in Sweden so we had them in a day. I also discovered some thread problems in one the block holes and fixed that before I continued to mount the heads. The new bolts had 6 point heads instead of 12 point but I place them under the valve covers. Now every bolt is tightened correctly with its right torque.

The Melling oil pump has been docked with the adjusted pickup and a spot weld keep the pickup in place.

I couldn't help myself...I just had to test mount the intake just to se how it will appear...! :)

You just have to love how the engineers at Chevrolets put in to these parts...

General Discussion / Re: I saw a real 1969 Yenko up for sale,
« on: June 06, 2017, 07:32:32 AM »
...just another Camero!  ;D

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: May 22, 2017, 07:37:29 AM »
Finally the ZL-1 block is home in my actually arrived last Tuesday even though it was delayed due to a broken crank seal.
Mot motor shop guy Ulf was generous to lend me his own engine stand from Snap On. Nice gear box with crank for easier and controlled rotation. You just have to love the detailing from Chevrolet on the cam shaft cover from:

Itīs a beauty from any angle....

Then we had the positive and negative news regarding the heads...  :D  :( 
Starting with the positive the heads look very nice overall and machine work that was already done on them for the valves was remarkable good! We just bought them on eBay based on just the pics so you really don't know what to expect really.
The stainless valves had some numbers on them that I had to check and it turned out that these valves are really good shit, so to speak! They are from Ferrea and their Competition Plus series! Some times the sun shines on me too...! They are priced almost as much as I gave for just the heads on eBay!  ;D 

The negative was that the valve guides, se below, were made of cast iron and that could be a problem together with stainless steel valves and aluminum heads. We also noticed that the springs were to low in rate and they were missing the bottom cup/locators so we had to order new parts from Crane and that will get us two extra weeks of waiting . 

We decided to go for K-line insert bushings and that work was done after the pics were taken.

Other things that went missing from the block are all the guide pins for the heads, cam, transmisson and the cap and screws for the camchaft.
....when you are new to this type of project as I am itīs a lots of thing to think about so I guess this will happen again before the motor is ready to go back in the Hugger!

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: May 09, 2017, 08:49:42 PM »
Suddenly things started to happen...  ;D

I was invited to the motor shop late yesterday evening by the owner and this is the first thing that caught my eye:

I think this is gonna be great..isnīt it a beautiful? If you look close you can se the extra holes that these aluminium block got due to the fact that they had problem with the early ZL-1 and CamAm engines, they blew the head gaskets in this area.

The block is milled from Chevrolet to avoid contact between the block and rod bolts. I think this not that common or does anybody else now?

Since the block is brand new and weīre using standard dimension on the pistons,he just used the stones when making the cylinders.
A brand new set of stred plates were mounted before action:

The outer most pistons are temporary mounted for checking squisch and decking dimension.

The domes are cosy on the pistons, huh?

We just had to get a cylinder head on so we could check for clearance between pistons and valves and it was ok!
Itīs not hard to see that this beast is not an easy thing to get down in the subframe of the Hugger....

Today I got a pic from the engine shop when the top decking is ongoing.

If everything is going our way the motor would be ready for me during next week. Then the block and the heads are cleaned and the crank, pistons, rods, cam gear & chain and the cam are mounted and in place. Then its up to me to complete the rest for the first time in my life, exciting to say the least!  :-\

Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:53:13 PM » when its getting brighter outside its time for an late update!

Iīve been busy with a lot of other things but a few hours has been spent on freshing up the engine bay and also hopefully fixed a leaking manual steering box.
The heating core has to be changed so that process is started.
Unfortunate the work on the block hasnīt started yet so I'm still waiting for that to happen but I rather wait a couple of weeks extra and get a god job instead of fast and wrong! 

I finally got all my stuff that I ordered in late December early January from different parts of the USA:

This is what arrived this time:
- Crane hydraulic lifters
- Special alu head bolts
- Crane push rods
- Crane gear and chain
- ARP oil pump shaft
- ARP fuel pump shaft
- Cast iron BB exhaust manifolds
- Flowmaster 2,5" downpipes
- Master BB engine bolt kit
- BB frame mounts
- BB motor mounts
- Heater box gasket kit
- SB factory heater box block off
- BB heater core
- Heater core bracket
- Melling oil pickup
- Melling oil pump
- Black oil pan
- BB heater hose outlet cover
- Intake gasket set BB
- D-port BB exhaust gasket set
- BB overhaul gasket set
- Generator pulley
- Crank shaft pulley
- Water pump pulley
- Generator bracket
- Waterpump alu
- Manual steering box gasket kit
- Thermostat 195F
- Fuel lines from pump to carb
- Fan wheel generator
- Positive battery oil pan clip
- Heater hose clamp
- Fan shroud BB

Iīm still waiting for parts that will arrive in late June so the engine will not be ready for early season but thatīs life...

The radiator just got freshened up cause it look real good and itīs not that old I guess?!

The new motor mounts has also been fitted....NOT that easy to access the nuts beneath the frame there...

Iīll be back as soon as I now more!  8)


Mild Modifications / Re: The Hugger goes ZL-1....
« on: February 03, 2017, 07:51:18 AM »
Thank you KurtS....Camaros, cars,  please
I completely agree, thanx again Kurt!  :)

Oh, and I love following this engine build and install! Please keep it coming, man! Very exciting.
Wow, that's really fun to hear, thanx man!  ;D
I will do but for the moment this all there is to show...but stay tuned I`ll keep it coming!
But don't hesitate to comment or ask questions....this is the first time for me with building an engine and putting it in again, never done this before!  :P

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