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1  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Vietnam Lost Films worth seeing.... on: October 02, 2013, 04:07:22 AM
I'm the second owner ( May '13 ) of a nice '68 R/S, 327, 4 speed car that was bought new while the original owner was home on leave in August of '68.    Bought at Grant Chevrolet in Fremont Nebraska.   He said the '68s were gone and no '69s were in yet, so they had to wrestle it away from the dealer's son who had been driving it as a demo, Torq Thrusts and all.   He didn't want to give it up and I can't blame him.   Rich gave me the Polaroids he took of it before he went back showing "in Transits" and all.   They are creased and worn because he carried them with him at all times to show it off.    He also gave me permission to leave his "Airborne" pin in the visor right where he put it in '68.   I am honored that he chose me to take care of his baby and has allowed me custody of the items that tell it's story.    It was stored in his Grandmother's garage while he was overseas.
2  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Research Topics & Reports / Re: Research help needed, 68 front drum style, finned vs unfinned on: June 03, 2013, 09:22:44 PM
10C, 68 R/S, 327 / 210, 4 speed, non power, both unfinned.  Norwood car.
3  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: Holley date code question on: July 17, 2011, 01:00:23 PM
You know, with the right sauce crow really isn't that bad...    Direct sunlight really helps !    Correct info.    

List 4346
801 - 1st week October 1968

Primary Block - 5583  4053
Secondary Block - 4519  4053
172 butterflys all around

I didn't follow my #1 rule.    If it doesn't look right, figure out why.    ugh.
4  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: Holley date code question on: July 17, 2011, 10:59:52 AM
My notes do say 4348 and I looked at that date several times as I knew it was odd.    But, old eyes and maybe not the greatest light.     I'll go over and check again and even take a pic that I can blow up Helen Keller size to really make sure.   

Amazing what you find when you go digging into piles of stuff that you haven't looked at in years.    I found a pair of 660 center squirters that I have no idea where they came from.    Tach & gauge clusters I forgot I had.   I'd just pick up stuff as I found it and just stash it away.   Pleasent surprise to find dash clusters for both 67s & 68s with all 3 redlines.    Puts a smile on my face.

5  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Holley date code question on: July 16, 2011, 05:29:12 PM
Hi all,
Always reading, rarely posting, but I've started to make a detailed inventory of all the more special Camaro crap I have laying around and have gotten to my Holley carbs.   I have 2 that I want to make sure I have figured out correctly.    Any help would be appreciated.

#1 - 3959164, list 4348, BD1.    This date code makes no sense to me.    It is pretty clearly stamped, but I'll check it again when I get back over to the shop.    I am pretty serious when I write numbers down.     By the number it codes as a '69 L-78, L-89, L-72 carb.   Oh yea - vented primary bowl, manifold coil style choke.

#2 - 3923289 DZ, list 4053, 0523.     This should be a service carb made in February 1973 for '68 L-78, 68 L-72 and '68 & '69 DZ service.   Non vented bowl, manifold coil style choke.   Am I correct here ?      This is the carb off my '68 L-78 car.    Bummed it a service replacement, but I've owned the car since '81 so it's been there forever.

6  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Newbie on: December 29, 2007, 07:38:31 PM
Thanks Kurt,  I appreciate the Welcome !   

When we decoded the car I figured I should make the trek across town and ask the guy exactly what it is / was.   He explained that his brother bought the car to part out for $$$ and that it was indeed an SS.   At that time I was smart enough to ask if anything was still laying around for it & took home one front fender ( with emblems ) and the SS gas cap.    He still had the hood, but wanted way too much for it.    Seems cheap today.


7  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Need to replace the rocker panel on my convertible on: December 27, 2007, 09:34:48 PM
I'm in the same boat myself.    I'd also appreciate any help and hints.

8  Orphans - documentation or VIN-stamped drivetrains - in search of the original cars / 1968 - Orphans / Re: 8L341542 - L78 engine block on: December 21, 2007, 09:13:35 PM
I will see if I can get some tomorrow.
9  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Newbie on: December 21, 2007, 09:06:44 PM
Thanks for the welcome !   For 25 years, I thought most everything was pretty much the same on all 3 years.    I had no idea how wrong I was.    What a great resource !

Thanks Ed on the Gold cars.   They will be a great pair.

10  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Newbie on: December 14, 2007, 08:59:01 PM
Hello all,  
I've visited this site countless times in the past, but didn't realize there was a forum until yesterday.   I have found answers to so many of my questions here that I just want to say "Thanks" to everyone who makes this possible.    I have owned 1st gen Camaros since the very early '80s and several cars have come and gone, but I was smart enough to keep a few.    

1st is an 11C built '68 RS/SS 396/375 4 speed coupe in Fathom Blue  ( 712 interior ) that I bought in early 1982.  It has been suffering through a painfully slow restoration for a couple decades now.   When I tore this car down, my toy was a 70 SS Chevelle with a transplanted L-72 - oh to have that back...   I transferred this car into my & my Son's name the day he was born in April 1985.   Even now at nearly 23, very few people believe him when he tells them about it...     I have been slimming my project cars down and after years of being tired of looking at them, I am getting excited about working on this again.   So, I'm back to collecting parts.   Oh, and I did have that L-72 in this car for a while.   I had never heard of a Yenko or a COPO at that point, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

2nd is an O1A built '67 RS/SS L-48 4 speed coupe in Granada Gold / 711 Gold Deluxe interior.   I got this one as a "freebie - just haul that one off too" car when I bought a 68 RS car about 8 or 9 years ago.    I didn't realize what it really was until I got it home and my Son started reading codes.   My response was - "That's not funny".   I rechecked them and sure enough.   It's not going anywhere soon.

3rd is an 11B built '67 RS/SS L-48 4 speed Convertible in Granada Gold / 711 Gold Deluxe interior.   I just bought this one and it looks like I have bookends now.   This one is a true project ( from Hell probably ), but will provide a neat home for all the cool options I have collected over the years.

Lastly is an obituary.    My '69 RS/Z-28 triple black car.    It was totaled and parted somewhere around 1984.    If I knew then what I know now, I would have fixed it.   It was the victim of a T bone by a drunk.   Bent pretty bad.    Picture the time - I was 22 and had a '70 SS Chevelle under restoration in the garage, a '68 SS396 Chevelle in the driveway, a '72 SS Chevelle as a daily driver, the previously mentioned L-78 and another '68 RS/SS 396 car sitting beside the garage.    Why keep a wrecked Z ?   There must have been 10 of them in town at the time.    To have known then what I know now.   Live and learn I guess.


11  Orphans - documentation or VIN-stamped drivetrains - in search of the original cars / 1968 - Orphans / Re: 8L341542 - L78 engine block on: December 14, 2007, 07:34:44 PM
I'm the buyer.   I've used this site for a very long time and never noticed that there was a forum.   I guess I always went straight to the info links.   I "Discovered" this last night.    I am very glad I did.   The block is going into my L-78 collection, but I hope it can someday be reunited with it's mate.
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