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Decoding/Numbers / Re: ring and pinion date code
« on: July 06, 2014, 04:31:55 AM »
mine are coming out (ring gear)    10  41 2 68 ,I know they are the gears the car shipped with ,just trying to break the code, assuming should coincide with rear end housing build date.

pinion stampings are pronounced  I see  what can be interpreted as 4:10 and 68, not sure of the month and digit order as it relates to.

Pretty cool ,still have the box the 4:88's came in 69 (Milad's) when #2 owner ordered them...4:10's have been in it ever since.

Your ring gear is dated February of 1968.  

On pinions, sometimes the month is a bit off from the year.  See this attached example.  1 69 on this one.

General Discussion / Re: Zone Office Delivery
« on: July 01, 2014, 10:35:19 PM »
I went ahead and moved it over to the General Discussion area.  So it gets seen more.

General Discussion / Re: Chicken or the Egg?
« on: July 01, 2014, 12:10:15 AM »
It has always been RS/SS and RS/Z28 to me.  I can't say it any other way.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: 1967 cowl tag
« on: June 28, 2014, 05:20:03 PM »
Post a picture of the tag. 

What is the VIN ?

sorry just noticed this thread.  Here is a pic of mine from a 08C ( August of 69) car.

This stamping looks anomalous.  I have consulted with others, so it is not just my opinion.  Sorry.

It also does not appear to fit well in the 2 letter / 3 letter code data.  I am going to modify my list of summarized data in the previous post above.  

Any late July or early August axle assembly data (plus casting number and casting date) will be greatly appreciated.  Post pics if possible.

Gary, on the transmission, Yes, an August of 69 assembly sure could go into an early 70 Buick. No issue there.

There is some overlap on the 3925660 and 3925661 cases early in the 1970 model year (and in the extended 1969 Camaro production).  

The anomaly is that from what I have seen, any 3925660 cases used early in the 1970 model year with both a fill and drain plug were M22s.  The one I saw was definitely an M20 and it appeared to be all original, with both an original fill plug and an original drain plug.  

All 3925661 cases that I have seen had a fill plug and a drain plug.  

In my humble opinion, that would not be unusual.  There is almost always some overlap.

For example, on the weekend I saw Muncie M20 assembled in August of 1969, with a 1970 VIN on it (I think for a Buick).  It had the 660 case but with both a drain and a fill plug - and used the 1970 style plugs. 

That's fine. I am trying to look at the data right now by assembly date stamp.

And I can go back to modify my posts.   :)

OK, I went through what we have so far and tried to put them in order.  It is more difficult to put the data together if everything is not in one post.  Let me know if you see errors.

Looks like we have at least a few days of overlap of the housings used in early August at the axle assembly plants. Not surprising.

06A - 9N665238
BM 0625G

C BS 0805G  
341, cast G 25 9

Build week and/or VIN ?
C BM 0807G1
860, cast F 24 9

Build week and/or VIN ?
C BS 0820G2
341, cast H 11 9

C BU 0828 G2
341, cast H 13 9

09A - 9N680789
C BU 0828    

C  BU date is 82X

CB U 0829G1

Build week and/or VIN ?
C BU 0916
341, cast J 6 9

I am going to try to summarize what we have so far and put into one post.

Yes, I see it now.  

sorry just noticed this thread Here is a pic of mine from a 08C ( August of 69) car.

You also said
I have the 3969341 rear end, dated (I think ) G 25.

Can you post a picture of the casting date please?

We are getting closer on this.  When you post, make sure you include not only the casting number and casting date, but the COMPLETE data on the assembly stamp. That includes 2 or 3 letter code, date code, assembly plant and shift.  

And having pics to back up the data would be great.

Will get something written up when things are closer to final.


Kurt would be able to answer better, but your axle stamped CBU0916 may be OK for your car.  

You can send pics to my email and I will post them if you want. Click on my username to get my contact info.

I missed the part on the 429 tail housing. That portion is not from a Camaro either.

Looks like the main case is from a full size car, like Ed said.  

The tailhousing appears to be from a different car - probably a LOS build Camaro or full size Chevrolet.

I have no idea on the Y U stamping.  

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