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706  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Firewall Pad on: April 13, 2012, 09:24:19 PM
Just to compare! This is a NOS one purchased in 1980.
It had some dry cracking issues so I did make a few repairs.

707  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Downloadable AIM's and 67 service manuals on: April 10, 2012, 04:48:17 PM
Kurt, thanks for posting and big thank you to your/our Canadian friend.
708  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Restoring White Lettering on Tires on: April 10, 2012, 04:43:47 PM
Another vote for Westleys. I have used it for decades. Great stuff. I spray on and use a bristle brush. Makes the white letters white and the black tire black!
X3 or 4 for the Westleys as it does work well and also on house items.... Back in 1959 my uncle had a new Plymouth Conv. and he used ajax with a brush to clean the white walls and one of those large bars of ivory soap on the white conv. top. Another item that might assist is good ol' Clorox Bleach. Had some water stains years back in the plastered ceiling from leaks due to snow melting/freezing on our roof. That bleach treatment worked fairly nice. What the heck Marty, I'd try some bleach on a Q-tip and see how that works.
709  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: My Red 67 finally in paint on: April 08, 2012, 08:28:28 AM
Looking very nice and enjoy!
Needed to put my sunglasses on when I looked at that rascal Grin
710  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: Again, package tray/rear window mldg. trim paint? Suede? Ever see both? on: April 07, 2012, 04:28:56 PM
Thanks, William!
So is that considered adequate documentation in a model specific Camaro meet.
Umm, good question! I know of several restored cars that do not have suede paint in that area and have not had points deducted either. Might be a good assumption judges accept both ways! Any judges out there that can answer?  As stated earlier though, I will post better pics of our corner pieces next week.
711  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: Again, package tray/rear window mldg. trim paint? Suede? Ever see both? on: April 05, 2012, 09:01:19 PM
Charley's survivor shows suede on the rear. But some cars are not. If Chick's piece above is indeed suede, how did they control the spray pattern so precisely as the keep the finish on one side of the apex? Have another photo of that piece? Unfortunately the car is now painted so the evidence on the other metal is gone.
Our orig. pcs. are still virgin as I have not done anything to them yet so after easter I will take more pics from different angles and submit for review. Charley, understand yours probably has suede but many have said theirs did not. Lonny does know what to look at and he has not seen that in the past as others have said as well. I brought this up to look deeper into the possibilities, not to haggle among members or call out members/friends. Peace Smiley
712  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Jerry's Book on: April 03, 2012, 09:15:32 PM
I didn't even ask and he signed mine....maybe it was because the check didn't bounce Roll Eyes Grin

Really? Dang, he charged me extra for the signature!
Wow, got mine as a gift from a friend and it was already signed. Ain't that right John?
713  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: Again, package tray/rear window mldg. trim paint? Suede? Ever see both? on: April 03, 2012, 09:10:00 PM
Well I asked Lonny and he told expressed two things. First off, he has not personally seen a first gen with suede paint on those trim pcs. and 2nd in his opinion its just a matter of old paint, UV rays, etc., and what he explained actually made sense in more ways than one as it might explain why someone might feel theirs was painted suede as just as I thought. I had placed this question with our build thread at team camaro and Scott had some excellent points as well.
Going to restore them with no suede......
But its still an interesting topic and I'm always all ears Grin  Cheesy   Wink
714  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: original A212CW for a 69 01B on: March 31, 2012, 09:39:44 PM
Interesting for sure. The examples I submitted were air cowl plenum filters. The heavier wire one with embossed was a very old filter with the NOS service replacement next to it.
715  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Again, package tray/rear window mldg. trim paint? Suede? Ever see both? on: March 31, 2012, 05:57:56 PM
First off some history of discussions of a not too long ago thread-
Yes I could have added to that thread but thought it might be more beneficial to add facts and work to find out what might have been different configurations. Here's why!
Numerous past discussions have discussed if the inside rear window & package tray mldg. was painted with suede paint similar to the dash or a satin to semi-gloss black. Seems the majority state just black but there were some notable exceptions from Camaro owners and a couple very knowledgeable people. I thought ours was just a semi-gloss black but upon careful inspection our originals seem to be clearly painted with both suede and a satin/semi-gloss black. I realize someone might say they could have been changed since leaving the factory, and yes anything is possible but I believe these to be unmolested pieces as everything in that area was original and typical except this. The backside of the mouldings had surface rust/scale and had no paint. This would indicate they were attached to the car prior to painting. The picture might not be the best but if you could see first hand they without a doubt look like the suede was partially put on after black. Has anyone else seen this?
716  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: DZ302 motor spark plugs & cam replace on: March 31, 2012, 06:14:29 AM
I'm sure you have good reason to change much of the valve train (cam, lifters, etc.) but do your homework on cam break-in and what to do/not do if you are staying with an original type solid cam profile.
Could save you butt.... Grin
717  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: original A212CW for a 69 01B on: March 31, 2012, 05:58:33 AM
Not the same part# but similar air filter. I thought 69's had the sq. type mesh and embossed part #.
Thought service replacements have both stenciling and changes in wire & configuration.
My examples:

The heavy mesh-

Here is one on ebay for sale that has a box dated past mid 70's! Notice how the sq wire runs different from JohnZ's pic.

718  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Bill Jenkins on: March 30, 2012, 05:56:14 PM
Heard about it this morning as a friend called me and told me. Just talked to a guy a few weeks ago who talked to him when he was assisting the local fire company restore an old pumper engine. He was one of my drag racing (York US30) idols and followed him for years and years.
Rest in peace Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins, you were the best of the best!
719  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Front Shocks on: March 29, 2012, 05:12:30 AM
For Lawrence and others, are there any alternatives for having ones orig. shocks re-built? I've heard this mentioned but have never read where or who!
720  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Originality / Re: Stupid Question - What does Sway Bar Rubber Sleeve/Clamp do? on: March 28, 2012, 07:19:58 AM
George's picture is quite interesting. Both our 68 sway bar and brackets were painted black with the brackets seemingly dipped as many others due to small runs.
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