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Restoration / Re: 68 engine compartment detailing
« on: May 31, 2019, 12:07:26 AM »
I am a new member of the CRG and am extremely impressed with your site! I am working on the engine compartment of my 68 SS and would appreciate detail photos of wiring harness on DS inner fender, clips, ties etc and wiring on the PS of the radiator support.  There seems to be a clip on the lower right corner of the heater box that I cannot find, any suggestions?  Lastly, is there a compilation of all of the bolts and screw in the engine compartment, configuration, pointed or blunt, head markings etc.  seems I have quite a variety on my car.  Thanks.

Obtain the AIM as Shane suggested and search topics both here and team Camaro. Here is a list of hardware I put together while restoring our 68.
FIRST GENERATION CAMARO FASTENERS-68/69 AIM Fastener Part #'s Note: 68 assumed and 69 noted
 0103321-P319, P320 3/8" lock washer AMK B-13052 (25) .38X.68 X.105thk
 0174916-1/4" Toothed Lock Washer w/9420415 screw (elect grounds), 69 AIM pages-28, 155, 156, 161, 182, 439, 440, 441, 460 AMK B-11314 (Cool
 0447143- P39/91/162 (69 AIM UPC 1 A5) Hex screw 8-18X1/4 .34" O.D. AMK- B-11070 (20pcs) 0456766-P237 front spoiler #10-12X5/8 5/16 AF .4 O.D. Noted some originals had “D” in hex head.
 0585842-P44 AMK N/A
 1359887-P144, P366 5/16-18 1/2AF .67OD .28THK muffler clamp/hood leveler nut AMK B-12891 (6)
 3748038-P94 Motor Mt RH 3/8-16X7/8 9/16 AF .65 split B-12456 (2) B-12456 (2)
 3749084-P319 Wire retainer (shift rods) AMK B-13390 (3) B-11574 (10)
 3758783-P149 Battery hold down clamp bolt- AMK has no reference by GM part#
 3768390-P94 3/8-16X1 1/8 9/16 AF .65 split AMK B-12458 (2)
 3778526-P99 Fuel Pump 3/8-16X1 1/2 9/16 AF .65 split AMK B-10904 (2)
 3784303-P68/118 5/16-18X7/8 1/2 AF .55 split similar B-10913 (2)
 3786494-P94 Motor Mt LH 3/8-16X1.0 9/16 AF .55 split B-10907
 3817006-P99 Timing cover & oil pan correct 1/4-20X7/16 7/16AF .44 external B-10881 (10)
 3821961-P46 AMK N/A
 3824124-P36 Zinc/Wiper Motor 10-24X1.0 .33 external AMK B-12298 (6)
 3831892-P178 3/8-16X1 1/8 9/16AF 1.0 Conical "f' head AMK B-11718 (2)
 3839682-P144 hood leveler screw 5/16-18X1 3/8 .59 OD AMK B-10396 (2)
 3839741-P135/142 3/8-16X1 3/8 1.31 Conical AMK B-11964 (4) Head Marking circled E?
 3841230-P73/123 10-16X1/2 5/16 AF .4 O.D. AMK B-10511 (4)
 3841497-P319 7/16-20 9/16 AF .22thk AMK B-10511 (4)
 3846201-Pages 147 & 206 (69 AIM) 5/16-18X5/8 .75 Conical AMK B-12545 (5) Support bar to radiator support. Note: 2 orig. 69's had same bolt in both ends of support bar
 3846202-Pages 61/63/73/144/145 5/16-18X7/8 .75 Conical AMK 'E', B-13317 (6) & B-10876 (12) & 'C' type B-11709 (6) & B-11710 (12) Note: Both head marks acceptable.
 3847758-P143 thread design not correct 5/16-18X1 1/16 1/2 AF .75 conical AMK B-11549 (2)
 3849634-P45/153 Stainless 8-18X5/8 .27 O.D. AMK B-11117 (12)
 3853846-P155 Zinc/horns- 5/16-18X7/8 .75 toothed AMK Anchor head-marked screw B-10900 (2)
 3856691-P74 1/4-20X5/8 7/16 AF .62 conical Mfg marking not correct AMK B-10800 (6)
 3857663-P135 3/8-16X1 3/8 1.0 Conical AMK B-11387 (4) B-11874 (12)
 3858195-P186 8-18X3/8 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-12049 (20)
 3863392-P53 10-16X3/4 5/16AF .4 O.D. AMK B-11090 (Cool
 3863393-P52 1/4-14X1.0 7/16AF .69 External Zinc AMK B-11200 (2) or B-11201 (6)
 3872454-P49 Similar 3/8-16X15/16 9/16AF .88 Conical AMK B-11717 (2)
 3873950-P55, 56 Top Hat Screw 10-16X5/8 1/4AF .42 O.D. AMK B-11089 (Cool
 3873951-P166 10-16X5/8 1/4AF .42 O.D. Top hat style AMK B-11088 (Cool
 3876129-P92 Voltage Regulator 10-24X1.0 5/16AF .5 O.D. AMK B-10011
 3899538- P141 5/16-18X7/8 1.5 Conical AMK B-11600 (2) & B-11601 (6)
 3903536-P145 LH side only radiator 1/4-20X13/16 3/8AF .51OD AMK B-10384 (2)
 3903539-P145 LH side only radiator sp/nut 1/4-20 .50X.63 L body ,.73 OD flange AMK B-10608 (2)
 3904859-P42 Nut AMK N/A
 3909140-P68/179 3/8-16X1 1/8 9/16AF 1.12 Conical AMK B-11719 (2)
 3910700-P320 shifter/shock rubber grommet AMK B-10237 (4)
 3918503-P68 3/8-16X1 1/8 9/16AF .8 Conical AMK B-10877 (4)
 3919089-P40, 48, 53 Dash Mat trim cover screws AMK N/A
 3922549-P360 5/16-18X7/8 1/2AF .55 split AMK B10913 (2) see 9409098 for alt.
 3933052-P36 Zinc/Wiper Arm Pivots 10-24X1/2 .33 external AMK B-10884 (4)
 3958062/9420825- 5/16-18X9/16 1/2AF .66 O.D. Brake & Fuel Line Clip screw AMK-Anchor B-10416 (4)
 3963329- 3/8-16X1 1/2 1.12 Conical AMK B-11720 (2)
 3986563- 3/8-16X1 1/4 1.31 Conical AMK B-11964 (4)
 5544049-P320 .64 X 2.10 Shock/shifter stab. retainer AMK B-11235 (4) B-11236 (10)
 9409098-Could be used for 3922549 if zinc removed and phosphated AMK B-12321 (2)
 9409107-P171/361/366 1/4-20X5/8 7/16AF .44 split AMK B-12303 (4)
 9414252-10-16X5/8 .36 O.D. AMK B-12220 (10)
 9414724-P172 10-16X3/4 .37 O.D. Zinc/AMK B-12197 (10) Note: Same screw available in Phosphate
 9414752-P51 8-18X1/2 .27O.D. chrome screw AMK B-12116 (12)
 9414754-P51 8-18X3/4 .27O.D. chrome screw AMK B-12123 (12)
 9414763-10-16X5/8 .31 OD AMK B11135 (10)
 9414764-10-16X3/4 .31 O.D. AMK B-11136 (Cool
 9414766-10-16X1.0 .31 O.D. AMK B-12225 (6)
 9414767-10-16-X1 1/4 .31 O.D. AMK B-12227 (6)
 9415464-P161 8-18X1/2 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-13419 (12) B-13750 (40)
 9416208-P47 8-18X3/4 .31 O.D. AMK Stainless & Chrome B-12124 (10) B-11524 (50) Note: Sill Plate Screws
 9416822-10-16X1 1/4 .36 O.D. AMK B-12228 (6)
 9417318-10-12X1 1/2 .36 O.D. AMK B-12229 (4)
 9417986-same as 9416208
 9418359-P262 8-18X1/2 .31 O.D. AMK B-12153 (15)
 9418551-P42 10-24X3/8 .44 Conical Glove Box Hinge 67/68 Phillips Head AMK B-10925 (3)
 9419107-P361 1/4-20X5/8 7/16AF .44 split Zinc AMK B-12303 (4)
 9419234-P319 washer .41 X .73 X .06thk B-11281 (12)
 9419301-P48 Hood Hinge to Hood but not Hood Hinge to Fender- 3/8-16X13/16 1" Conical AMK B-10835 (4)
 9419303-P52/72/187 10-16X1/2 5/16AF .4 O.D. AMK B-12081 (10)
 9419305-P92 10-16X1/2 5/16AF .4 O.D. AMK B-12081 (10)
 9419327-P's 43, 44 8-18X1/2 .31 O.D. AMK B-12152 (15)
 9419329-P167 10-16X5/8 .37 O.D. AMK B-11530 (10)
 9419328-P163 10-16X1/2 .37 O.D. AMK B-12192 (10)
 9419370-P70/89 5/16-18X5/8 1/2AF .55 split AMK B-12312 (4) Phosp B-12313 (4) Zinc
 9419380-P103/128/153 1/4-14X3/4 3/8AF .5 O.D. AMK B-11104 (25)
 9419400-P366 1/4-14X1/2 3/8AF .5 O.D. B-12093 (Cool B-11400 (25)
 9419402-P123 5/16-18X3/4 1/2AF .66 O.D. AMK B-12589 (6)
 9419663-P163 8-18X1/2 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-13419 (12) B-13750 (40) Note: AMK also has Stainless & zinc dichromate Same screw as 9415464 & 9426269
 9419672-same as 9419327
 9420151-P153 1/4-14X3/4 3/8AF .5 O.D. AMK B-12102 (Cool Phosp B-12103 (Cool Zinc 9420152 ¼-14X1/2 3/8 AF AMK N/A Obtained Corvette Central #192117 correct zinc “E” screws. Additional info last page.
 9420415-P38/150/155/156/178 1/4-14X3/8 3/8AF .5 O.D. AMK B-11097 (Cool B-11099 (25) Orig. head markings 'D' & RBW w/dimple (69 AIM pages-28, 155, 156, 161, 178, 182, 439, 440, 441, 460)
 9420431-P156 10-24X1/2 5/16AF .4 O.D. Similar AMK B-10411 (8 pcs.)
 9420554-P153 8-18X1.0 .27 O.D. AMK B-11120 (10)
 9420603-P62/113 5/16-18X3/4 1/2 AF .64 OD RBW (note-similar to 9780422 & used on Z-bar)
 9420686-P229 8-18X5/8 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-11076 (10)
 9420721-P41 Same as 9423863 8-18X3/4 .31 O.D. Phillips Head Phosphate B-12170 (10) Zinc B-12171 (10)
 9420723-P42 AMK N/A
 9420825/3958062-Pages 72/73/123 5/16-18X9/16 1/2AF .66 O.D. Brake & Fuel Line Clip AMK-Anchor B-10416 (4)
 9420941-Battery Tray- 5/16-18X5/8 1.12 Conical AMK B-13716 (2)
 9421137-P229 8-18x1/2 .31 O.D. AMK B-11144 (10)
 9421479 P37 Zinc-Cowl Panel Screw 8-18X9/16 1/4 AF .62 Flat AMK B-12172 (4) Our originals were phosphate, but not the norm.
 9421495-P46 10-16X1/2 .37 O.D. Outside Mirror AMK B-11223 (6)
 9421851-P41/167 10-16X5/8 .44 Flat Washer AMK B-12231 (6)
 9422245-P45 Listed under AMK but not on page shown???
 9422297-P320 Cad anchor nut 3/8-16 GR8 9/16 AF .33 thk AMK B-10526 (6)
 9422641-P128 1/4-14X1.0 3/8AF .75Flat Note: our 68 had 1.0 Flat vs. .75" AMK B-11431 (5)
 9422654-P41 Clip Nut #8 .44 X .62L AMK B12245 (Cool
 9423258-P161 10-16x3/4 .31 O.D. AMK B-11137 (10) Note: 9425622 same screw
 9423351-10-16X7/8 .31 O.D. AMK B-11138 (Cool
 9423863-Same as 9420721 8-18X3/4 .31 O.D. Phillips Head AMK Phosphate B-12170 (10), Zinc B-12171 (10) 9424858-P188
 9424858-P55 10-16X3/4 .37 O.D. Similar AMK B-11157 (10) phosp B-12197 (10) Zinc
 9425111-P42 AMK N/A
 9425622-10-16x3/4 .31 O.D. AMK B-11137 (10) Note: 9423258 same screw
 9425812-10-16X1 .36 O.D. AMK B-12226 (4)
 4926269- see 9419663- 8-18X1/2 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-13419 (12) B-13750 (40) Note: AMK also has Stainless & zinc dichromate
 9426539-10-16X3.0 .31 O.D. AMK B-11139 Note: Used for 67 Camaro vent window
 9427208-P44 Steering Arm Cover 67/68 8-32X7/16 .38 Conical AMK B-10848 (4)
 9431963-Zinc/Ign. Coil Bracket- 5/16-18X5/8 5/8 external AMK 'RBW' B-13232 (4)
 9432395-Trunk Latch/striker 1/4-20X5/8 .75 toothed AMK B-10891 (5)
 9780422-Pages 137/141-145, 149, 153 5/16-18X3/4 .67OD AMK 'anchor' B-13306 (12) B-13307 (50) Heavy use-fender, header, valance, batt. tray, hood catch, etc..
 9824833-Std. Arm-rest Base Screws 1/4-14X1 1/2 .45 OD AMK B-11163 (6)
 Door-Deluxe/Custom Door Pull Straps 68/69 Camaro 1/4-14X1 7/16 .37 O.D. AMK B-11161 (4)
 Door-Inside window hardware screws (correct) 1/4-20X7/16 7/16AF .55 O.D. AMK B-10427 (6)
 License Plate Screws- AMK B-11179 (Cool
 Seat Back Panel Screws 67-69 Camaro 8-18X3/4 .5 Flat washer AMK B-11222 (4)
 Tail-lamp Housing Screw 67/68 Camaro 8-18X1/2 1/4AF .34 O.D. AMK B-11075 (12)
 Wheel Opening Trim Screws- 8-18X7/16 AMK B-11532 (10) & B-10064 (32)
 0180122-P79 3/8-16X1.0 9/16AF AMK B-10148 (4) Phosp B-10149 (4) Zinc
 0180124-P79 3/8-16X1.25 9/16AF AMK B-10136 (4) Phosp B-10137 (4) Zinc
 0186622-P126 3/8-16X1.25 9/16AF AMK B-11616 (4)
 0191163-P79 3/8-16X4.0 9/16AF AMK B-10165 (1) Zinc
 0385099-P127 5/16-18X5/8 1/2AF .75 Conical Similar AMK B-12548 (5)
 0396712-P121 3/8-16X3.5 .8 O.D. AMK B-10074 (2) Note:thread end not correct
 0839756-Flywheel 7/16-20x1.0 11/16AF AMK B-10191 (3) 3758783-P Battery hold down bolt with .87Dia captured washer
 3790332-P62 5/16-18X6.5 9/16AF .34 Body Similar AMK B-10174 (2)
 3817224-P94 'A' head marking AMK kit G4650 like originals except for bolt end chamfer
 3929905-P178 chrome 3/8-16X2.0 .75 O.D. AMK B-12755 (2)
 6255899-P178/179 chrome 3/8-16X7/8 .75 O.D. AMK B-12751 (2) B-10887 (4)
 9418822-P81 See 180122 3/8-16X1.0 9/16AF
 9418967-P79 3/8-16X3/4 9/16AF AMK B-10163 (2) Phosp B-10164 (2) Zinc
 9419073-P95 7/16-14X1.0 5/8AF AMK B-13682 (4)
 9419101-P178 1/2-13X1.5 3/4AF AMK B-12590 (4)
 9419713-P127 7/16-14X3.875 5/8AF Similar AMK B-10186 (1) B-10187 (2)
 9421430-P59 1/2-13X3.75 3/4AF AMK B-13749 (2)
 9424069-Caliper Brake Brackets 7/16-14X1.25 5/8AF AMK B-10184 (2)
 0125912-P73 Brake Line AMK B-10301 (4) cad. 3857706-P151 AMK N/A Heartbeat City has EGP-1124
 3881339-P73 Brake Line
 3886521-P73 Brake Line
 3886522-P73 Brake Line AMK B-10318 (1) Phosphate
 9422836-P161 AMK B-10588 (Cool
 0102646-P126 Tie Rod 7/16-20 5/8AF .38thk AMK B-10585 (2) Zinc
 0120368-P152 5/16-24 GR5 1/2AF .27thk AMK B-11505 (10) Phosphate B-12785 (10) Zinc
 0121743-P156 Alt/relay junction 12-24 7/16AF .16thk AMK B-10502
 0271172-P137/138 1/4-20 7/16AF .5 O.D. .24 OAH attached tooth washer B-12814 (Cool phosp B-13779 (Cool Zinc
 0272876-P67/94 Castle Nut 7/16-20 11/16AF .37THK AMK B-10045 (4)
 0381700-P51/55/56 push type spring nut 5/32 stud .44 O.D. AMK B-10566 (15)
 0445109-P163 spring nut #8-18 .41X.62 long AMK B-13370 (Cool
 1378333-P127 flange nut 3/8-16 9/16AF .89 O.D. .4 thick AMK B-10475 (6)
 3759924-P155 elect washer/nut 10-24 3/8AF .45 O.D..19 OAH AMK B-13507 (Cool
 3849974-P153 headlamp housing spring nut #14 AMK B-12259 (6)
 3899847-P153 headlamp bezel plastic nut AMK B-12914 (6)
 3907444-P178/179 Plastic Push in (license plate) AMK B-12920 (Cool
 3921446-P153 headlamp adjustment plastic push in AMK B-12923 (4)
 9417954-P178 5/16-18 GR5 1/2AF .27thk AMK B-12782 (10) phosphate B-12783 (10) Zinc
 9418828-P178 1/2-13 GR5 3/4AF .44thk AMK B-12797 (6)
 9418931-P48/59/70/113 3/8-16 GR5 9/16AF .33 thick AMK B-12788 (Cool Phosphate B-12789 (Cool Zinc
 9419753-P137/139 stamped nut 1/8 5/16AF .53 O.D. AMK B-10629 (10)
 9419755--P154 stamped nut #10 3/8AF .5 O.D. AMK B-13383 (10)
 9419841-P138 stamped nut 10-24 3/8AF .5 O.D. AMK B-10352 (10) Phosphate
 9422654-P153 spring nut #8 AMK B-12245 (Cool
 9425691-P178/179 conical nut 3/8-16 9/16AF 1.0 O.D. .46 OAH AMK B-12841 (4) B-11515 (12)
 Lock Washers/P-Washers
 0103321-P70/81 3/8 Regular lock washer
 0103328-P95 7/16 Heavy .45X77 X.14THK AMK B-13058 (20)
 0174916-P150 Toothed washer elect grounds 1/4 .26X.69 O.D. AMK B-11314 (Cool
 0187119-P82 lock washer 5/16
 1193463-P127 ,46X1.13X.19thk AMK B-11287 (3)
 1362249-P178 53X1.24X.12thk AMK B-13073 (4)
 3693853-P94 flat washer similar .47X.93X.09thk AMK B-11291 (12)
 9419892-P103 flat washer .28X.62X.07thk AMK B-12989 (20) Phosphate B-12990 (20) Zinc
 67/68 Grille & RS Mldg.3/16X.27LX.44O.D. Black Anodized Alum. AMK B-13426 (Cool
 9417761-P121 Drive Rivet to replace later service replacement gas cap screws. #6X5/16 .25 O.D. AMK B-10762 (10)
 Wing Nuts/Clip Nuts/Special
 0102634-P65 5/16-18 GR5 1/2AF .27THK AMK B-12782 (10) Phosphate B-12783 (10) Zinc
 0124829-P113/150 3/8-16 9/16AF .22THK AMK B-12787 (Cool Phosphate B-10504(Cool Zinc
 0358501-P65 Lug Nut 7/16-20 3/4 AF .56 OAH AMK B-10010 (5) B-01545 (20)
 0447143-P29 Detail #2 P Windshield Washer Nozzles AMK #B-11070 Zink Silver plating
 3743360-P113 Bell-crank Felt AMK B-11303 (1)
 3784845-P142/144 fender clip but nut not correct 5/16-18 .69WX1.0L AMK B-10616 (4)
 3841497-P319 Shifter linkage nut 7/16-20 9/16 AF .22Thk AMK B-10511 (4)
 3868790-P40 Firewall Mat/Pad Rubber Plug AMK B-10672 (2) Can purchase as kit also
 3886973-P39 washer nozzles
 3876130-P92 Volt. reg. 10-24 .37X.56L body .56 Flange O.D. AMK B12936 (3)
 3899880-P145 fan shroud clip AMK B-10720 (2) Note: similar
 3901399-P67 Springs & axle housing Nut 7/16-20 GR-8 11/16 AF .62 long AMK B-11508 (8)
 3916608-P132 Spare Tire J-hook AMK B11379 (1) Note: see 9785616 wing nut
 4874119-P37 Cowl Panel Plug
 7279805 Radio Shaft Nuts 7/16-20 9/16 AF .12 THK B-10556 (2)
 9417614-P66 1/2-20 GR8 3/4 AF .44 thk AMK B-10499 (4) Phosphate B-12801 (4) Zinc
 9419912-P103 Air Cleaner Nut 1/4-20 1.32 W AMIK B-10008 (1) Chrome
 9422297-P79/81 nut 3/8-16 GR8 9/16 AF .33 THK AMK B-10526 (6) Cad
 9422299-P59 nut 7/16-14 GR8 11/16 AF .38 THK AMK B-10533(4) Cad
 9422301-P59 nut 1/2-13 GR8 3/4 AF .44 THK AMK B-10518 (4) Cad
 9785616-P132 Spare Tire Wing Nut AMK B-10612 (1) Note: see 3916608 J hook
 CRG thread on hardware- Correct Fasteners and headmarkings
 Thread I started on CRG & 68 fasteners- Documenting 68 Camaro Fasteners & Hardware
 9420152-409 Radio Ground strap (68 AIM page 409) from body to sub-frame utilizes screw 9420152 and it was zinc. The screw is a self-tapping, 1/4-20 x 1/2", with indented head. Our originals were 'E' and can be purchased @corvette Central #192117 (2 for $2). Paragon offers the same screw with "RBW" #11189K, 7 screws for $5.00. 1967/8 Corvettes used this screw for radio ground straps and the front crossover brake line clip. AMK does not offer this screw!

Originality / Re: Brake & Gas Liine Clip 3881339
« on: May 18, 2019, 09:39:20 PM »
Dave, Skips 68 did not show any color and what I’ve seen indicates  at least early (67&68) Camaro’s had phosphate clips.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: May 14, 2019, 03:36:24 PM »
It looks good Chick!!   Will it start your car?

Are you doing anything to seal the smaller battery inside the larger case? or leaving them 'separable'??
Good questions Gary! Did not start the car yet but know two people with similar battery and theirs works fine. The repro R59's and the original Y55 only had around 350 CCA give or take a little if I remember correctly.
On sealing, I'm planning on letting the battery loose per se but its not really as the length of cables between the donor battery and inside wall of the Y55 act as a restraint for donor battery movement. In fact there is hardly any movement. The other advantage of the Motorcycle battery is just that, its sealed, leak proof, and also advertised for vibration. Guess it makes sense for what its used for, motorcycles. If anything changes I will communicate.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: May 14, 2019, 03:48:18 AM »
Purchased a MX-20L with advertised 500+ CCA as its smaller width (overall size) seemed to be a good fit. Note in the picture that since the Y55 battery had reverse polarity the to be installed MX-20L negative and positive terminals line up perfectly.

Time was spent cleaning out the case at different spots enabling the donor battery to ease in place with a little wiggle room. Also had to remove some debris from the bottom of the Y55 post so fastening a cable would have a nice surface for contact. Since I wanted to drill a pilot hole for the metal screws to be used the depth became an issue but quickly remembered some of my Dewalt tooling which made the drill operation simple.

Purchased battery cables at Ace Hardware for a garden tractor and they are 16” long. The next smallest length was 12” and was concerned that might be too short to adequately work with. I now realize the 12” cables will work but the extra length assisted easy hook ups and with the MX-20L being narrow in width it allows lots of room for the cable length.

Here you can see the top of the donor batter inside the Y55 case.

Placed the battery tender on and it was good to shortly thereafter. Note: I did have to cut the plastic shaft off the Delco Eye plug as you might have already assumed.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:01:10 AM »
The battery has arrived and after a little clean up it fits easily within case. More info and picks to follow.

Chick - looking forward to your next update!
Have it done and worked great but having issues with my flickr account so hang on but its coming.

General Discussion / Re: Cam for my 1969 302ci
« on: May 12, 2019, 01:37:57 PM »
It's been years since I was into my 302 but at that time I used one on the 3849346 Crane Blueprint cams...Joe
Had to laugh Joe as I bought and used a crane blueprint cam but bought it in the early 80’s, so yea a lot of years ago even though the engine was not done until almost 30 years later.

General Discussion / Re: 1969 Crossram ?
« on: May 07, 2019, 07:05:19 PM »
Contact Wayne Guinn and send him pics to confirm. JerryM refurbished ours and Wayne also certified our intake and carbs.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: April 19, 2019, 11:04:31 PM »
The battery has arrived and after a little clean up it fits easily within case. More info and picks to follow.

General Discussion / Re: Forum Member, Ron C.'s Headstone
« on: April 17, 2019, 08:16:42 PM »
What a great tribute Tina and I’m confident Ronnie’s looking down with a huge smile.

General Discussion / Re: Need Help re vin 18n463029
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:42:06 PM »
The guy has relisted the car
I left neg feedback
Just curious, have you contacted ebay if you purchased by their guidelines? Realize it will not get you the car but might assist with causing issues for the person selling.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: April 16, 2019, 09:13:42 PM »
What is the max size of the bottom opening? Would be good for future cutters to know. :)
Kurt, the battery outside dimensions are 6 9/16" X 8 11/16" with roughly a 1/4" wall thickness. I would estimate with keeping some of the bottom intact wider than the walls thickness for strength an opening of 5 1/2" X 6 7/8. Cable attachment to the top post compared to Skip's Y77 side post might be more difficult but we will see and will follow this thru to completion.
Gary asked "So what is your maximum dimensions for your battery??  and do you have any possibilities other than motorcycle or tractor batteries??"
After a lot of reviewing the Miata batteries IMO have too much height and most have limited CCA. Skip in his Y77 and another friends Y77 used MX30L Cycle battery that has a huge 600 CCA and size is 5 3/16 wide X 6 5/8 long X 6 7/8" height.
What I have purchased last evening is the next level down MX20L which has 500 CCA but the size is a better 3 7/16" wide X 6 7/8" long X 6 1/8 height. Note what I liked was the more narrower battery for attaching to the top post (cable room), and 3/4" less height, again due to the top post.
Example of the MX20L-

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: April 16, 2019, 08:49:35 PM »
In reference to the exploding batterys, all acid batterys emid explosive gas when charging. When in a confined space a spark will cause them to go boom. We have problems with generators with built in trickle chargers that explode when the automatic start kicks in. I could see one in a case doing that.
Never planned to use a acid battery in this instance but good info for all to know.

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:18:38 PM »
So what is your maximum dimensions for your battery??  and do you have any possibilities other than motorcycle or tractor batteries??

PS.  I'm looking for a smaller battery to use in my '57 Nomad where my space is limited (where I want to locate it)...
What you see in the picture Gary is approximately a 5"X7" opening which can be opened more as there is at least another inch that could be taken but the height of the y55 is only 7" so stuffing something inside along with connecting the terminals needs to checked carefully. I'm still checking and will communicate what we might come up with.

Originality / Re: 68 TH400 dipstick 3905449
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:26:54 PM »
Here area few pictures of my '68 "born with" TH400 dipstick. Note that it does not have a part number stamped on it but it does have the "M" stamp. I found this link which seems to indicate that yours may be a '69 dipstick??

The overall length on my dipstick is 23 1/2 inches.

If you need more info just let me know.

Our 69 L78 Nova TH400 dipstick has same script as what Bob showed (no part #) and measured basically 24 1/4".

Restoration / Re: Gutting Original Y55
« on: April 14, 2019, 08:22:02 PM »
Still have the info Danny but sort of ruled that out for a couple reasons. Looking at several alternatives but size seems to be most critical and believe it or its the height as the Y55 is short in that feature. Several batteries are in the 6 7/8" to 7 1/2" height and will not work. Was checking a Miata forum and some of those guys are running a Wallmart garden tractor battery. Have found some of the Harley replacement batteries have 500 to 600 CCA, and nice threaded blocks for side or top screw mounting. Still checking!

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