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1  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / 1967 Camaro Literature, Service bulletins, Documentation, etc. on: November 04, 2006, 08:15:24 PM
I have been conducting research into 67 Camaros for many years now and want to continue to expand upon it. Currently I am looking to expand upon my collection of documentation for the 67ís. I am looking for original or copies of any and all paperwork associated with these cars whether it is for a 6 cyl. Or an L78. Documentation that I am looking for is GM internal documentation about any aspect design, service, sales, promotional, etc., service bulletins from dealerships, parts books dated 1967, technical specifications documents, Chevrolet service news issues, old magazine articles from the time, copies of invoices for cars or parts, build sheets, body sheets, photographs, letters, race and racing information and just about any other paperwork that you can think of. If you have any in print or even legible scans and photocopies please let me know. I can be reached at 67camaro@(removefirst) or PM.


2  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: 1967 SS/RS L78 project forsale (The real deal, Not a clone) on: July 09, 2006, 10:24:12 AM
These are pics of the trim tag and car for sale posted at the request of bill2001.

3  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: 1967 SS/RS L78 project forsale (The real deal, Not a clone) on: July 06, 2006, 11:14:52 AM
Hey you never know until you ask, being as late built as it is it had a chance to be the last one built.  I recieved your e-mail with the pic and sent you an e-mail in response to see if you coule get a clearer shot. I know it is hard to photograph those sometimes. If you are sure you wnt the tag posted I will be happy to do so.
4  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: 1967 SS/RS L78 project forsale (The real deal, Not a clone) on: July 05, 2006, 10:20:34 PM
Last 4K car I have in my data base is a 7C build which means they were making them right up to the very end of production, last 1000 cars built. The shoulder harness option is quite rare in either case. I would as I am sure the CRG guys would as well like to see a pciture of the triim tag if you do not mind. If that is ok please e-mail it to
5  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Re: Trying to contact Jon Mello on: May 03, 2006, 08:34:32 AM
6  Camaro Research Group Discussion / General Discussion / Trying to contact Jon Mello on: May 02, 2006, 05:54:29 PM
Does anyone know how I can get in contact with Jon from CRG?

Any help is appreciated,

7  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: '67 VIN and Cowl Tag on: February 03, 2006, 07:19:05 AM
From what I have read the L30/M20 could be what you have but I realy am not an expert on those things. The wonderful people here at the CRG I am sure will be able to help you out with that. Your vin verse cowl date is bang on though.
8  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: 67 Cowl Tag Opinion needed on: February 01, 2006, 07:30:47 PM
The tag is undoubtedly not a correct tag in my opinion. That does not guarantee that it is not an L78 car but without further documentation or the a numbers matched drive train I have to remain highly skeptical especially since apparently it was once sold through Golden Classics in NJ.
9  Camaro Research Group Discussion / Decoding/Numbers / Re: 1968 Z/28 block code "MI" COPO 9665 info. on: January 08, 2006, 04:52:51 PM
According to CRG-

COPO 9737 was the "sports car conversion" that added a 140 MPH speedometer, a 13/16-inch diameter stabilizer shaft (increased from the 11/16-inch diameter standard bar), and E70x15 Goodyear Wide Tread GT tires on 15-inch rally wheels. COPO 9737 cars built after May, 1969 also got a center gas gauge and a factory tachometer. The COPO was pioneered by Don Yenko for his use, but was also ordered by other dealers, though in fewer numbers. (It appears that COPO 9737 was used by Yenko in 1968. During this previous year COPO 9737 apparently included the cast-iron 427ci/425HP L72 engine. CRG is still researching this.)

I have never heard of 9665
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