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General Discussion / Re: Why are 69s worth more than 67s
« on: December 13, 2005, 10:14:27 PM »
I actually always would wonder why everyone didn't fill in their 68 marker light holes.
You could even paint frames on your glass?

Here is a true story - back in 1968 when the "New" 68 Corvette came out.
A few of the custom houses were selling shark bodys to fit on the 63-67 Cars.
You could buy just the nose, or the whole thing. Your old car would look new again.

No one wanted the cars, you could buy a used Midyear Corvette for $1000.

And back in 1964, people were cutting the split out of their split window coupe to make them look newer.

Turning your 7/8 into a 9? I have heard of stranger things. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Now this is a collection of cars and Parts
« on: December 07, 2005, 05:46:44 PM »
 This was from the Yenko Site, someone with first hand knowlege.
Very interesting story to say the least.

"OK I'll give you the short version which will probably end up being the long version so we'll call it my version. All of this started a while back with my trying to locate the lemans blue '69 yenko camaro that was sold out of Broadway Chevrolet in Green Bay, which has not been found yet to my knowledge.

I found out in early june that there was still a '69 Yenko Camaro in Green Bay and I got the owners name (Dumpster Don) however I wasn't able to get ahold of him...come to find out he had recently died, I was then able to contact his brother (no help there...they didn't get along) and then his sister who I had found was the executor of his let me tell you about Don you may have noticed earlier in the post he was affectionately nicknamed "Dumpster Don".

His dad owned a farm implement dealership in Green Bay which was then given to him by his father which he ran. So you have a guy that's never been married with a decent cash flow from his own business that liked Chevy stuff - Great Recipe. Don would buy things and never sell them and he kept much of it in the basement of the implement building until he sold it at which point he had to move stuff out (that location now is an auto parts store) and the stuff went into trailers. He kept living in a "cracker jack box" house that was next to the dealership and if you walked in the front door that's about as far as you would get because there were Chevy parts piled all over the place.

You may wonder how he got all those fuel injection units...well whenever people would have a problem with their poorly running injection unit he would simply trade them for a consistent intake/carb set up. About 10 years ago one of his trailers was broken into which is why the trailors were then all welded closed and placed through out the Green Bay area.

I'm sure you are all interested in the Yenko Camaro...a little history first - in talking to a friend of mine he vividly remembers 2 '69 yenko camaros running around green bay in the '70s, one orange and the other blue trade perhaps? anyways, Don picked up the orange car around 1971 for either $1200 or $1500 bucks from the original owner and from what i have been able to find out the owner history is known (Don kept a record on the car) back to the original owner and the orange car was sold new through Broadway in Green Bay. Most of this info I have recently found out talking with people who knew Don many of which didn't know what he had because he was a very quiet person and never talked about much.

Moving on...I was able to persue the car due to the assistance of a fellow syc member based on the potential selling price of the car (he will remain unnamed unless he wishes to make himself known and which I am very thankful to in allowing me the apportunity to persue the car without any worries) when I contacted Don's sister she had mentioned that she knew that Don a '69 Camaro and I told her I was interested in it as well as be willing to assist in any other way possible...

long story short, we had a verbal agreement in late june/early july that I would get first chance at the car when they got around to them and she didn't think that they would get around to them until fall comes around and she tells me there has been a guy helping out and he's interested in the car and she thought it was only fair he got a chance as well...then come mid of November I call every month like she suggested for an update and she tells me that she sold the entire thing to the guy that was helping them out...which is Larry the current owner of the about your heart falling into your ass...

I left out a lot of the conversational pieces between Don's sister and I just cause they don't need to be included, but the point here is and this goes with the topic of trusting someone's word and that is...DON'T trust somebody's word, especially when there is money involved...ALWAYS discuss a selling price and get a written document!...looking back it was difficult at the time to be aggressive yet patient seeing as how the brother had just died and not knowing the sister personally, but they wanted to sell everything so they wouldn't have to deal with it all and he was there with the cash...the family was asking $1 million for everything and Larry got it for a little less than that and he is looking for bids in the 7-figure range.

Back when the stuff hadn't sold yet, the VIN number that Roger posted that he was told is the same VIN that I got from Don's sister off of the title which begs the question...where's the discrepancy come it the VV Cooke car?...I could go on and on about this seeing as how I kept my mouth shut about this since late May only to have the car taken out from under me...but, I'm much wiser for it...what really upsets me is that this stuff was bought to flip, not for the love of the hobby but for the money to be made off of it...I will be viewing this stuff next week wednesday and will get as much info as possible...i guess since there is nothing to talk about in regards to the packers this season, something had to happen worth talking about...only is 'sconsin. Now onto the next great Wisconsin find!..."

General Discussion / Re: Now this is a collection of cars and Parts
« on: December 07, 2005, 05:44:28 PM »
I heard he was asking 7 figures - $10M. :o
Paid less than $1M.

General Discussion / Re: 1969 LM1
« on: December 07, 2005, 05:19:52 AM »
It will always hurt to change something.
Leave it correct. Sounds like a cool combo.

Won't be rare anymore if you paint it red.

well when I tried using Explorer. Everyhing was fine.
What a drag - I hate Internet Explorer.

Maybe I can adjust my setting here on Netscape - will play a bit and see.

I see your whole message. and my quote in a purple box.
I am using ME and Netscape 7.0 at home.

But at the office was the same:
XP with Netscape 7.0

Site Comments/Discussion / For some reason, I don't see the whole message.
« on: December 06, 2005, 11:31:51 PM »

I only get the first sentence of someones post.
Is there a setting I can change?


General Discussion / Re: Why are 69s worth more than 67s
« on: December 05, 2005, 08:29:48 PM »
Last year for the first and most popular Camaro generation.

Same with the Corvettes. 67 cars are worth the most. Last of the Second generation.
I understand it a little more with the Camaros - the 69 "looks" meaner - more refined.
Drives and handles better.

I never really understood the Corvettes as much.
My 66 is exactly the same, EXACTLY as the 67 in compontry and eguipment.
But the 66 cars have way more chrome on the sides and inside the cockpit.
I actually like the 66's better. took some time though.

At first I wanted only a 67, but this one grew on me right away.
Couldn't pass it up with all the options it had.

 ::) 8)

General Discussion / Re: Why are 69s worth more than 67s
« on: December 05, 2005, 08:29:11 PM »
Sorry double post. ::)

General Discussion / Re: 100 members and climbing fast!
« on: October 22, 2005, 06:58:48 PM »
Hello -found my way. ;D

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