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Originality / Early 1969 z/28 (short spoiler)
« on: October 22, 2006, 10:09:34 PM »
I have a 1969 z/28 VIN #124379L505424, 10D Build date. I have the short rear
spoiler that appears to  have been installed by the dealer. The stripes continue
down the deck lid and I see that the camaro emblem has been removed and
the holes brazed in.

My question is why do the rear stripes start about 5 inches down from the rear glass?
Could the factory have used 1967 stripe stencils?

see pictures.

After dissassembling my engine in my 69 z. I found that the connecting rods had the pressed 'O' on the rod cap. But to my
surprise they had pressed in pins. I began a quest to find out if 69 z/28's came from the factory with full floating or pressed in
pins. Since I currently work at a GM dealership, I asked the senior techs have they ever seen from the factory full floating pins
in the 69 z/28 or any other performance small block. Their response was no. An interesting response. So, I then called up to
six different machine shops and ask to speak to technicians who had been in the business since the late 1960's. I posed the
question to them as well. To my surprise every single one of them stated that from the factory they had never seen full floating
connecting rod pins in the 69 z/28 302 engine. So, I wonder if Chevrolet had originally intended for the 69 302 to come with
full floating pins but at the last minute changed their minds to save money. I also had any opportunity to look at a parts book
and I did see a listing for piston pin retainers for the 68 302, no idea if it's late or early.

So, that's my question did the 69 z/28 come with full floating pins from the FACTORY. If my research is correct they came
with pressed in pins.

Call your own local machine shop and ask for yourself. Is it fact or fiction?


Originality / 1969 z/28 driveshaft
« on: July 15, 2006, 01:33:26 AM »
How can you ID the driveshaft on a 1969 z/28. Is the diameter different? Is the lenght different? Are
their any identifying marks or paint dabs on it to ID it?


Decoding/Numbers / 1969 z/28 clutch pressure plate
« on: June 18, 2006, 02:06:15 AM »
Where can I find the casting number or part number or build date on the clutch pressure plate.
Are there any numbers to be found on the clutch disc.


Restoration / 1969 z/28 connecting rods
« on: May 28, 2006, 05:32:56 PM »

I'm trying to find out some information regarding z/28 connecting rods. I have a 1969 z/28 camaro
that I'm starting to restore. Upon removing the pistons and inspecting the connecting rods I noticed
that on the bottom of the connecting rod end cap their were the raised letter 'O' which is correct for the
pink rods for a 1969 z/28. But, what has me confused is that the wrist pins are pressed on. My question
is did the 1970 z/28 camaro with the LT1 use connecting rods that had raised letter 'O' on the bottom
of the connecting rod but used pressed wrist pins. Or in my case did someone convert the full floating
pins to pressed pins?

Restoration / 1969 z/28 rally wheel paint
« on: March 15, 2006, 09:47:01 PM »
I am in the process of having the rally wheels on my 1969 z/28 painted to the factory colors.
I do realize that the silver color is called Argent silver. My paint man wants to know what
the paint chips are or the color mixing charts. He uses Dupont paints. I would appreciate any
direction as to identify how to mix the dupont paint in order to achieve the Argent silver

Originality / 1969 z/28 ignition coil (early z/28 october 1968)
« on: December 19, 2005, 01:31:23 AM »
I am trying to find out what ignition coil came with a October 1968 produced
1969 z/28 camaro. Is it a 293 BR coil or a 298 BR coil.

Thanks for any information.

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