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General Discussion / 1967 Tilt Column Range of Motion
« on: March 05, 2018, 02:05:40 AM »
Hello All,

I just purchased a true 1967 RS/SS that is very well optioned. Tilt column, Deluxe interior, 4Spd w/Console and gauges, factory tach, factory rear window defogger, 12 bolt posi, power disc (frnt) brakes, power steering, AM/FM radio. My question is regarding the range of motion for the tilt column. When tilted fully in the UP position, it is aligned with what would be the standard, non-tilt column position. When I tilt the wheel, it tilts down quite far. I had a 1968 Firebird years ago that also had a tilt column and it seemed that the upper range of the tilt put the wheel in a farther UP position than stock.

Am I imagining or does someone have correct range of motion for the factory column?

Thanks. I would send pictures but I will not be picking up the car until late next week.

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