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My '69 L48 is 5.5 inches. I thought when we rebuilt the driveshaft it was the wrong one but checking another for verification it was correct. My driveshaft is also clocked and that brought on a bunch of weird looks and a big discussion at the shop until the post about the drivehsafts come up.
So I am guessing that your driveshaft measures approximately 49.5 inches long. If you had a driveshaft that measures closer to 50.0 inches long I would guess the transmission yoke to measure 4.875 inches long.

 I think that I know why there is a 1/2 inch difference in driveshaft lengths between the '67-68 and '69 driveshafts but want info to verify. I believe it is because there is a difference in lengths of the transmission yokes being used for these years. Can anyone measure their transmission yokes from center of u-joint to end of yoke and report their findings. Be sure to include what year yours is. They should measure either 4.875 inches or 5.5 inches.

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