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William was/is there anything special about that pilot built Z/28?
Do you know when it was completed?

General Discussion / Re: '68 Camaro Z/28 on eBay
« on: Today at 10:28:09 PM »
Nice car, its already a closed auction (ended early). I wonder what it sold for?

Originality / Re: Omaha Orange
« on: Today at 10:23:17 PM »
That is one lucky son!
How many guys when they are young think: one day my parents will pass down the classic car they have to me, only to have years go by and it gets wrecked or sold out from under them...
Curious how old is your son?

General Discussion / Re: New to these forums
« on: Today at 10:12:33 PM »
Did the car start off as a plain jane 307 car and the 350 and 700r4 were added?
What is the original color?
 what color is it now?
What color do you plan on painting it?

Site Comments/Discussion / Re: Hello From New Memeber
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:07:45 PM »
Welcome to the CRG!
The NCRS is the source for finding the original selling dealer. the cost is $50.
Do some searches on the site, there is a lot of information posted to get you started.

Glad you have lightened up today. Have a drink on me, take a deep breath and enjoy life...

I understand the research process, and appreciate what gets posted when completed, BUT you can continue to post about what I know or don't know all you want... ;D

After seeing more examples of original rear ends built around mine, myself and others are confident in the information we have gathered.

Thanks for the suggestion though.   ;)

LOL, not bitter. That is why I posted the smiley face.

I am just repeating what Gary asked for earlier, and a consensus of many members when it come to them submitting numbers on their own personal cars, and then asking a moderator about other cars built around theirs, and getting nothing but "crickets" in return.

I know full well how the CRG works. thanks bro  ;)

no hate here just the facts. Gary and I can prod the moderators, I think you guys take everything to seriously sometimes.


General Discussion / Re: '69 Z/28
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:32:47 PM »
My first car was a 65 fastback. I am on number 3 now. Just always loved that body style.
crazy what even the 6 cylinder fastbacks go for now. A driver condition V8 fastback can set you back 25-30k now. I would purchase another 1 if I found a good deal, but a 67 4 speed Camaro is a little higher on my list currently... :)

Please post your research (photos) that you and Kurt have from that time period.  :D
It seems it is ok for a peer review of our findings, but when the shoe is on the other foot, the members of the CRG do not have the privilege of what the moderators have. And yet the moderators continue to ask us to post (or email) everything we have.

Not really a 2 way street it seems.  ???

Originality / Re: Witteck Tower Hose Clamps
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:09:02 PM »
I find good used ones on eBay, but I have also gotten many of them from parts cars over the years. Wittek made them for many manufactures, I have even seen clothes washers with them on the hoses. You just have to pay attention to the sizes. I have way better luck with the original clamps than the repops.
Repops you can tighten one time (maybe) and then they are done. They tend to tilt and bend very easily.

Finding nice originals on older 4 door cars, is fun. Any time I run across a 60's car that is getting parted out, I can always find little nuggets
There is always A little treasure there, could be bolts, fasteners/clips, an original radiator cap. Many great finds.

Bentley is the King though, that guy has found some great scores lately.
For example while I am finding bolts and clips, and feeling good about myself, Bentley is finding rear ends, intakes. His finds dwarf what I come across.... ;D

It's NOT significant, but we don't deal in 'significant' on CRG.  we deal in the little tiny insignificant details here...   'Camaro Research Group'...  :)

PS.  There are SEVERAL differences in the Late production cars which are NOT documented accurately; I'd like to see us work to resolve some of those items... another for instance:  the Z28 valve covers and the drippers that the late cars got (the ones that haven't been changed out due to the INACCURATE information posted about '69 Camaros in general)... 

Gary between the valve covers, the blue Vin stickers on the doors, the rear end "C", and a few things I have discovered myself, there is definitely things that changed in that time frame. The problem is with each of those and my own findings, our "research" has not been published in a book, and that seems to trump any and all info that is run across. Even guys with october/novemeber Z/28's trying to figure out the correct distributor for their cars can hit a snag.

Good theory Gary, but then at some point they just let it go and weren't worried about the C?

That's possible. If only we had some internal  memos from back then explaining the C

Not that I know, but just a thought. Think someone was thinking here are actually 70 model parts slated for 69 cars? Of course if only one ratio kind of makes that ? But I don,t think rocks or whatever did it. Could someone say" this load is going to Norwood and should not have the C" ? Maybe one guy on one shift who was later corrected. Maybe his work station was in the 12 bolt area? Lot of maybes here. I worked on an assembly line in the 70,s for IBM and heard phrases like that part came off 3rd shift because someone installed something differently. Not wrong just different.

Good point Kelly. I actually have a different anomaly for rear ends in this time frame, that occurred on the same shift. I think the thing that is tough in these circumstances is getting the data points, in a specific time frame. I am looking for more rear ends stamped on the friday shift in August of 69.

General Discussion / Re: New to these forums
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:14:28 AM »
Please post some pictures of your 69 Camaro for us. Also let us know what your plans are.

Welcome to the CRG!

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