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Thanks I love the car! Even people and friends that have no idea what a 69 Z28 should be or the people that actually know what it is, just seam to be overwhelmed by the color combination.  Just makes the car. Taking it out a few times a month and taking it up to 6 or 7000 RPM's feels great too!  OK honestly I take it up to 6500 max.

Going To Abacoa today??

Thank you so much for posting a pic of my car on the CRG home page!  I just got back in town tonight and noticed it and it put me the best mood. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Decoding/Numbers / Re: can not find vin number on a DZ block
« on: April 01, 2009, 01:27:04 AM »
I see that ur block is cast Dec 68 and motor build is Dec 22.  I believe that they were still stamping the cars vin on th efront pad.  Maybe could be they just did not stamp the pad.  Jerry or John or Kurt would know best.   

Decoding/Numbers / Re: can not find vin number on a DZ block
« on: March 21, 2009, 10:55:17 AM »
Here is a pic of mine. 

Try this method it worked for me.  First clean the pad very good,  then take a yellow crayon and rub the area over and over a few times good,  then take a firm toothbrush and gently scrub off the excess crayon , then take an LED flahlight and take a look.   Try taking a bunch of pics at diiferent angles to get a pic.    For awhile I did not see anything at all and then did this.  Pretty cool. My motor was still the car as well making it harder.  Good luck let me know what u find.

Also make sure your car was not built when they still stamped the front pads, then the front pad may have been decked.

Over the summer I figured out the aprox born on date using my cars vin and the list of vin numbers for the cars that were produced in August 1969, I never really played much mind to th e body number.    Thanks!

  when I bought my car I had a friend who has owned over a dozen 69 Z's and he went with me and looked over the car, he had told me that he has never seen a orange on orange hounds tooth car and with black top U got only black stripes. He never got into the extended production facts and early Auust build, he just stuck withthe facts and that the car was restored very correct to details evrywhere and that it had very good options.     Endura bumper, power steering,  rosewood wheel, cowl hood, X33 car, center console w gauges, clock and spoilers D80 which was mandatory, chambered exhaust was added as not an option anymore late. 

What is the time spread for your engine build??   Mine is May30th, Block casting is May26th and heads castings are May 27th,  the stampings look good and I have a good partial vin stamping on the oil  filter boss that matches my cars vin, all previous owners claim that the motor is original.  My trans is not.    I have owned a few vettes and a 1972 Z28 that had a 5 to 7 week span, but most of these 69Z  cars are 1 to 3 weeks.  I was told that this si because they were building so many and had so many orders i guess 20000 z28 units explains this.   

My Body number is 101652  and yours is 100381.  So when chevy starting 1969 extended production, did they restart the body numbers again?   I figured that at 300 cars per 24hr day my Born on date would have beensometime between the 7 and 10 of August.  40th B day soon!   What is your date spread on your motor vers.  the dody date?   My car has a more than normal spread   9weeks,  I have heard that early Aug build cars have some earlier dated parts though it is not the norm.

Thanks,  I believe that these cars are interesting because they were close to have never been. 40th B Day closing in.  My car is 08C  672077 (08B was skipped)

I know that the 08B date was skipped and was wondering if there are any 08A dates on cowl tag for 1969 extended production camaros? Thanks

General Discussion / Re: RE: Dallas, TX
« on: February 27, 2009, 02:26:32 AM »
Jerry get down to south Florid, palm beach, in the near future? I do not have to tell U how the weather is here LOL

Hey John first welcome to the site and all the members have been very helpfull with my car.     

 First your car was built alittle before mine and is still an O8C date on the  trim tag interesting. You would think that would mean 3rd week right, well No they skipped the 08B code so 08B cars do not exist.  I calulated that my car was finished some time between the 7th an dthe 11th of August using the numbers found on this site and in Jerry's book. My car is 672077 and yours is a few hundred before mine and both are 08C cowl tag dates.   They produced aprox 300 cars per day.

As far as the dates on variouss parts on your car being earlier than the norm, mine are too.     This can be because the August and on, extended camaro production, was begun without much notice at all do to the problems with the much anticipated 1970 model witch is know as a 1970 1/2.      Many parts had to be located very quickly and from various other places and things were very lax at times so good to see that many parets on your Z28 have a wider date span than the norm.

My engine block is a May 26th casting date/  Heads are May 27th casting date/  Engine build is may29th Flint.    Front Pad stampings are original and My cars vin is stamped on the rough surfaced pad by the oil filter. i have spoken will all previous owner evn th eoriginal owner annd all stated the engine to be original.           

What is the dates on your motor????      the normal span should be 1 to 4 weeks, but mine is more than twice that  and it has brought up some questions.  I believe our cars are special as they are cars that might not have ever been.                   My hood is the original cowl hood with either a week 20 or week 28 stamping on the drivers side lower rear corner.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: eBay VO127DZ no VIN w/ - A 17 8 - Cast date??
« on: February 25, 2009, 01:20:02 AM »
Thanks John for the explanation and thanks for the help on the 64 vette tooo

Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the RS Toooooooooooo  and I did not remember that urs was a black top car also so mandatory black stripes. When I bought my car I email a bunch of pics to the original owner and he told me that my car was as original except for the black grill witch should be silver and that he had painted it black 2 weeks after he purschased the car new and it is still BLACK! Got to love it   Wonder if there are any mopre out there on the site??????????

Cool John    our cars may not have ever been when u think about it. Turning 40 years  old soon too  what color is your ride?

Wondering if there are any other 69 Z orange on orange houndstooth with black top cars out there?   

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