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Maintenance / Re: Big Block heat problems HELP
« on: September 07, 2007, 12:13:45 AM »
OK here is the story today. It was not very hot in Atlanta today, only about 85 deg but it has been in the high 90's lately. John Z had mentioned in his post to me that I needed to move the vacuum line going from the dist to full manifold vacuum. I did this and ran a test today. No other changes made. Drove 30 miles in expressway and stop and go traffic. Same trip as 2 days ago when it went to the point of boiling the gas out of the fuel filter. I turned the AC on full blast and left work and did not turn it off until I pulled into my driveway. The temperature never went over 185 deg. The only thing that I have to add to this is I wish I had of asked more questions before I bought a 600.00 radiator. THANKS EVERYONE........THANY YOU VERY MUCH JohnZ

Mark Sanders Atlanta GA

Maintenance / Re: Big Block heat problems HELP
« on: September 06, 2007, 01:59:04 AM »
I do not understand the timing thing. The book says that timing should be set at 14 deg. Remove and plug the vacuum line and check at idle. I have done this and then put the vacuum line back on. The timing light then shows the timing mark way off of the timing tab, so I have no idea of the degres. How do I check this total timing etc? The car starts good, runs strong pinging and I run regular gas. (low compression engine)

Thanks again Mark

Maintenance / Re: Big Block heat problems HELP
« on: September 05, 2007, 11:16:35 PM »
OK.......I will get to work on getting some answers and checking a few things ....THANK YOU and keep the ideas coming .. Mark

Maintenance / Re: Big Block heat problems HELP
« on: September 05, 2007, 01:58:54 AM »
I have not checked with infared but will do that soon. I have a friend that has one he will let me use. I promise that with 2 gages being used it really is hot. So hot that whe turned off it becomes hard to start. It is running electronic distributor and had that in it before the changes were made, so no condensor. The timing has been set 3 or 4 times now, trying everything from the book setting to higher and lower. Seems to make no diferance except in the starting. When timing it off the engine is harder to start.

THANKS for the help. Any more ideas??? THANKS MARK

Maintenance / Big Block heat problems HELP
« on: September 05, 2007, 01:24:02 AM »
Ok I will try to give all details so that someone out there will be able to see what I am missing.
The subject is a 68 Camaro with a 71 402 Big Block .030 over. very mild engine.

Car ran great. Had a small block radiator with no shroud but ran 180 in traffic no issues. It went through a mild "restoration" where the roof was replaced and car was painted. I added Vintage air along with a factory replacement new big block radiator with shroud. It now runs hot. 190...then up and up to 220 and I believe it would go further but I have been able to get it out of traffic by that time. It runs hot with the air off, and with it on. It runs ok at speeds of 35 to 50 but the minute you stop it starts to go up. It also gets hot if you are running 70 or above.

Here is what I have done.
New theromstat
2nd new theromstat this time 160 deg
New 600.00 alum radiator ( This one is much bigger that the Big Block and 3 times the size of the small block one)
new temg gage ..just to see if it was reading wrong
Tested by cranking engine with radiator cap off to see when thermostst opened up and if water was flowing. You can see the flow in the radiator.
New radiator cap
New overflow tank

remember this is a car that ran cool with the wrong radiator and no shroud. It now runs hot even if I remove the belt from the AC. No chance to run AC unless you are driving the 35 to 50 speed with no stops.

I have added an electric pusher fan to the front side of the AC coil just as Vintage Air told me to do. I have made a air shield between the radiator and the core support so that all air must go through the radiator.

I am runnung a 18" 6 blade mechanical fan with no clutch because the long waterpump of the 71 model engine in a car that had a short pump will not allow for the clutch.

The fan is a high flow stainless unit.

As you can see I have spent many hours and dollars to get to this point. I am ready for your ideas and hope that someone here will see what it is that I have missed.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP. As you can tell, I have no more ideas. You can contact me direct at or respond here.
396 RS SS RED 1968 Just like when I was 18 only 10 times the price

Mild Modifications / Re: Discbrake conversion - again!!
« on: April 08, 2007, 11:23:19 PM »
What part of Europe?

also look at ScareBird brake conversion. I have used them and they use parts that I believe you should be able to buy local.

Ok .....I will try to give enough info to make this easy, but if I have left anything out, please e-mail me.

My car has a 396 engine in it and is a factory big block, but has a turbo 350 trans. It is mounted to a smallblock crossmember. When I installed the 4 speed and put the big block cross member in, the mount will not line up. The trans is too far to the drivers side. It has the proper big block engine mounts to clear. It is a power brake, power steering car so you know if it had the wrong mounts that would not clear. Do you think it is possible that the previous owner bent something to make it fit? Or do you think if I took the motor mounts loose that I could shift the trans over the 1" it needs to go? Any ideas?
The 4 speed will not shift because the linkage hits the trans tunnel. PS this was a factory turbo 400 car, but it is long gone. THANKS Mark

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