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Decoding/Numbers / Re: Caveat Emptor...big problems
« on: September 23, 2018, 12:23:38 PM »

Decoding/Numbers / Re: What color was it ?
« on: September 09, 2018, 06:52:28 PM »
Corvette Bronze with Black vinyl top.

Originality / Re: Correct 68 RS lower belt trim hole placement
« on: September 03, 2018, 07:22:43 PM »
Template kits are available from all the major parts retailers.

Garage Talk / Re: 81 camaro I saw
« on: August 25, 2018, 04:23:45 PM »
I remember the silver interiors. I like it. Looks great with black paint.

I've never read a Marti report.  Have never done research on any cars until now.  Not even a Ford.  And now I know more about the history of the 69 Camaro than any Ford. Ever.  I absolutely love my cousins 2018 ZL1-1LE.  Rather her than the vette anyday.  Looks waaaay better imho.

Ok.  What do you think about:

There were only about 4,889 1969 X22's built.  ?


Here is an example of a 1 of 1 Marti report.
All you had to do was order something odd like pastel blue with medium ginger and boom, 1 of 1.

X22, and all of the X codes are not RPO codes. No way to tell how many X anything where produced. That's not how X codes work.

Seems like every sign or ad for a Ford or Mopar these days lists every option with the number produced. Who cares? Some options were rare because they were unpopular. Chevy produced very few L78 Camaros with the standard 3-speed transmission. Very rare but not desirable these days.

John De Lorean took over as Chevrolet's General Manager February 1969. Chevy was a mess and it was his job to get it back on track. One problem was far too many customer options and choices.

"Chevrolet cars soon had 15,000 parts, with a combination of body types, engine sizes, colors, axle ratios, and interior arrangements which was almost incalculable. We could build one million Chevrolets and not have two cars exactly alike."

So much for "one of one."

Exactly. I have seen many Marti reports on poster boards where they narrow it down with obscure options to one of one and exclaim, "And This Is That Car!"

This car the OP is discussing is pretty rare and very desirable, whether it is one of one or not.

Restoration / Re: where does this spring go???
« on: August 11, 2018, 07:30:27 PM »
Seat spring?

All the Canadian cars got extra fuel and anti freeze, so not rare or valuable. Engine block heater is somewhat rare, but not valuable.

Orange on orange is pretty rare, but not everyone's taste. 50 years later on a special car, it probably adds value, but back then was pretty garish.

The rare and valuable options on this car are the drive train. L78/M22 with 4.10 posi. That along with RS, cowl hood, and a few more comfort options make it pretty rare. I know you are a Ford guy, and Ford guys use the Marti report to narrow down their cars to 1 of so many cars. Sometimes as low as one of one. This may be a one of one car, but so were many other cars back then when you could select from 100's of options.

It's a super nice car that has been restored some what incorrectly (minor stuff). It is also missing the engine pad codes and original transmission, otherwise it would be a six figure car.

That is the document you get from VVS, so no need for you to spend any money if you are not buying the car.

Looks pretty cool so far, 396/375 and orange/orange is pretty rare.

And the cliffhanger... Since you fellas are all in this with me.   The owner said he has a TON of documentation. DROOL. Haha. I can't wait. 

PS>GM Canada said talk to GM Heritage.  Not really the insight I want.

So you are a Ford guy, that's OK. Perhaps you don't know that GM in the USA did not keep the build records on these cars so there is no way to check with them on the authenticity. Because of that, many cars  are rebuilt with options added and fake paperwork created.

Canadian built and cars imported new and sold in Canada are a different story. GM Canada did save the information and it is available from Vintage Vehicle Services. You titled this thread as Canadian Car, but have not really specified what you mean by that. Is the car in Canada now? Was it originally sold new in Canada? There are plenty of old muscle cars imported into Canada, and those will not have records. Perhaps that is what you have here. Lets see what paperwork the owner has on the car.

Lastly, I applaud you for coming here to fact check the car before writing an article about it. So many times magazines print what ever the owner tells them in order to sell more magazines or web hits. There are also many old tales about these cars that get told and retold and embellished along the way. Looking forward to seeing more about this car. Maybe there is something special about it. Maybe not.

Currently the previous owner offered me a full refund now he is not answering his calls. He gave me his lawyers number. I offered him a great deal no reply. He left a hand written rant in all the receipts I found. It is hard to read his writing it looks like he was drunk. This was pre paint and interior. It appears he tried to sell it on ebay back in 2011 or prior and perhaps before the New trim tag was put on.

It is very possible he has been following this thread and was expecting a call. Plenty of scammers read up here to hone their craft and never register or post. It certainly seems like full on fraud because he knew the body number on the trim tag was out there and he changed it in an attempt to avoid detection.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: What do you think of this stamp?
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:08:52 PM »

This entire thread has confused me...   WHY would there be discussion on the STAMP when it's obvious the broach marks are gone, that the block deck has been tampered with, re-machined, etc??  The STAMPING is fake, regardless of how correct the stamps themselves might look...

Sorry to confuse you. Perhaps you didn't read the entire first post?

The whole purpose was to discuss the stamps themselves and how they can be easily obtained. This stamp is used as an educational tool for insurance appraisers. It's fake on purpose.

Why would you even discuss broach marks when it is obvious the pad is of a completely different engine generation?

Look at the bid history. From $47,000 on up it looks like shadow bidding with 0 feedback bidders.

Plenty of discussion about this car when it was on Ebay.

For others google VIN as usual.


Might I add he said he purchased the vehicle way before cowel tags where being reproduced.

Replacement cowl (not cowel) tags have been around practically forever. They are actually original unstamped blanks that you could order stamped to your specification through the mail before internet. They were advertised in places like Hemmings Magazine. When did he tell you he purchased the car?

Kurt has quite a smoking gun there if he can match it to the VIN, which I bet he can. Not only was the tag recreated with embellishments, the body number was slightly altered to further avoid detection.

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