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My question is about original color for gas tank straps for 1968. Were the straps natural steel color or painted black? Also, were there rubber anti-squeak strips between the straps and the tank? Finally, was it common for a rubberized mat to be present between the tank and the trunk floor in addition to the rubber strips shown in the AIM? This forum is excellent and I use it often as a supplement to the restoration books and the AIM. Thanks in advance.
Late reply but for future searches. The straps were dip painted semi-gloss black primer. No strips of material were between tank and straps, and there was no rubberized mat or other material other than the strips called out in the AIM. This according to our NOR 68 and other observations.

Originality / Re: 68 Z alt bracket gt stamp
« on: Today at 01:24:37 AM »
Agree, agree! I quickly looked at the stamp earlier and said yep that's it but after looking back now with Jon's comment that bracket is not for our 68Z. Me bad & sorry I mislead you!

Originality / Re: 68 Z alt bracket gt stamp
« on: Today at 12:15:56 AM »
I wanted to do that, but I'm not sure how to find it? Any lesson appreciated !!
You could click on your Tx-Z 302 to go to your profile and then hit the icon to show your post or complete a search to find. I remembered it so just went to the 2nd page of Originality threads and there it was. No problem as I know I sure learned a lot and am still learning how to do something.

Originality / Re: Z-Bar / Clutch Bellcrank Plug
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:16:16 PM »
Bill & Gary, thanks for the photos, very helpful intel and a good addition to the CRG knowledge database!
Lloyd, to know last year while at Legends judging about the orange plug installed in our Z-bar vs. a grease zerk I explained what I had found in research. There was no deduction on my final sheet. Bill had helped me before from what he had on his and a good friend gave me an original but the plug was very brittle and cracked but it gave me enough to find a similar plug as shown. As you started found original with the plug and had that confirmed by a knowledgeable friend. I do believe there were some different type plugs used. What I used looked like Bill and Gary's but its more red then orange but putting it in the sun for awhile softens the color to look more correct. I had to laugh as one of the pictures of a NOS piece I had also saved from an ebay ad. They must have had that on sale for a very long time. LOL Our 68Z will be in the "Class of 68" at MCACN this year so hopefully see you and Mike again. 

Originality / Re: 68 Z alt bracket gt stamp
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:56:19 PM »
Looks good Chris and might have helped to just add your other same thread as a follow-up but glad you found. Not an easy find.

Restoration / Re: Posi tag on rear before or after painting
« on: January 09, 2018, 10:19:27 PM »
Gary, OK the truth will come out! The 68Z when restoring I put on a new posi tag from Paragon as the 68 tag was gone. Reason I think is the original owner told me two times he put 4.88 gears in the car and before selling (trade-in) put the original 4.10 back in so somewhere in changes the tag was not put back on. The 69Z I have or had the original tag for that but it was beat up so that car got a new tag when restored also but I did look for it recently and did not find as I believe it was eventually trashed over the years. I will see if I have a picture of it as I studied what was correct prior to purchasing the one I did for the 68Z.

To the question on painting, the emergency brake cables were on when the rear was painted.

Restoration / Re: 12 Bolt diff - vent hose
« on: January 09, 2018, 10:07:31 PM »
Did the car ever have a hitch on it?

I've seen a few cars like this before, where the owner would move the vent high, towing a little boat they would routinely back the car into the water on the boat ramps. 
Yea, that seems very logical or something like that but agree with Ed it did not come from the factory with that set-up. Man, I think of some of the stuff we did back then as it was just a car.

General Discussion / Re: Vintage Picture of Mom's 67 SS/RS
« on: January 09, 2018, 10:02:30 PM »
Welcome aboard Bill and great picture & story of one loaded up 67. And great colors as well! Was that you in the back seat with the blonde hair? LOL

General Discussion / Re: orange big block valve covers
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:42:07 PM »
Yes, chrome valve covers.

General Discussion / Re: 3923239 SB Dipstick
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:37:18 PM »
The car i am talking about is 327 car one owner. The only thing that was changed on the motor was the water pump for which i have found a correct dated water pump. She has kept invoice's of anything that was fixed on this car. The motor has never been out of this car period since it left the Norwood Plant. So tell the experts they are wrong cause i know this is the original flat handle that left with this car brand new and she states it was never changed period.
Did not mean to upset you but confused on what your discussing. The op, Shane, asked about a correct repro which was answered "I know of no repro's being made to fill your needs" but to keep looking as they can be found. Steve then posted a picture of a service replacement that is not an early version as stated due to the script on the blade, and the sticker hides whether or not it has the indent much later service replacements have. You referred to a thread and information (thank you) that I happened to be accumulating and posting which helped to confirm cars from the factory had that flat handle with gray tip so I agree, have supplied that to others, and have worked to prove that. You apparently know more about Steve's car then what I know. If his car had a flat handle originally it needs a flat handle but I don't know that. If anyone does not have the original and have no idea what it came with either will work or be considered correct IMHO. Again, I'm in your corner about the flat handle with gray tip & many accept the two dipstick scenario due to the last couple of years reviewing.
Have a great new year!

General Discussion / Re: 3923239 SB Dipstick
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:00:03 AM »
Steve got you covered have the flat handle. Since you car is late car will be flat not round. There is topic on this originality group. But replacement's does  have SE oil on it. The blue car's originals does not say in on it and now your car a week after it.
I'm the one who put the info together on the two dipsticks and kept the records of a small population. As I stated in that thread it seems to indicate later cars have the flat handle with gray tip but such a small population can no way suggest or state what is correct or not. Not too long ago some experts stated the only correct dipstick was the round one with gray tip on a 68. What we do know is there were two dipsticks made by two suppliers which was pictured prior. Just documented another 07D 68Z with the flat handle gray tip dipstick but again the population is insignificant to base fact on. Here is the thread I posted pictures kept a running score with build dates, etc. rare396bronze is referring to.;all I recently added to that with a 68Z survivor at MCACN this past Nov.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: What is the earliest known 68 Z28?
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:09:12 PM »
Hello All
  I aware early 68 Z's are pretty scarce but I have never seen any numbers or registry of sort showing the earliest VIN for a 68.  Does something like exist?  I've had a 4th week of December car since the early 80's that has been sitting since 1976.   I would call it a wounded survivor but I do have the original block and most all of the engine along with the rear end.  It does have the original Fathom Blue paint, 719 interior with a fold down rear seat.  My goal for this year is to finally begin putting it back together.

Welcome aboard and sent you a PM (personal message). On Team Camaro we were trying to list 68 Z's that members had and you can see here early ones are not too dominant. Let's add yours to the mix.
10C Dale68Z orangeZZ/Blk std LOS07779 Dana Demo Cowl P. ODT POP BOS
 11D RPOL72 Ivory/Blk Vinyl/Gold std. int
 11E Jerry@CHP White Survivor#351124
 12B 2X4 Butternut Yellow-black vinyl/Blk std RS LOS17444 radio delete
 12D Hot Rod Todd Blk/Blk deluxe RS Cowl P. NOM
 12D Cook_DW MatadorRed/Blk deluxe LOS Cowl P. no tach/console
 12D Clill Special Ord Orange Pt LOS 8L319854 12/07/67 MO w/266 7G20 Sold@Dana
 12E Westonz28 Butternut Yellow LOS322365 MacNeish Cert. BU rear
 01B 68camaroz28 Butternut Yellow/Blk std. int. Cowl P. ODT BOS
 02C copojo White/Blk std D80 RadioDel Nor#383394 Cowl P. GM Canada Docs
 02D sixd8rs Tripoli Turqoise/Turqoise int. NOM #388484
 02D realzed born w/Seafrost Green/blk std ODT 61K miles GM Canada Docs
 02E Rallyee Grn/Blk std LOS 302 emblems
 02E bowties427 LemansBlue/Blk Std. LOS#332229 Z/28 emblems
 02E X66 714 Corvette Bronze/Blk houndtooth LOS#332262 Z/28 emblems
 02E Charlie Dawson Corvette Bronze/Blk Std. NOR 302 emblems Orig. Engine
 03A SEK Z28 Matador Red/Blk std. In family since 1970
 03A Jerry@CHP Matador Red #392050
 03C zeds68 Butternut Yellow/Blk std. M22 8N398XXX
 03C 302V8 British Green Std 8N399xxx
 03D norcal 302 Lemans Blue/Med. Blue Deluxe int. LOS built
 03D 68_Z_Survivor Black/Deluxe Int. Factory spoilers 4.10 BOS
 04A ggtsvnv Lemans Blue/Blue std. Crawford Chev.,Slayton TX Orig tran/rear
 04A Jerry@CHP Dave Strickler's Ol Reliable #411100
 04A pjbizjak Ralley Green/ blk std. #413105 storage over 30 yrs.
 04B 68RSZEE28 Matador Red/749 RS w/head rests
 04C zeds68 British Green/Blk std M22 8N418XXX
 04C enio45 Corvette Bronze/Blk std. Build sheet and POP
 04D Paul68RS/Z28 British Grn/Wht vinyl/Deluxe Parch. Cowl/headers
 04D never2manycamaro's British Green/Blk std #422699 POP
 04D 68z28sd British Green/Blk std. #426203
 04D ZAPPER68 Lemans Blue w/wht vinyl/Parchement N4265xx POP #'s match
 04D 3forme Lemans Blue/Deluxe int. Blk top
 04D ALLZS Corvette Bronze LOS built "Survivor"
 05A rodent4 British Green/Blk std. int.
 05A Jmoore9622 BRG/Blk std. Dad's #429346
 05B fastfreddy OO Bronze/Blk std. #429642
 05B sooperdave Grotto Blue/Blk std. #N431070 POP Black stripe
 05C ZZMike British Green/Blk std. N4368XX M20 ODT POP Cross-ram
 05C Kyvox Sequoia Gr/Blk Std
 05C Ds1 BRGreen POP NOM/Trans NCRS rpt Berger
 05C jcihos Lemans Blue/Blk std. sold to Dad 1975
 05D royal67rs Matador Red 8L341406
 05D 68zproject ZZ British Green/Blk std. POP
 06A Dave V Lemans Blue/Blue std. Interior Original motor/drivetrain & had doc's.
 06A Teet58 Tuxedo Black/?? Int. POP & BOS (Canadian) N446969 Headrest
 06C fuelnut Lemans Blue/Deluxe Black (orig) N4549xx Orig blk/trans/rear
 06C rocket74 Lemans Blue/Blue N456800 BX4:88 POP/Canadian Doc RadioDel
 07A buzz_mn_58 seafrost green/712 standard int. vin N4630XX
 07A Dayton68Z28 Matador Red, cowl plenum #463934
 07B bbd564 Lemans Blu/Blk H-tooth Console/Gauges Orig except 1 repaint
 07B yankeechaser Lemans Blue/Blk Houndstooth w/headrests Nor#467951
 07C Sonet Ermine White/Red std. 2 owner 38K miles POP
 07C Shupee Lemans Blue/Blu std. NOM #4754
 07C TerryC British Green/BlkH-tooth N468XXX Heavily optioned post #160

General Discussion / Re: 3923239 SB Dipstick
« on: January 07, 2018, 07:44:56 PM »
Steve that is the early one the later like yours should have a flat handle. I found you one years ago it should be in your pile somewhere!  Am i going to have to come out there and find your 68 parts for you like i had to find Darrell's smog stuff. Better yet you need to bring that car to me so i can have 3 of the late colors 68's.
Steve, you have a later service replacement, not the early one! Original 68 sticks did not have "use SE oils" as that was put on later. If the rest of the handle (below the GM part # sticker) is round with no indent as much later service replacements had it would be fine to use unless someone pulled the stick to look at writing which I have never been asked to do. 68's used two gray tipped sticks, one round and one flat but with the same gray button at end. Here is a side by side view of a 68 round handle with gray tip vs. 68 flat handle with gray tip.

General Discussion / Re: 3923239 SB Dipstick
« on: January 04, 2018, 09:51:37 PM »
Does anyone have a good source to find a repop of the correct gray tipped dipstick for a 68 Camaro 350 SB, #3923239? My car did not have the original engine when I bought it, but I have located a 68 350ci that has the correct MS code for my 4 speed car, just not numbers correct but I believe that to be long gone. Have been trying to source date code correct parts when I can for the engine rebuild to eventually happen, but this item seems to be pretty illusive. Been looking online for over a year with no luck on the selling sites, and as of now I haven't been able to find a reproduction version so wanted to know if anyone knew of a source, or am I just out of luck on this detail? Thank you for any help and Happy New Year to the Forum.
I know of no repro's being made to fill your needs. Since you have time keep looking as they do come up. Good luck!

General Discussion / Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:13:56 PM »
Hope 2018 has plenty of finding... restoring... showing...driving days for all! 😎
X2 Phillip! Life is good!

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