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Decoding/Numbers / X-55 question need help
« on: September 09, 2006, 02:29:26 AM »
I have an interesting question and any help would be much appreciated.  I just bought a x- car that was original hugger orange.  You can even tell it use to be that color.  Here is my  question.  The car is equipped with a 350 motor, 4 speed tranny, tach in the dash, console with guages, drum brakes and a 10 bolt(not sure if posi yet car isnt in my garage yet).  I know this car should have disc brakes and a 12 bolt.  Is it possible that the car was ordered with drum and a 10 bolt and is a true x-55 car?  The guy has owned this car since 1989 and i dont hink back than make fakes would have been in like it is now.  He wouldnt have changed the cowl tag.  So let me know anyone thoughts on this one.

Thanks Troy

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