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General Discussion / Re: 69 Camaro How many left.
« on: January 15, 2006, 10:22:13 PM »
i dont know.....but in about 12 months there will be one more that i know about..:thumbsup:
As in, you're building one yourself? Sounds pretty good to me! :)

General Discussion / Re: 2009 Camaro Pictures
« on: January 14, 2006, 05:28:34 AM »
Keep in mind this is a concept car. Seeing the car unveiled on Monday was an opportunity of a life time. The interior of the concept car was wild. If they build the car with the same interior I'll buy one for sure. I don't think the 21" in front and 22" rear tires will be offered. The lines are great and watching it go down Main Street, as Chevy called it, the car had a very mean and nasty stance. The car really gives off a bad attitude appearance. Hold your finial opinions until you see the car in person. There will be one of the two Camaro Concept cars at the Camaro Nationals at Carlisle in June, take a look.

As far as the Challengar, it was there too. It is very much like the Camaro Concept. In fact they are very similar. It looks very different from the pictures that were printed. I don't know if it was the orange color but it didn't look as nasty.

I don't know. You could be right, and it could be better in person... but you know what they say about first impressions, and it's looking grim to me. I really thought GM would do it right. Instead, they appear to use the designers of the Pontiac Aztek to curn out this turd. I will give them credit for using the LS2 V8 and making it rear wheel drive, because a front wheel drive Camaro would be the sign of the Rapture... but as is, the CINO is the third ugliest car design I ever laid my eyes on. (The only cars that beat it in the "crashed into an ugly stick" department are the Aztek and the Enzo Ferrari. Sorry, but if I pay $650,000 supercar that does 210 MPH, I shouldn't have to park it in a secluded place for fear of the Saleen S7 and Lamborghini owners laughing at how ugly my supercar is...)
I say fire the designers responsible for this travesty, bring in designers with taste and buy them a mint condition '69 coupe so they can have something to work with.

General Discussion / Re: 69 Camaro How many left.
« on: January 13, 2006, 04:01:53 AM »
Did I just kill this thread?  ???

General Discussion / Re: 69 Camaro How many left.
« on: January 12, 2006, 05:52:19 PM »
I feel like I should play devil's advocate here...
Good points. Though the cobras were never produced in numbers. The cost of building one of those foreign body jokes is quite expensive, so hopefully they wont hurt price of real ones. I would imagine without a VIN to rivet in that these could not be titled as 69 Camaros. Titles should also read as a rebody, Gm was wrong in allowing them to be called Camaros when they should be called a kit car just like Cobras. I will never buy a new GM product after they did this, they soiled their name
There are a few things I should mention about this. Obviously, I disagree with the "GM soiled their name by doing this" statement. Obviously, they soiled their name by producing front-wheel drive V8 powered cars.  ;D

Secondly, what "foreign body joke" are you talking about? I know that many Cobra replicas are of poor quality, but the Factory Five and Superfomance replicas look spot-on, and you can build the Factory Five one for about $20K, provided you do the labor and provide Mustang donor components.  :)

Anyways, I think that GM is doing the right thing here. Although the thought of building a Camaro from scratch using the re-pop body sounds tempting, (I might do that...), the real intent of the re-pop body was to provide an alternative for anyone with a rusted-out body, right? If faced with the choice of hours of hard labor to put on new body panels, or having the work done for you, which one would you take? The latter, every time. I know I would. It would eliminate one time-consuming task and let me focus on the other aspects of getting the car up and running. Yes, I know that you can also use a body shop to graft on new panels, but what about the cost of labor? I'm pretty certain that the cost of labor, plus the cost of the body panels, would total more than the $10K being asked for the repop. (Of course, if I'm wrong, please correct me... 8)) There's always the chance of mistakes happening, right? Any mistakes would equal more money being spent to fix the problem. Wouldn't you rather save money by buying the repop and using the saved money on other aspects of the car? I personally think the benifits of the repop outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, you can disagree with me, but that's my stance on the issue.

(Of course, it should be noted that I like taking unpopular opinions. I think the English language dub of Naruto is great, that the new Dodge Charger is a sexy design, and that Van Halen was better with Sammy Hagar. Take that as you will.  ;D)
I think that since the bodies are reproductions, there will be ways to spot them.  Plus, the bodies will just "look" like Camaros, the title, I suppose, will show that it's not real Camaro.  Only the fools will be fooled.

Agreed. If someone does use the repop to build a Camaro from scratch, it would probably be for a pro touring machine, not an exact replica. If anyone does use the repop to make an exact replica and try to pass it off as one while they're selling it, they're probably scumbags anyways.  >:(

Anyways, I'll conclude this post with this link:
It may not change anybody's mind, but it's a good read anyways.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: 2009 Camaro Pictures
« on: January 12, 2006, 05:49:54 AM »
Yuck. This is a CINO (Camaro In Name Only). I honestly thought that there was no way GM would screw this up. I should learn not to hope. :( Personally, I think GM needs to go back to the drawing board and make a modern reinterpritation of the '69, much like how the Challenger concept is a modern reinterpritation of the 1970 model. (although I hear the front grill was based of the '71 model...) The design of the Challenger is a grand slam for Dodge, while the camaro (lower case "c" for me, too...) is an inning ending, double play-inducing groundout to the second baseman. Sad, really. :(

General Discussion / Say hi to the new guy!
« on: January 12, 2006, 04:28:35 AM »
Um, hi guys, I'm ferrarimanf355, but you guys can call me ferrariman. :)

I'm a hardcore car geek, as you can tell from the name. True story: my first word was "Mitsubishi".  8)

Other than cars, I'm also interested in video games, manga, anime and NASCAR.

I guess the reason why I'm posting here is that I think that the first-gen Camaro is one of the most beautiful automotive designs to come out of Detroit in the glory days of the muscle car era. It just looks butch and intimidating. Also, I remember at a very young age, around five years old or so, a time when I rode in a first gen Camaro. A neighbor of mine had this pristine first-gen with white paint and black stripes. (I don't remember much more about the car than that) One day, he asked if I wanted to take a ride in it, and I said yes. My parents let me ride in the Camaro, since he was a trustworthy man. The most vivid image I had of the experience was getting into the back seat, and being pinned there when he stomped on the throttle after getting out of the driveway. The rumble of the V8, the sensation of speed, the magic of old Detroit muscle... I think it was back then that I knew I was a car guy. I've always wanted to own a Camaro ever since, although I also lusted after a Nissan Skyline GT-R, Volkswagen GTI, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and many other hi-performance cars over the years. Still, after all that, I always come back to the first-gen Camaro, mainly because I see it as a blank canvas to paint a work of art with that chiseled body. It can be anything to anyone- a pro tourer, ready to attack twists and turns, a drag racer, a daily driver, a cruiser, a show-off machine... that's what makes it so great, IMHO.

Anyways, sorry about the rambling, I just got all teary-eyed there and waxed poetic. Go ahead and say hi to the new guy! :)

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