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« on: October 29, 2005, 03:08:51 PM »
Brand new to the site and brand new to the world of not only rebuilding camaro's but cars in general.  I believe I have found a good site to gain a lot of information.  Let me start with what I have purchased. 
-  1968 Camaro, two door hardtop coupe
-  Assemblied at Norwood plant in July of 1967
-  First part of Serial number is 124378XXXXX
-  I do not believe there is anything special about the car, just a standard 350 with 2 speed auto.  The transmission is with the car, the engine is not.
-  condition of the car is very rough, front fenders gone, rear quarters half cut out, interior completely out of car.  However there is minimal rust throughout the remaining pieces of the car.
-  New floor pans are installed
-  Car came with essentially all new body panels (not installed), new interiior (not installed), etc.
-  I have purchased the AIM, Body by Fisher and a couple of other camaro restoration books.

My plans are for my 15 year old son and I to rebuild to a daily driver over the next 9 months (his 16th birthday).  I do not plan to restore the car to factory original.

Now my questions:
1)  I have put together a plan for performing the rebuilding as best I can detemine how it should go.  Is there a specific order that items should be completed?  Basically I am going to pull the front clip and rework, then the rear end and underside of car, then the body panels, slide the engine and tranny in, complete the interior and send to be painted. 
2)  Is this type of rebuild possible in 9 months for a couple of rookies?  I have rebuilt engines but never done any body work?
3)  Is this the right site to discuss basic rebuilding questions or is there another site that specializes in this type of work?  I am looking for recommendations on what to do, how to do it and any tips of what not to do.


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