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General Discussion / Original DZ 302 Camshaft Change.
« on: April 24, 2017, 03:18:56 PM »
Has anyone swapped out the Offroad solid flat tappet cam for a Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller?

Just thinking it would be one less maintenance deal to think about, and I could save the Original cam and lifters in case I ever sold the car and someone wanted it.

General Discussion / Coker Tire Bias Look Radials.
« on: March 15, 2017, 12:47:00 AM »
I just received my replacement tires for my '69 Z/28
It had a Brand new set of Goodyear F-70-15 bias ply tires but honestly, I live out in the country and they drive like crap.
They track every crack and uneven piece of pavement. Plus they grossly understeer.

Had my Bias Look Goodyear Wide "O" Oval Radials on Order from Coker Tire in FR70-15 for at least 4 months.
They called me last week and said they were in, and I received them today.
Ran straight in and had them mounted up.

These tires look great, and let me tell you this, they are quieter, less harsh, perfectly round even up to (Ahem) 90 mph
And they drive FLAWLESSLY!
I got so used to over-steering the car to get through a twisty corner that I tend to keep cutting in too far now.
Anyhow, If you are considering them I would encourage it. They look right, drive right, and make the car so much nicer.

Happy guy now,
John James

General Discussion / Best Seat Covers to be Correct on my 69 Z
« on: January 19, 2017, 02:23:36 AM »
Hey Group,
I bought a 1969 Z/28 through Barrett-Jackson Vegas last fall.
I am really happy with it. really all I have done is convert to a Heartbeat Power Steering which went well and I got a pre order in for the bias Look Radials from Coker and they sent an e-mail that they should be ready to ship in a month or so.
I was wanting to try and retrofit a couple of 390 DP Holleys so i could shelf the insanely rich Twin 780's and although I got it all to fit but those Nascar Spec 390 carbs are freaks, those suckers want to outflow 950's I have seen.
Fell back to the original Holleys on the winters. It actually runs pretty good just pig fat on the mixture is all.

So here I am looking to do a couple things on the interior.  The trim code is in fact 712 so it is a Deluxe interior car and has all the Deluxe interior panels and such but somehow, somewhere it ended up with standard seat covers.
I want it all to be correct, so where would I buy to get the most correct seat covers for a 1969 Deluxe interior.
It's Black so that should be pretty easy.

Another question is on exhaust, it has a pretty nice little set of headers in great shape but they aren't from 1969, the exhaust is brand newish and is a couple of Turbo style mufflers that are well done  and the exhaust exits correctly and nice tips.
I was just thinking for the limited amount i would drive this car that the Chambered exhaust might be fun although I know pretty loud.
Anybody do the Chambered exhaust and are you happy with it?

Annnnd finally Front Coil springs, I feel the car sits higher up in the front than I would like, but with the F-70-15 Tires the top of the tire is about an inch below the wheel opening.
It looks like the springs are not original so I think someone spec'd the wrong spring.
What is the shortest spring for a 302 4-speed  non-a/c car?
I will try to post pics of the Trim Tag again but I can't get the file small enough.

General Discussion / Power steering from Heartbeat on 69 Camaro
« on: November 25, 2016, 10:25:33 PM »
On my recent 69 Z/28 I purchased a month ago from Barrett Jackson, I already put a full power steering kit on it from Heartbeat City.
Very nice and complete kit (except Belt but I knew that when ordered).
Easy enough install as I actually fabricate and build race cars anyhow so this was nothing.

Makes it nice to not have to saw on the steering wheel, although honestly it wasn't bad, but I know the wife will be happier with the power.

The car is a Winters Crossram setup with the dual Holley 585's and it is ridiculously rich.
I knew it would be, and it is actually pretty drive-able, but it loads the heck out of the plugs if run at slow speed or idles at all.

Heck my high 7 second 1/4 Mile Tube Chassis 67 Nova with a 582 making over 1000 n/a Horsepower only uses a 1450 cfm alky carb.

I was looking around as I knew NASCAR uses a "SPEC" Holley 390 cfm carb that is a 4150 double pumper design and has center hung bowls just like the Original Crossram Carbs.

They would look so close only an expert would MAYBE be able to tell with the Air Cleaner on the car.
$1100 bucks my cost for two carbs from Summit.
What I am wondering is have you ever heard of anyone running this setup?

I don't want to give up the crossram for a single manifold. Face it, if you've got it flaunt it!

There is no way to "Detune 1170 CFM to not be ridiculously rich with the original carbs. But for cruising around
780 total would be just a bout right.

Any thoughts??
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving

General Discussion / New to group and bought a 1969 X77 Z28 recently
« on: November 08, 2016, 02:29:52 AM »
Hi group,
I recently bought a 1969 Z/28 through Barrett-Jackson in Vegas.
Unfortunately car was an estate deal best I can tell, so absolutely no history on it.
While I own a bunch of collector cars and several first gen F-Bodies. Mine have historically been Plain Jane nothing special cars.

So this Z/28 I am learning about as we speak. It is a Norwood Car. It has a Crossram that is Date Correct (real not a repro)
It has Date code and list Correct Holleys, also seem to be originals not repros. Remote drivers mirror, Gauges, Trim Package, Spoiler package, M-22 although I haven't checked date yet but it is a 22, 12 bolt limited slip, I simply tested that....LOL
Rear window defogger, Tach, Clock, original a.m. radio and Rosewood Wheel.
The odomoter says 79K and looking at pedal wear, carpeting, interior and all seems like it very well is likely it is real mileage.
It has the DZ numbers up top but haven't been under the car to look by the Oil Filter pad yet to see if the VIN is there.
The car is a color Change, it was Fathom Green previous owner switched it to Tuxedo Black.
The paint is incredible, too smooth in fact.
Anyhow, car has those fabulous Bias Ply tires that are brand new repros but they drive like crap.
If I want the wife to drive it I am thinking of putting on the new Cokers Goodyears in a radial as soon as they come out January or February.
I was also considering swapping out the Manual steering box with a Conversion from Heartbeat City, here is a link
So after saying all of this.
I do have a couple questions, I am not trying to do a concourse judging, so is it acceptable to convert this car to a correct nice power steering setup and are the radials something I am going to have to listen to everyone bitch about?
Thanks for any opinions.

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