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Restoration / 1968 Camaro Exhaust Manifolds/Dip Stick tube color
« on: December 18, 2017, 02:08:15 AM »
Hi all - I'm trying to get my 1968 Camaro back to original.  I have a 327 sb 210 hp mt no ac with smog system, which was removed years ago.  The original owner of the car drilled out the holes and there is no seat left for the air pipe manifold to sit against to make its seal.  Would it be possible to have the original manifolds "redrilled" or "rethreaded"  so I can install some original smog tubes I purchased or do I need to find either original manifolds or aftermarket ones?  The exhaust manifold casting numbers 3872730 RH and 3892683 LH are correct for the car.   Also, does anyone know the correct color for the dip stick tube?  I've heard it should be painted semi-gloss black or left natural galvanized steel.  Many thanks in advance.   

General Discussion / Recommendations for Painting Metal Dash
« on: August 28, 2017, 11:40:06 PM »
Hi all -

I'm restoring my 1968 Camaro with a black interior.  I want to keep it as stock in appearance as possible.  I'm starting to paint the metal portion of the dash and wonder if anyone can give me recommendations.  I've heard that SEM paints are good.  Would the SEM trim black be the best match for keeping the car stock or would SEM black lacquer be the better choice?  SEM trim black seems a little dull in the finish and doesn't resemble the original, which had a more glossy look. Also, would using a spray bomb be good or should I use a spray gun?  Finally, should I first use 400 grit sand paper to get it smooth, prime then use 600 grit on the primer before applying the lacquer paint?  Many thanks and look forward to the help. 

General Discussion / 1968 Camaro 327 sb crankshaft heads
« on: September 02, 2016, 03:07:35 AM »
Hello fellow Camaro drivers:

I need to have the heads replaced on my 1968 Camaro 327 sb stock engine.  The original engine shop that did the work on the car machined the heads incorrectly (crooked) and the bore for the valve stem is off slightly.  I want to keep the engine as stock as possible.  Would Edelbrock heads be as close to stock or are GM heads better?  Really open to suggestions/recommentations.  Many thanks.   

Hi fellow Camaro owners:

What is the best paint to use to restore a 1968 Camaro butternut yellow (original color)?  I currently have water-borne PPG yellow paint on the car with a clear coat.  It looks pretty good but seems to not quite match the acrylic butternut yellow manufactured by Dupont (shade lighter).  I'd like to make the car look as stock/original as possible.  Also, if I decide to have the car repainted with all the trim removed does anyone have a ballpark idea of what it may cost?   Many thanks.       

General Discussion / Correct AM AC Delco radio and front dash speaker
« on: April 24, 2016, 05:40:24 PM »
Hello fellow CRG'ers:

I'm hoping someone out there can let me know the correct stock model numbers for an AM AC Delco radio and AC Delco front dash speaker used in a base 1968 Camaro coupe.  Many thanks. 

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