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Decoding/Numbers / Late 69 z28 build date?
« on: January 17, 2014, 04:14:11 PM »
Hello, I am offered a 69 Camaro, VIN 9N682363 and NOR148440(body number) with build date 10E. Its an X77 D80 car. Engine stampings are V0923DZ

Looking thru the CRG database for the VIN numbers ending each 69 month, I would like to see a build date for september and not october. The trim tag looks never to be removed. I am also puzzled over the low body number since it is a very late 69 build.

Do you guys see a difference of 4-5 weeks between engine build and car Assembly as normal?

Best regards Joern,

Decoding/Numbers / 67 L78 and TH400 ?
« on: January 15, 2014, 02:52:26 PM »
I have a 67 SS/RS and is confused about the Trim Tag Info, as from the records no L78 came With TH400 in 67 although mine has one

My Trim Tag info:

               10A                                K741
ST    67-12637    LOS-      3346       BODY
TR    765-Y                       M-M      PAINT
        EX  2ZGPR  3SL
        4K   5BY

I can not understand the " 2ZGPR " beeing other than TH400 With a console and rear speakers and the "4K" beeing a L78 ? What about the letter "P", this is not described in CRG database to my knowledge.I am able to decode the rest by CRG info, thanks !

Any help is appreciated if there actually was L78 delivered With a TH400 in 67, or the Trim Tag may be a fake of course, have no other documents for the car.

Best regards Joern Amundsen (e-mail : )

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