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Originality / Air breather
« on: August 23, 2021, 11:22:10 PM »
What say you guys about this? Supposedly came off 69 SS RS,got a few other pcs from dark green interior including consol w gages and cut out for 8 track,8 track stereo was there but wanted to much for it 700.00

Originality / 69 SS hood underhood pictures
« on: August 10, 2021, 10:25:49 PM »
Hello all, been using search function to try to get a good picture of the bottom side of the factory 69 SS hood,from the search I understand that the 67-68 SS hoods did not have the drain holes that the 69 has. Before I drive 3 hrs to buy this hood from an individual, could someone please post a picture of the bottom side of a factory 69 SS hood that will show the correct drain holes. Hate to ask but would like to get this before Saturday, as I have committed to going to look at hood and fenders that he has for sale. I have pictures of the underside of the hood he has sent to me ,I just don't know the difference.  Pretty sure I will know if fenders are repop,but not sure of hood. So if anyone can help keep me from buying anything other than a "Factory Correct 69 SS Hood" please advise, tell, inform, keep me from my own ignorance,  SIS (Self Inflicted Stupidity), please help me buy once, cry once. Thanks in advance and good luck on all your projects.

Originality / YJ date vs engine stamp date
« on: January 17, 2021, 05:50:20 PM »
Hello all,6 hr road trip yesterday to buy 4 YJ wheels w good tires. 1 date code really perfect and clear like the one in the forum. KI 9 04 30 YJ,others can make out the YJ really good,reading from outside in. All have the finger style rings and rims look like they have been on and off a good bit,scratched paint,also have been repainted a few times,flat center caps,seller says they all came off X 11 car that was heavily modified including rims changed. Fro doing search on here looks like I will have to demoing tires to look for code. My engine code is T 04 29 HB. 2 questions, should I just pretend all the rims are like the best looking one,or continue to look for 4 more with the correct date? Question 2, while doing search for rim info on this site ,came across 2016 post about Firestone white letter tire size. Currently on my 69 I have 15 X 8 Corvette rims with the 4 clip rings and derby caps ,put them on early 80s? ,when post says small letter tires ,what is the size of the letters for small vs large. Thanks in advance and good luck on all your projects. BTW the 69 I posted about earlier is still for sale with price drop.

General Discussion / Buying advice
« on: December 21, 2020, 12:14:47 AM »
Hello all, been a lurker for a while,signed in to ask about a car for sale. 69 X 11, Z23 interior in standard white,white vinyl top,( puking noises), C60,D55, N66?, 307 , turbo 350, 17K showing speedo, North of $30k. Only seen pics. Thinking bout looking. Running n driveable.
Thoughts,observations,input ? Thanks in advance.

Test Drive / Test pic
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:33:00 PM »
iPad test kicking my a$$ can someone help

Test Drive / Test
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:14:14 PM »
Ipad pics

General Discussion / Moving Day
« on: May 04, 2014, 01:51:41 AM »
A huge day for me. After 28 yrs of sitting in one place with nothing but a car cover on it My Camaro has moved to the concrete pad where I will undertake the restoration of 124379N640310. Getting a car with no power or brakes up on a trailer was a huge undertaking.wife was helping  with come along and chains pulling car onto trailer.Got hit by a car while walking in WallyWorld (Walmart) parking lot in 07 ,heart attack in 13 and almost got ran over by my own Camaro today! Going to get 4 new jack stands and get it up on them to start .Im sure I need new trunk panel ,will find out tomorrow how much more of floor pan will need replace. This will be the first time I have been underneath since about 1986 when I pulled gas tank cause a guy at the stoplight said "man your gas tank is hanging down on one side". Started taking pics today ,still don't know how to post pics but will learn someday. I am stoked . Standing in the garage today Looking at the back seat of my Camaro. Talk about memories!  Well I just had to tell somebody.will need lots of advice and support,a ton of cash ,and a lot of busted knuckles,and a considerable amount of luck.

General Discussion / CRG etiquette concerning parts on E Bay
« on: March 10, 2014, 02:37:48 AM »
Hello all,newbie here trying to collect original parts for my 69 X-55 correct restoration.If I see a part on E bay that claims to be original and no one bids or buy it now / make offer and it is relisted should I consider that a bad sign ? HBC has the same item at 3X the price. Should I post the E bay item # and seller in a public forum and ask what the CRG members think about the part or should I PM someone and ask for their opinion about the part. Just trying to do the right thing and not make to many mistakes and making someone get a case of the a$$ . Ialso  don't want to spend big $ only to be told I bought repro/incorrect parts. What should I do about a potentially awkward situation like this. Thanks in advance for all who reply.

General Discussion / Strange Coincidence
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:57:18 AM »
Brother had to go to hospital yesterday,shoulder surgery.thought he recognized a nurse. He did and she came and talked to us.I bought my 69 SS x55 from her in March 79. I always thought 78 but I was wrong. She wants it back and got on my a$$ for ruining her car by putting ZL2 hood and complete RS front end on it. She was right about ruining the car ,going to cost big$$ to go back original X55. Which brings up question for members. I have original cowl hood that I bought NOS in 81 ,painted and on car. I also have theNOS throttle arm,seal,valve flap ,frame,wiring harness ,frame seal,and retainers for the flapper valve ,none of which have ever been installed on the car ! Should I spend the big$$ to try to complete a factory Cowl setup. I would need the extension,air cleaner base,switch,relay,filter lid,insulation,etc, etc. OR should I take all this to Charlotte with all of the original bills where I bought these parts at and turn them into cash and look for an original SS hood ,fenders,etc ? I know the RS stuff has to go to get back to X55 . I bought most of the RS stuff NOS also and still have the original bills on the parts ,they have been on the car since 81?. So what do you guys think I should do? Thanks in advance for all the knowledge I have gotten from here. I am living proof that a little stupidity will go a long way when I "restored" my Camaro in the early 80s

Originality / Exhaust Manifold #s
« on: December 22, 2013, 10:06:11 PM »
I just bought the HB coded motor/tranny that was on TC site.need correct answer please. What are the correct exhaust manifold #s for a 1969 SS 350 X 55, TH 350 with Factory A/C ? Thanks in advance. Yes I am a newbie to the site. yes ,I have owned my 1969 SS 350 X 55 since June of 1978. SIS (Self Inflicted Stupidity), I changed the color of the car,bought NOS GM RS sheet metal,Cowl Induction setup, Z/28 emblems,Angle Plug Heads. I am living proof that a little stupidity will go a long I am on the path to a #s correct restoration of my 2 nd owner  1969 SS 350 X 55 highly optioned Camaro. Will be posting a lot in the next few years as I get this project underway. This is a huge source of knowledge along with the Team So back to original question. What are the correct exhaust manifolds for this car ?

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