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6-cylinder Camaros / 67 Coupe with a Six and 3-on-the-tree on Ebay
« on: November 23, 2016, 04:07:51 PM »
Hey Guys...another six banger with 3-on-the-tree on Ebay.  The lack of 250 emblems on the fenders points to this being a 230.  How about the Boss 302-esque side stripe? It appears to have only had one option, an AM radio.  The painted wheels indicate dog-dish hubcaps.  Here is the ad's write-up...neat story:

"In July of 1969, this 1967 Camaro went to its second owner. The second owner drove it until about 36 years ago, when it was parked in a field behind her house, as she was just having her first child and didn't think it was a suitable "family car." She had plans to drive it occasionally, but it never moved an inch. A few months ago, I was contacted by a friend of the owner's son. They were clearing the field out and were finally ready to let the car go to a new home. It's not often you get to see a car that's been untouched for so long. Unfortunately, leaving it outside for so long in the New England weathers took its toll. The front floor pans are gone. The trunk floor is badly rusted, and the leaf spring mounts are rotted out. The rear quarters and fender doglegs are in bad shape. The car needs a lot of work. The good - it's complete. The car was parked running and driving. It's a three speed column shift straight six - MATCHING NUMBERS. Everything is original. There are plenty of original parts still very much reusable. The front cross member is solid, all of the glass is intact (the front windshield has a crack). The roof, hood, and trunk are solid. Three of the four tires are still holding air!"

 I just love strippers...all kinds  8).

6-cylinder Camaros / 69 Firebird OHC6 donates its 3-speed tranny
« on: November 06, 2016, 04:41:03 AM »
Hey All...I have been on the lookout for a good 3-speed Saginaw tranny and a 3-on-the-tree steering column for my '69 Camaro coupe (Ol' Snake Eyes).  I found what I was looking for on CL-Chicago...the original 3-speed and steering column from a '69 Firebird convertible from Arizona for $300 (I love cheap 6-cylinder parts that no one else wants).  A couple of days ago I drove from Columbus to an hour NW of the Chicago metro area to pick up the parts and see what else the guy had to sell.  He is in the process of swapping the rare OHC6 (base engine with a 1-barrel) with the oddball 3-on-the-tree for a ZZ4 SBC crate motor with a 700R4 (the same as nearly every other 1st Gen Camaro and F-bird).  I was really glad he was making that swap as it provided the trans and steering column I needed to restore my car.  Yesterday I invited my good buddy Tim over to help me yank out the frozen original 250 from my '69, and install the nice running '70 Nova 250 (that I obtained from a CL-Detroit ad for $350) and the 3-speed.  We power-washed the nasty engine compartment and the replacement engine and trans while we were at it.  It took less that 2 hours to install the new engine.  I hope to have Snake Eyes running very soon.

6-cylinder Camaros / 69 Coupe with a Six and 3-on-the-tree on Ebay
« on: October 31, 2016, 02:01:55 PM »
Hey All...found this on Ebay...a '69 Coupe with a 230 and 3-on-the-tree shifter with a starting bid of $13.5k (reserve not met).  Its VIN is 123379N702385, and it has a claimed 81k original miles (probably a little-old-lady car).  The only options I can see are Z23 and an AM radio.  I really do not care for the cowl hood, rear spoiler, and Z28 stripes...why mess up this car's clean lines and simplicity?  I do like the original wheels and dog-dish caps.  Not many of these left!

Decoding/Numbers / DZ Block from Aug 38th
« on: October 19, 2016, 04:59:07 PM »
Here's a DZ block that was either misstamped or actually built on Aug 38th, 1968  ::).  What do you guys think?  If I can get the VIN I'll add it to the "Orphans" section.

Decoding/Numbers / Misprint on a 69 Cowl Tag
« on: October 13, 2016, 01:26:28 PM »
Anyone ever seen this type of misprint before.."5OR" vice "NOR"?  This car is VIN N687788, built 09C...mine is VIN N687407 built 09C...probably built on the same day.  It is a 307, TH350 with factory A/C, console, PS, and PB.  It includes the original FC code wheels with dog-dish hubcaps, and also comes with its POP and inspection form.  It also has one of its original metal dealer license plate frames from Carl Chevy in San Jose...neat.  It's on CL-Redding for $30k.

Here's a nice original California '67 convertible on CL-San Diego for $19k.  It is an original 250 six with a 3-speed manual on the floor, blue standard interior, and a white electric top.  A nice project for someone...keep it a six!

6-cylinder Camaros / Questions about '69 Six Air Cleaners
« on: October 07, 2016, 11:37:35 PM »
These questions are probably for Kurt S., but anyone else who knows please feel free to respond.  I compared the original 250 air cleaner from my 09C '69 coupe to the one on the untouched '69 230 convertible currently for sale on Ebay.  That car was built in April and has a smog pump, which Kurt says all six cylinder '69 Camaros had.  My car still has its original engine and has no smog pump bracket or tubes, and the air cleaner has a Therm-Vac solenoid and heat tube.  I looked on the 'Net and found a '70 Nova six cylinder with that same air cleaner and no smog pump.   The 1st question is were late model year '69 Camaros being built with 1970 model engines?  My 2nd question is whether the smog pump was eliminated after 1970 on six cylinder Chevys, and a heat stove installed with the corresponding Therm-Vac switch?  The 1st photo shows the conv. engine, the 2nd is my car's air cleaner, and the 3rd is the '70 Nova's air cleaner.

6-cylinder Camaros / Barn-Find '69 Trunk opened after 30 years
« on: October 07, 2016, 11:16:28 PM »
I opened the trunk of my rusty-as-hell '69 barn-find coupe today and it was just as nasty as the rest of the car.  Luckily, nothing can be salvaged on or in the car  :'( (except the engine and rear-end).  Yes, I'm smelling a deep-dollar money favorite kind of car!  The jack is dated "9J", which is correct for an 09C body (late in the model year).  Oddly, the jack parts appear to have been painted black originally instead of gray.  Some of the seatbelts are from a Ford (???), but I did find one dated "40A69" (1st week of Sept).

6-cylinder Camaros / 69 Six Banger Coupe on Ebay
« on: October 07, 2016, 04:39:46 PM »
This '69 Coupe has a six cylinder VIN (full number is not listed in the ad) and was built as a 3-on-the-tree.  It is coded an X11 on the cowl tag, code 61 Burnished Brown, and had a white standard interior (I bet it was a real eye-catcher in full sunlight).  It's got quite a bit of rust and is listed for $6,500...I guess that's now the going rate for rusty heaps.  The original drivetrain is long-gone, and I seriously doubt anyone will return it to a six banger with 3-on-the-tree.  An interesting note is that "D BROWN" was written in chalk on the firewall at Fisher Body in Norwood, and is still very visible.  There are no "250" emblems on the fenders, so this was probably built with a 230.  Like my '69 Plain Jane six it was built as an X11 to spiff it up a little bit, although I see no signs of wheelwell trim, side quarter trim, or roofrail chrome.  In one of the photos you can see white pin stripes on the left rear quarter, which I believe were part of the Style Trim group option.

A rhetorical question...did dealers order six banger, 3-on-the-tree Camaros (which obviously were the least-desirable Camaros available), or were they special-order cars for really thrifty customers?

6-cylinder Camaros / Snakes in a '69 Six Banger Coupe
« on: October 05, 2016, 03:36:34 PM »
A few weeks ago I responded to a CL ad for a set of original '57 Chevy wheels located 100 miles SE of Columbus in a small town along the Ohio River.  The wheels were nice and I ended up buying them, but the best part of the trip was discovering that the neighbor of the guy selling the wheels had a '69 Camaro sitting under a metal carport behind his mobile home.  I knocked on the guy's door and asked if I could look at it.  It turned out to be a really odd and rare 6 cylinder with a 3-on-the-tree shifter.  I worked out a price with the guy and made arrangements to come back and get it in a few days (I first had to find a place to stash it so that the head-of-the-war-dept wouldn't find out about least for the next few months...we all know that game).

The seller, Don is 64 and the original owner.  His dad, Don Sr. decided in the spring of '70 that it would be nice to get a new Nova for his son who was about to graduate from high school.  They found a dealer with a few Novas for sale, and a left-over red '69 Camaro (as soon as Don Jr. saw the Camaro, the Nova idea was quickly forgotten).  The Camaro had the misfortune of being built with a 6 cylinder engine with a 3-on-the-tree shifter.  They bought it for the dealer's invoice cost on Mar 25th, 1970 (Good Friday)...6 months after it was built (apparently, the 3-on-the-tree shifter was not well received by potential buyers).  Don drove it until 1974, then sold it to his cousin Charlie in the same town.  Charlie drove it for several years, then replaced the manual tranny with an automatic so his wife could drive it (I guess a stick-shift was just too daunting for her to master).  It was parked behind Charlie's garage with a blown tranny in 1986 and sat there rotting until Don got tired of seeing it deteriorate and bought it back in 2001.  Don lives on small Soc Sec checks and doesn't have the means to restore it, hence its sale.

Some weird things about this was first titled as a '70, and the title still says "1970".  Don says the dealer sent the application for title to the Ohio DMV and someone there screwed up, probably thinking it was a '70 since it was so far into that model year.  Another odd thing about it is that it came with an air cleaner with a Therm-Vac valve and heat stove for carburetor (I assumed all 1st Gen Camaros with sixes came without heat stoves).  Don says the air cleaner is original to the car.  The date code on the cowl tag says "09C" for the month built, so maybe the engines from Flint were then being built with 1970 air cleaners.  The last odd thing about it is that its cowl tag says "X11", but it doesn't appear to have had wheelwell trim, or quarter panel chrome trim pieces.  I would ask Don, but he's not happy that he sold the car right now...I'll ask him at some point in the future.

The car had very few options...250 engine upgrade, floor mats, whitewall tires, Style Trim Group (maybe...still not certain about that), and mag hubcaps.  Don said that the Camaro had "really ugly" full hubcaps that he didn't like while it sat at the dealership...the salesman said they had a set of mag hubcaps that they would throw into the deal to make Don Jr. happy.  It was a radio delete car, but the delete plate is broken and the right fender has been replaced with one from a '69 with an antenna.  Along with the original air cleaner Don gave me the original column shift steering column, z-bar, and a few other original bits and pieces.  It is also an original code 52 Garnet Red car with a code 711 black standard interior.  The original engine is coded "F0905BE", and it still has 3 of its original "FC" coded wheels (originally painted black).

The best part of all is that the car served for quite awhile as the home for a very long rat snake.  I pulled a snakeskin from one of the headliner bows and it measured over 6' long.  I found 3 more long skins in the car.  After quite a bit of cleaning the car still smells like snake sh* may be awhile before the stench goes away. 

I think I'll convert this extremely rare 6 cylinder 3-on-the-tree car to yet another Z28 tribute car...whatdya think?

6-cylinder Camaros / 1969 Conv with a 230 and 3 on the tree
« on: October 05, 2016, 02:16:22 PM »
Hey Guys...I've been MIA from here for about 2 years.  I sold my rusty '68 RS project from hell...never could convince the head-of-the war-dept (aka: wife) of its worthiness, got tired of the complaining and sold it.  I then bought an extremely rare '77 Nova COPO 9C1...and sold it.  Then bought a '57 Chevy 210 wagon survivor...and sold it.  The new project (and keeper) is a '69 Camaro coupe with a six...I'll post that later today.

Just wanted to highlight a nice '69 convertible (VIN: 123679N628256) that's on Ebay for a starting bid of $15k.  It appears to only have one AM radio!  It has its numbers-matching 230 with a smog pump which looks original, so this appears to be a California car.  This car is insanely original, which probably means it will get a 350 and a TH350 trans  :P

1968 - Orphans / MO Code 302 Block for 8N422169 on CL in OH
« on: August 09, 2015, 12:32:46 PM »
Found this and thought it should be posted on here.The VIN stamp on the block looks like it was double stamped, but it appears to be legit.

Decoding/Numbers / '68 L30 RS Conv. with 2 Broadcast Sheets and POP
« on: October 22, 2014, 05:15:39 PM »
Hey Guys...hope this is the right spot for this topic. I may be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that NOR didn't put Broadcast Sheets in their cars, so naturally I have to debunk this.  I found this very nice '68 RS convertible (VIN: 124678N342134) on CL Toledo and am sending on its pertinent info with a couple of photos.  It is being advertised for $28k by its original owner (not many of those left!) and has a claimed 79k original miles.  The red on red color scheme is beautiful, but the owner switched from the original white top to a less exciting black one.  As far as 1st Gens go this one's loaded: 327/275 engine (code on POP is "EE" this an L30?), PG, console, tach/gauges, deluxe interior, tilt, PB, tinted glass and an AM radio.  I noticed it has a clutch fan without A/C, so is this part of the L30 option?  It also has Rally wheels, but the '67 center caps lead me to believe they may not have come with the car.  I don't know if it has disc brakes, or not (I'm not skilled at reading BC sheets).  One BC sheet appears to have masking tape in the top center, so I'm guessing this was how they were held to the cars as they went down the assembly line.  The drivetrain carries Oct. build dates.  Anyway, the rarity of the car plus the Broadcast Sheets and POP mean that someone on here should buy it and bring it to shows to debunk the stories about non-existant Norwood Broadcast sheets  ???.  I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could.  The link is posted below...happy hunting!

Originality / Radio Delete Block-off Plug
« on: October 22, 2014, 02:55:20 AM »
"L6Ragtop" noticed my '68 was a radio delete car and asked about the antenna block-off plug. Here's a photo of it to add to the info about originality on this site. Best regards to all.

It's very odd that there are two 1st Gens with their original 6 cyl/manual drivetrains on Ebay at the same time, but I figured I would post one more since this section of CRG rarely gets anything new. This coupe is needing much more work than the '69 conv. that I posted earlier today, but it's complete and untouched. It appears the only options are AM radio, full wheelcovers, and spiffy front and rear bumper guards (also, dig that drink holder between the buckets). I don't think the steering wheel trim is correct, and the "RS" cap has infiltrated from another '68. I'm a sucker for these stripper six cyl. Camaros!

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