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General Discussion / Introduce myself an my car
« on: August 24, 2012, 09:36:26 AM »
Hi together

My Name is André and i am new to this great forum. i live in switzerland and i am a proud owner of a 67 RS/SS camaro about 2 weeks ago.

Following some details, information and questions about my car.
VIN, TRIM and Engine i have decoded as best i could.
The transmission is sadly a 69. i am searching for an original 67 transmission M20 Muncie.
Rear Axle, i don,t know, because the car ist still in FL and waiting for shipping to Switzerland.

- If i will found a 67 transmission, can someone explain how the transmission code has to look --> P7Add (dd = day) or similar??
- Where can i find a 67 transmission??

VIN: 124377L137046
1 = Chevrolet
2 = the vehicle model, Camaro
4 = engine type 8cyl
37 = body type Sport Coupe
7 = year of manufacture 1967
L = plant of manufacture Los Angeles, CA
137046 = vehicles unique identification number.

Decode Camaro Trim Tag:
01 = January, 1967, the month car was built.
D = Fourth week of the month.
P68 = is a internal LOS Angeles Plant assembly code.
12637 = Deluxe interior coupe body style type.
LOS = Vehicle was assembled at the Los Angeles, California assembly plant.
14857 = Unique body sequence number assigned at the assembly plant.
765 = Deluxe Black bucket seat interior.
Z = Bucket seats without headrests.
C = Ermine White lower body paint color.
2 = Black vinyl top upper body color.
Breakdown of Group 1 Options:
W = A02 Soft Ray tinted glass, windshield only. Cost $21.10, total production = 81,998..
L = A67 Folding rear seat. Cost $31.60, total production = 17,993.
Breakdown of Group 2 Options:
L = M20 4-speed manual wide ratio transmission. Cost $184.35, total production = 45,806.
G = D55 Console with floor mounted shifter, storage compartment, rear seat ashtray and courtesy light. Cost $47.40, total production = 129,477.
Breakdown of Group 3 Options:
D = U29 Under dash courtesy lights. Cost $4.25, total production = 23,691.
L = Z22 Rally Sport Package including Z21 option plus full width grill with concealed headlights, bright lower body side moldings, RS grille emblem (or SS when options combined), parking/turn signal lights located below front bumper, reverse lights located below bumper in rear. Cost $105.35, total production = 64,842.
Breakdown of Group 4 Options:
P = L48 Super Sport with base 350cid, 295hp 4bbl V-8 engine. Cost $210.65,
Total production = 29,270.
*Note: On Norwood built Camaros the 4P code may indicate that the vehicle in question was either equipped form the factory with an L30 275hp 327cid engine and 4 speed manual transmission (L under group 2 options) or for the RPO L48 295hp 350cid SS option.
Breakdown of Group 5 Options:
Y = A39 Deluxe front & rear seat belts. Cost $6.35, total production = 51,247.

Partial Vin: 7L137046
Block Casting Code: 3892657
Assembly Code: V0116MT
V = Flint, Michigan assembly plant
01 = January
16 = day 16
MT = 1967 Camaro 350cid, 4BC, with K19 (smog) A.I.R. 295hp, L48

Thanks for your support and excuse my bad english  ;D

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