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Decoding/Numbers / '69 RS Fender date codes
« on: May 14, 2017, 02:48:57 AM »
Most everything on my car is date coded correctly to when the car was built, late Sept 1969. Hoping someone might be able to help in a question I have. After finding out where the date stamp is on the front fenders I looked and I'm really confused, passenger fender is "17" and drivers is "D", there might be a very weak "14" on the drivers also. Those are the clear stamps so what would "D" mean, replacement? I think the car at some point was in a fender bender, the drivers fender is rippled on the inside and heavily bondo'd on the outside. And the passenger fender should be maybe a "217" for the build date of the car late Sept. Any idea's?

Also looking at things, seen this tonight on the drivers side fender extension inside, does it mean anything?

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