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General Discussion / New Yenko Book
« on: September 02, 2015, 09:04:50 PM »
       My new book " The Yenko Era...continued. Canonsburg and Beyond " is now with the Publisher and the 1st printing will be available early November. This book is another scrapbook format like " The Yenko Era ", which is still in print after 10 years. This book is about 300 pages,history of the Yenko ZL1 and other engine projects, history of the Yenko emblems, etc.    Advance orders can be made , $40 & $5 shipping, check or MO to     Mark Gillespie, P O Box 88784, Indianapolis, In 46208

Trans-Am Camaros / Don Yenko and the Yenko Stormer Camaro
« on: July 27, 2011, 01:21:04 AM »
    Recently I emailed Robert Barg thru a Canadian website for historic racing. I am researching a Yenko Stinger that was a prototype built to get Stingers  approved to race in Canada and sent to Mo Carter in Spring 1966. Warren Dernoshek and I bought the car , thinking it was for parts only, until we discovered paperwork in our posession that seemed to indicate GM involved in the project ! It was based on a Corvair built in Canada with the correct options, then driven to Canonsburg by a Mo Carter employee for conversion.The point of this posting is that in the course of researching its racing history, I discovered that the 67 Camaro Robert Barg bought from Mo may have been A Yenko Stormer, as it was listed that way in the entry for a 6 Hour race at St, Jovite , Oct. 66. Co-driven by Dave Covey, the Carter employee who was involved in the Stinger prototype. Our records indicate 2 red/ white stripe Z 28 in inventory for Stormers , but Warren can account for only one later. Another piece of a mystery.    Mark Gillespie

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