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General Discussion / Passing of Member Mark X22
« on: November 19, 2012, 01:17:00 PM »
From over at TC the news this morning that member Mark X-22 passed away on November 5th. 
If you didn't know Mark you may know his detailed templates.


My original deck-lid Jacking Instructions Sticker on my Z-11 (part 3949515) is in rough shape.
Not really wanting to replace it, but want one in the book just in case I need one.
All the reproductions I have found for this part number all have the wrong date at the bottom - 10-1-66.
Anyone still have a original sticker and can take a good photo of the date?
The month and day are single digits, year looks like 68.
Here are two photos of mine.

Thanks in advance

Who makes the best aerosol spray can suede paint for a 1969 dash top restoration?
I see lots of formulas and additives for paint shop pro's but I need a already mixed spray bomb option.


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