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General Discussion / Glacier blue copo look
« on: November 02, 2015, 03:25:26 AM »
Has anyone seen a glacier blue car done as a copo with with the matching wheels etc ?

I'm stuck between color options.  All will look good in my opinion

Black on black  or black on white.

Silver on black  or silver on red

Then a friend suggested do it the stock color. Which is glacier on white. 

Originality / column shift v8
« on: October 28, 2015, 08:01:37 PM »
i've searched and cant find anything on column shift,  no codes or if there was codes for the column shift,  or for tilt wheel..  Its a 3 speed,  P R N D 2 L    so i am assuming that's a turbo 350-400,  and it was attached to a V8 says the vin,    current motor isnt correct so that's no help. 

I guess what im asking is,  was this a default option,   or a option option,  or we just ran of floor shifters and stuck that one in  ;)

im assuming if you got the standard interior you got the column shift,    if you got deluxe interior it had center console shift with the big piece of plastic...  however thats just a guess...   

Originality / Tires?
« on: February 12, 2015, 04:04:30 PM »
Did the 69 camaros have colored red, white etc line tires or should be the wide oval firstone tires

205-70-15 is the size im thinking about.  Currently has 245-60-15-s but they are worn out

Restoration / Hours of body part install
« on: September 17, 2014, 02:15:23 AM »
So I talked to "brooks" the guy that's related to Jeff who works for me.   He didn't give me a price but quoted mr a hourly rate,   Problem is I don't know how long stuff takes.   So you all that have had 1/4s, a roof, floor etc put in did they by chance put on the bill the time it took?

I'm thinking you all are are correct on just buying the dynacore body.   I went on amd and got everything I need in the buggy, some of it I might not need, went shopping with worse case scenario  anyway it was close to $5k   

So that means labor for install would have to be about $7k to get the price of the body.   By his price "about $40.00" a hour that would around 175 hours of labor to replace all the metal

Restoration / body parts, am i over looking anything.. also...
« on: September 04, 2014, 03:55:10 PM »
So i need a lot of body parts....    Here are a few photos,  let me know if ive missed anything.

Also "belairbobs".com   anyone know what body parts they use,   they have a monster kit,   Listed for $3K   I emailed them and ask about the kit.   He said that the body parts are not AMD, but fit just as good, they are not as thick...  with out the doors and hood, and in the roof skin, roof brace, and inner front fender it would be 2699...    This seems way to cheap.   I looked on AMD and it came out to a lot more,  i want to say it $4K ish...   From everything on here ive read paying the extra for amd stuff is worth it..    here is the link to there kit,

few quick shots,  and yes the entire front clip,

it was kinda pretty at one time,   this is the "side tank" i think is what you called it attached to the fire wall.   Need both of them :(

Fire wall and dash... shot, 

ac thing, 

inside dash / fire wall

quick shot of the drivers side floor,   it looked better on the phone than on here lol...  anyway the seam? that the green wire is touching,  it looks like a replacedment floor that they did a lazy job of fixing

crap photo as well,   but inside 1/4 panel,  where the rear window rolls down.  Just looks odd to me.


Crap pict too,    This is the bottom of where the door bolts up!   both side like that,  once worse than other..

frame and stuff look good for here,

Decoding/Numbers / More number for you guys
« on: September 03, 2014, 02:15:54 PM »
So i got around to getting some numbers..

So far we know that it was built 5-16-69,  X11,  V8 car,  Ext Paint is Glacier Blue With Parchment vinyl top, Interior is Ivory/Black,  Car has PDB, PS, AC, 

I have looked for marking to see if its a real SS and have yet to find any,  So we are under the assumption it was a 307 with a power glide,.... 

With that said these numbers are off the current motor in the car which has no vin numbers.

Front of the block,      BLANK      V 1204 TBC     ( thats all it says)       From what ive searched thats a 1970 truck block.

Back of the block,     25 GM  3970010,    Those number on here make it a 69-70 block but can be in any car.

above that there is a dial,  It pointing to D  ( about 1 o clock)  below that is circle with dots,  at "12" oclock there is a  dot above it,  the arrow is pointing to 4th hump...

On to heads..   3947041,   L30  3   

thats as far as ive gotten,   although i have found all the vin numbers on the body and they are same,  Not that it matter with the rust lol...   

Restoration / What's this parts name? Dumb question ...
« on: August 12, 2014, 01:05:15 AM »
Under the windshield you have cowl panel cover, inside that you have the wipers.  What's the metal structure called?  I looked at firewalls but it's not that.   Looked for cowl panel and it shows the one with vents and wipers holes.  Also looked at cowl panel upper?  That sorta looks like what I need?  I also saw cowl panel tanks which I could use too. 

Other than the cowl panel "upper" I can't find anything that looks close. 

General Discussion / any of you ever sued over a car you bought
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:07:15 PM »
So long story short,  i guess im going to have to get a lawer and go back on the seller of this camaro,  ever day its another rusted part.

Ad read,  30K actual mile car,  X11, factory air, V8,  New 750 carb ( lied its old as hell)  TH350 with shift kit ( junk )  New 1/4s and floor pans,  needs a little TLC


So i called on the phone  talked to the guy,  told him my plans,  they said the car was good and would be fine for a color swap to black,  went and looked at the car, but do to weather didnt get a chance to drive it ( started pouring the snow)   I ask if we could put in on a lift and they said the lift was at there shop...   

So fast forward,   I get ready to paint,     take vinyl  top off,  rust you pan put your hand threw,   need roof and roof supports,   I figured id just eat that and planned on a roof skin from what you all said....     Move on to interior to  take it out,   seats rusted, floor rusted and this new floor pan is more of piece of aluminum from lows,  and the cross brace on the drivers side where the seat bolts in is busted.  so even all 4 bolts where bolted in,  the side next to the door isnt attached to anything...  I had to throw all the seats but frames away along with all the carpet and dash pad.. they where molded and mildewed to the point that car stunk up my garage,  not to mention im deathly allergic to it.   to the point of walk by a place on the street that mold and im at the dr that night with out even going in the building... 

At this point im poed,  i figured id strip the car in case i need more parts.    Rear 1/4 are on the car but they done with pop rivits and already have rust around them. They also over lapped the tops of the 1/4s so there was about half inch of bondo / fiberglass to get it level..    the truck lid has dual set of holes,  im guessing some one installed the spoiler and then shut the  trunk and it didnt line up..     Doors are in good shape which is surprising,     move on the front fenders and they have patch panels witch would be ok,  but they again used thin metal or aluminum,  pop rivet gun, AND bent the ends around and over the factory fenders and bolts,  then covered it up with fiberglass and bondo...  Not a big deal,  ill eat two fenders...    I go to take them off, and now the big metal thing that the fenders bolt to ( along with the door) has holes on both side of the weld / pinch seam?  that are the size of a base ball...      The top of the fire wall, on the passenger side behind the AC ( below the windshild)  has rust holes and has been covered up with what looks like melted fiberglass or something...      then i cut my freaking leg on the fender so i quit last night and went to the dr to get a tetanus shot...

Anyway,  so far the only thing about this car that is correct is the vin number and the mileage..  the rest has been nothing but lies..   I feel like i paid a lot of money for a $4K car,  and if they had been honest i would have never bought the car for what my plans are,  I would have bought one of those on line out of Arizona or someplace that is rust free shell...

another thing that poes me is that i told them i was doing a big block with twin turbos and the state thats car is in i believe it would have twisted its self in half,  which would not be very safe,  ad in the fact that only time i drove it was with both my kids in the car and we ridding a ticking time bomb...

Anyway any of you ever filed a law suit over something like this,  I dont care to give them the car back,  ill eat my time, labor and expenses on ins, taxes and tools, along with my now dr bill and what ive spent on materials...  or i need enough money to cover a new body...   

Ill post a link to the photos...    Im not trying get anything for free,  but i dont want to eat this project,  in all honesty the car should have just been crushed..


Restoration / now what... body bolts...
« on: July 18, 2014, 02:33:44 PM »
So i havent posted in a while,  recap...

bought a 69,  car was dead straight...  went for paint ( smurf blue to black)  and well some one has second job as a sculptor,  car was full of bondo, filler, fiberglass etc...     Over the last few months ive been taking the car apart to see what all i need and taking photos along the way for the attorneys.

Well last night we ( kids and i) made it to the front end..   we got the bolts out of the top of the fenders, the noise piece, the under front bumper spoiler thing ( cant thank of the name,   and the two threw the fender into the engine compartment...   take the chrome trim off the wheel arch and BAM... no bolts...    im like there has to be bolts,  my son ( 8 )  nope... so  i go over and look... hes correct no bolts upon first glance..    take a deeper look and some retarded sob has put a patch pannels on the bottom of the fenders.  then the bent the metal around and went OVER the factory bolts... 

The bottom of the fenders look good as well,  sound solid etc,  until you start to take the bolts out,  both of them snapped off on the first turn and a pile of rust came out  :(     So  question is what the heck do we do now...   I was about to the point that the blade of steel got busted out on the big saw zaw,  but the inner finders look new... 

Restoration / New body?
« on: July 14, 2014, 01:41:22 PM »
I might have hit the wrong button,  but when did all the extra stuff get added to make a post?

So sister in laws live in guy was with me at the lake this weekend, and ask  why i dont just buy the entire body instead of mix my rust.

I said mainly because of money, I thought those dynacor? bodies where $15K...   bla bla

Anyway my floors have been done at some point and look to be in good shape,   as of now my firewall is good, ( i havent taken the car that far apart yet)   the hood is good, and the doors..   Which means i need roof, roof supports, 1/4, trunk lid, front fenders etc...  I looked at this up on line and its about $4K worth of parts...   which is a lot cheaper than a new body,  but then you have labor to put it on etc etc...

Anyway question is has anyone done the new body,  or is it better to just fix what you have...   The car will be going back black so body work will have to be perfect, which im sure the new bodies will need to be worked as well.  

Restoration / trashing all interior i guess... what to keep?
« on: July 02, 2014, 02:55:31 PM »
Ive been gone a while.

Quick recap,   got Po-ed about the rust,   put the car in the other garage and forgot about it,   Then base ball rolled around and both kids played,  then both made All stars,  and both made travel ball,  but im pretty sure they are quitting TB...  Long story short its now July and i have looked at the car since November..

Ive given it a lot of thought and im going to just fix it over time...  It was never bought to make money so i guess ill just have a bigger money pit that i what i wanted..    Im going to do it all i guess..  new 1/4,  roof,  fenders, etc... and all the interior..   The car smells like a wet dog, mixed with mold, mixed with BO,  mixed with wet grass...  to the point  my garage stinks and now my corvette stinks..   So all the camaro interior going in the trash.. 

Is there any little things i should save,   so far the only thing that looks reusable is the front two seat frames,  the rear seat frame is a rust bent up mess.   I did keep the door seals plates?  (polished / chrome ) thinks inside the door,  and the seat knobs... 

What else should i keep?

Here is a few picts... 

rear seat.  I guess its cool its original, but man my dog smells better...

back side,  is this worth trying to blast and paint? 

Passenger front seat... is that suppose to be black?

Restoration / photos of my 69 build,
« on: January 22, 2014, 02:39:07 PM »
Ok,  I cant find the correct place for builds,   Mods feel free to move..  

Quick recap,  i was sold a " rust free" car thats wasnt rust free...  Here is what i have now,  

then we wet sanded it becuse that paint was nasty.

end result was it looked better than before,   i rode the car about a month and the fuel pump,  got that fixed and got cought in the rain...  once in the rain i relised that we have a problem.   water everywhere..  

So i took the vinyl roof off and it rusted,   but someone at some point did a half butt job and fiberglasses parts to the metal to fix...    from there i decided to just stip the entire car and see what all else has been done wrong.

quarter pannel,   i cut the bondo out..

Roof to windshild.

the entire car was covered in this gray stuff,  i thought it was bondo but this is over top of the bondo

Restoration / who do you all get body parts from?
« on: January 13, 2014, 02:10:29 PM »
Well i got the bright idea to take that vinyletop off...  that was a bad idea. 

Apparently it has had work done in the past,  and then top put on to cover up the work...   

Around the windshild it looks like they tried to remold the roof with fibergalss or something, anyway i can stick my fingers threw the holes in the front where the windshild strim should be.    the top skin is in good shape and i guess i got down down to the original blue,  its very light almost silverish color..    the "B" pillers? that come down behind the rear windows are in good shape on the passanger side but the drivers side looks like it has 3 bullet holes in it..    they are not round holes and they puncher holes.. 

So i guess im going to do a roof skin,   after i got started i decided to go one down with taking stuff off.   It looks like it has had a 1/4 pannel put on it but its in a strange spot to be installed i think.   Its about dead center on the top (flat spot) of the 1/4.   

I guess at this point ill just strip all of it to make sure i dont need any other stuff.

Mild Modifications / rear end upgrade 1969
« on: January 03, 2014, 07:45:39 PM »
Hello guys,

I want / need to upgrade my rear end.  Its currently a 10 bolt and some one down the line has swapped some of the suspension.   Im not sure where to even start unless i just take everything off and start with nothing. 

Ill get some photos so you can see what im attempting to type out lol.. 

I have the rear axle,  it has one leaf attached to it on each side. 
then it has big traction bars.  the traction bar on the passanger side is bent inward.  Im not sure if it can be made straight again or not.   
At any rate the traction bar is bent, so when it rotates upward to hit the leaf spring it missing it, which causes the car not to go straight even thought at its current state it doesnt have enough power to be a big problem lol.   

It also has air shocks, and sets of sub frame connectors. 

What i would like to do is swap to a stronger rear end that live with a bunch of abuse.   Ive looked on e bay and other web pages but they all offer differnt lengths,  some say they are out of other cars and can be interchanged and some cant.   
then in the local paper there is a ad for a few 12 bolt rear ends out of different letter body cars.  So which letter cars work on the camaro?   

Maintenance / fuel pump died?
« on: January 03, 2014, 03:20:26 PM »
anyone ever have stock fuel pump just quit while driving down the road?

The car was running fine and just quit,  would not restart,   I figured that maybe the gauge was broken and I had ran it out of gas,   So we pushed it to the gas station and filled the tank,  it only held 9 gallons so I wasnt out of gas. Fast forward car will not restart.  I pulled the air cleaner off and gave it some gas, but no fuel comes out of the carb.   The "eye glass" is about half full, but again no fuel spraying into the motor from the carb. 

Im guessing that mechanical fuel pump has died,  or i maybe it has something huge stuck in the fuel line?   Ive never had a mechanical pump die so this is the first for me.   Speaking of what causes one them to quit?   

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