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1968 - Orphans / 8N321258 327 ME
« on: September 10, 2010, 02:24:09 PM »
Just got this in on a trade

block   3914678     cast date 12 7

vin 18N321258     stamped  V0925ME

If you have the body let me know.   Heads are 462's

email me at

Thanks John

General Discussion / My next 68 project car I just bought
« on: June 08, 2008, 11:47:09 PM »
Saturday I bought another 68 project.This car seems to have some stange options to me. The color is JJ which is rally green. I was told it had a 327 in it, which is long gone. Has the original 3 speed transmission which is a floor shift with console & gauge package, also has a factory tic toc tac with 5000 redline. power steering, std black interior, deluxe wheel. I have never seen a 3 speed floor shift with factory gauge set up. Car is apart but looks to be complete except motor. have the bell housing and clutch, shifter, rear bumper with guards.  Have not had a chance to check out what ratio is in the 10 bolt. does have multi leaf.

Does anybody out there have or know of one that is like this?
Thanks JW

Restoration / 68 ss hood louvers
« on: December 23, 2007, 05:43:44 PM »
Greetings, I'am working on putting a new Goodmark ss hood on my 68 rsss 03c bb coupe. I sold the orginal ss hood years ago to put a ZL2 hood on the car, now I'am wanting to switch back. The problem is trying to find a decent set of louvers. I bought a set from Rick's that were made by CHQ & the chrome was thin on them, you could see the copper thru the chrome at the base of the stacks, They did fit the hood nice. Bought another set from Camaro Central that had nice chrome on them but had some some defects in them in the louvers & did not fit the holes in hood at all. Hears my delima, I do have a set of orginals that are pitted and thought about having them restored & chromed. Has anybody found any good repo's?  I checked into having the CHQ's rechromed but was only about $100 cheaper than having the orignals restored.

What has  everybody else done. Thanks JW

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