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Restoration / 67 heater core and box
« on: October 13, 2006, 08:41:54 PM »
Had to pull out the heater box inside the car and it came apart in my hands, (after the swearing of course). Where would be the best place to source a replacement quickly as I am on limited time for an inspection. Core looks ok just a bit of a clean needed.

I live in Canada on west coast so if u know Canadian then saves some cost(or does it, read that Canadian parts guys just mark it up anyway).

Thanks, the posts have really helped with what I am trying to accomplish with this car. ;D

Originality / Which is right?
« on: October 11, 2006, 07:01:26 AM »
I just got a 350 RS/SS convert. 60,000 miles
Production number 162282.
Engine number = VT228MS.
Tranny = P7S07
Axle = QL12222G
Alternator = 6M27
Distributor = 6M19
All December numbers(November tranny).
Norwood Plant

In reading things it says that all SS's are big blocks.
Confused, as other things I read say 350 is a small block.

Don't have casting numbers yet but here's cowl tag

There is a Holley carb on the motor(BB) but readouts here says it came a Qudra-Jet.
Looks like a riser plate between intake and carb? True part?
Clutched fan. True part? (no A/C)
Is an easy way to identify SB(looking in engine compartment, 1: hose exit from heater box? 2: rows on rad (2 or 3?))

Did these come with full size spare or space saver?

Don't have casting numbers yet but here's cowl tag

12E                        E
67-12667 Nor 62757
765-Z          Y-2

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