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I'm looking at several different variations of the 1967 GM convertible folding top manual and I wonder which one is correct for a late Nov. 66 car?  I have seen a green, blue and red one.  Also what about editions, does anyone know if there were multiple editions?  Thanks.

I am restoring a 1967 convertible which is coded as Y-2 and 707 yellow interior on the cowl tag.  This is the standard butternut yellow with black convertible top.  I have discovered that some 1967 Camaros came through coded Y-1 which would be a white top. I have only seen one or two photos of butternut yellow cars with white tops but they were not good quality photos.

Also, I believe that the D91 color was the same as the top color?  Is this accurate?  So if the car had a white top and D91 stripe then it would have a white stripe?

Thanks.  If anyone has any pictures or any cowl tag photos showing Y-1 and 707 interior, I would love to see them.


What is the "correct" oil fill/breather cap for a 1967 L30 327/275hp with the standard engine ventilation system as shown in the 1967 Assembly Manual in UPC 6, sheet C5?  Also, I see that some restoration parts houses list a decal for the cap.  Was the decal an assembly line thing or is it an aftermarket/restoration thing?



Which, if either, of the attached timing chain covers is correct for a 1967 L30 with the small balancer?  I think it is the one with the longer timing tab.  What do the experts say?

Restoration / Interior Paint Codes - 1967 Yellow "707" interior
« on: January 06, 2013, 02:44:48 AM »
I'm getting to the point in my restoration where I need to start thinking about the paint for the interior.  I know the dash is gold and the tops of the doors and the tops of the rear inner quarters are interior yellow.

What are the paint codes that you guys are using to replicate these finishes?  My jobber carries PPG.


From what I've gathered, the leaf springs on 1967s were a dull silver blue color.  I want to replicate this for my restoration project but I don't know what product is best to use.    Thanks!

General Discussion / Body Codes
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:27:58 PM »
Okay, I've searched through this forum and have read the page on body panel date codes.  This is the rear floor support on my '67 convertible.  The car was built 11D.  From reading the CRG page on body codes it appears that K stands for the manufacturer of this piece and the 41 is the week of the year.  In this case like the second week of October 66.  What does the 7403 mean?

Always looking to learn something new!

Thanks everyone!

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