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Hi crew, did a search on this auction here but didn't find anything, if there is a thread somewhere that I missed, please point me to it.
The car in question is a 1969 HT 350 2 door Monaro that sold at auction for somewhere north of AUD500,000!!
I bring this car to the forum because General Motors Holden is/was a sister company of GM-Chevrolet and the HK HT HG series of Holdens have a close relationship to 1st Gen Camaros.
Here's the link to the auction page which is still up
If it does disappear, then I have created a pdf of all the text and pics etc.
I have lots more to say on these cars, but I'll leave it at this for now in case I'm doubling up on an already existing thread.

General Discussion / O R and S radiator tag letters
« on: May 11, 2016, 05:56:20 PM »
I see that these extra letters are still something of a mystery.
Just one question, what has been the observed usage of these letters? e.g. which letter is most often seen, or is it an even split - no bias in usage?

General Discussion / UO radiator tag
« on: May 05, 2016, 09:16:18 AM »
Hi Crew,
I can't make this UO tag from HBC add up to anything on CRG's cooling system page, or have I missed something?  ???

Hi Crew, Hope everyone is well. It's been a while since I last dropped by here. [My house resembles a warzone with electronic items in just about every room demanding my attention]
I wasn't quite sure which board to put this question in, so I played safe and decided that here might ok, but I'll leave that up to the Admins if they think it's best elsewhere.  :)
My question is in regard to the secondary fuel pull-over ports that are just above the secondary air valves as per this pic with the ports arrowed.

It's my understanding that not all rochy quadies had these ports, it was a later refinement by Rochester to stop any possibility of lean out bogging of the engine when the secondaries are cracked open or jumped on to WOT.
In any event, I've picked up two 7028218 EH carbs for my car [L34/M40] and neither of them have the pull-over ports in the air horn, yet I see other 7028218 EH carbs on the net which unmistakably have the ports, so I'm a bit mystified by all this.
One explanation of course is that someone has fitted the wrong air horn to these carbs I have. [which would be typical of the trip wires 'Murphy' is constantly laying out for me!! Murphy and I have a close working relationship.  :D]

So the key question is 'Did all 68 Camaro L34 7028218 carbs have the secondary fuel pull-over ports?

As always, thoughts and/or pics from anyone warmly appreciated!  :D

Site Comments/Discussion / No way back from forum to home page
« on: September 21, 2015, 02:50:01 PM »
I think the CRG logo at top left should link back to the home page, otherwise if you come directly via bookmark to the forum, there's no way to escape from the forum to the home page other than by editing the url back to .org, or have I missed something?
No big, just a thought.  :)

Decoding/Numbers / 68 radio am am/fm date code?
« on: June 12, 2015, 02:34:07 PM »
I have a question mark in the title as I'm not certain that any of the numbers on the radio label have anything to do with a date code.
For 68 am/fm 7303241 I have seen:
41FPK - 6070
41FPK - 7166
41FPK - 01484

Also, they are listed on the label as the serial number, which is actually the application/type code [41fpk] and some numerals.
I think the last 4 - 5 numbers are no more than an incrementing serial number.
Thoughts appreciated.

General Discussion / Your worst automotive nightmare/facepalm.
« on: June 07, 2015, 03:45:00 PM »
Ok, c'mon crew. Let's have a few "D'oh" stories to chuckle over. I'll start the ball rolling.
Mikefam's starter motor thread was the inspiration to recount this epic facepalm of mine.

I was tinkering with another car I had at the time - many years ago now - a HR Holden, GM-H Aust. car.
I needed to crank [no start - coil disconnected] the engine and just reached in through the drivers window to turn the key. The engine started cranking but was still in first gear and the whole car started moving forward. I was used to autos at this time and forgot about this car being a manual.

To my horror, when I let go of the key, the starter motor did not disengage and kept cranking the car forward, which was only a couple of feet from a glass pane sliding door!!
I dove full length through the drivers window and started banging at the shifter to knock it into neutral, but only succeeded in banging it straight past neutral and into second gear!!

I was now frantic, there was only inches left to the glass door and the car was now moving even quicker towards it!
Some more [now judicious] slapping of the shifter and I finally managed to hit neutral. The car stopped just shy of the glass door and the starter disengaged.
I slid out the door and collapsed on the ground.

What caused all this mayhem?
The starter had developed an intermittent issue whereby the solenoid would always operate, but the starter motor would not crank the engine.
I had traced the problem to the solenoid sometimes not connecting the battery terminal to the starter terminal.

When I pulled the solenoid apart, I could see the problem. The heads of the main terminals inside the solenoid cap had eroded away.
I removed the terminals from the cap and built them back up with an oxy and some bronze, but added a little too much height of bronze.

When I reassembled it, everything would have worked fine, except for the fact that I had left the car in gear.
When I let go of the key, the solenoid de-energized but couldn't fully release because the car was in gear keeping the starter pinion loaded and engaged on the ring gear.

Ordinarily, this restricted movement of the solenoid is still enough to disconnect the main terminals [design criteria] and stop the starter motor, but 'bunny' here had built the heads up too much and now the solenoid could not disconnect the terminals under restricted movement conditions.

If it weren't for the fact that I had left the car in gear, I would have never realized the problem I had created and maybe some other unsuspecting bunny was to get caught out with it and have the car crank him straight over the edge of a cliff!

Moral of the story - make sure you understand the exact design criteria of anything electrical, mechanical or electromechanical before toying with it.
Not all design criteria are obvious on first sight!

Foreign Camaros / 68 Camaro export to Australia
« on: June 04, 2015, 03:22:55 PM »
Continuation of the topic from this thread in General Discussion

Kurt or anyone in the know, do you know what the approx. time line would have been from completion of build of an xco to shipping out of Baltimore?
Did GM HO's in other countries only order sup Camaro's as required i.e. orders that were 'in the books' from buyers that went to a dealership?

General Discussion / 68 - 69 am/fm stereo question
« on: May 31, 2015, 03:47:26 PM »
I understand that the multiplexer box gave you left/right and front/rear fade control, what were the other two controls for?
Was it fed with left/right speaker out from the radio, or is the fade box also a stereo power amp fed with line level from the radio?

General Discussion / Upper steering column bearing
« on: May 26, 2015, 01:47:46 PM »
Not particularly a Camaro question, but thought I'd ask here anyway.
These two upper steering bearings pn 7800269 are near identical except for the notches in the one on the left.
Does anyone recognise the notched bearing?

Test Drive / Test - signature showing/not showing
« on: May 26, 2015, 09:09:17 AM »
Test for sig ok/not ok

edit: seems ok, had noticed it not showing in a couple of posts - no probs

Originality / Rally wheel trim rings
« on: May 22, 2015, 09:06:35 AM »
Hi crew, does anyone know what these trim rings are for?
They're listed as Camaro 14", odd clip design though, never seen that before.
The ring looks like polished stainless. I think 1st gens were flash chromed steel?

Restoration / bent underside of subframe cross member
« on: May 15, 2015, 01:52:50 PM »
Hi all, seems like a lot of Camaro's suffered from bent in steel on the underside of the cross member from being jacked up in the middle [fore-aft] of the cross member, or being heavily bottomed out over road dips.
At least I haven't seen a un-restored flat bottom Camaro subframe cross member yet!

Any tips/tricks to getting this straight again? or is it just a case of trimming that section off with a cut-off wheel. pressing it straight then welding it back on, then grind and linish the weld.
Hate having to cut n weld things though.
Then again, it would give me a chance to clean up and treat the inside of the cross member.

Hi crew,
Here's my attempt at deciphering the temp. senders for 1st gen Camaro with pics.
The list includes L6 and V8, with and without gauges. I hope the pics are at least representative.
Permission to use these pics on this forum has been sought and granted by all the owners - credit is given with the respective pics.

Here's a list of part numbers from April '70 PnA grp 1.150

V8 with gauges

67 - 1513321
68 - 6400759
69 - 1513462

V8 without gauges

67 and 69 - 1993369  see note 1
68            - 1993426


67 1st design - 1993369     see note 2
67 2nd design - 1993409    see note 2
68 and 69      - 1993427    brown or red top

Note 1. The group has an entry '66 - 69 Chevy, Chevelle, Camaro [8 cyl.] [exc. gauges]' but also has a specific entry for 68 which reads 'All [8 cyl.] [exc. inst. panel gauges] which has a different part number.
This variation in 68 versus 67 and 69 is also noted in the AIM's

Note 2. According to the PnA, the 1st design was stamped 369. It had a temp rating of 248 degrees.
The 2nd design was ink stamped 409 and a date code. It had a temp rating of 253 degrees.

Here are the pics of the senders/switches, in the same order as the above list.

V8 with gauges

67 - 1513321   Picture courtesy of ebay user tillyfour

68 - 6400759   A crop of a generic sender from 68Zproject's pic

69 - 1513462   Picture courtesy of ebay user raider0007

V8 without gauges

67 and 69 - 1993369   Pictures courtesy of ebay user claysparts

68 - 1993426

1st and 2nd pictures courtesy of ebay user gtonly

This picture courtesy of ebay user alongthelinega


67 1st design - 1993369 - see V8 without gauges

67 2nd design - 1993409   Picture courtesy of ebay user dcparts

68 and 69 - 1993427   Pictures courtesy of ebay user nomad3

Let me know if you spot any errors.


General Discussion / 68 Camaro with 427 1/4 mile 9.83s
« on: April 12, 2015, 02:52:44 PM »
This Camaro gets good purchase off the line!!

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