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Garage Talk / Pistol Grip Shifter Run Amok!!!
« on: December 06, 2017, 12:24:18 AM »
Wow, they'll mount a pistol grip shifter on anything!!!!   ;D

General Discussion / Any info on Reese Chevrolet in Mechanicsburg, PA?
« on: November 08, 2017, 04:33:18 PM »
Finally spent to $50 on the NCRS Shipping / Dealer info.....said my car was shipped to Reese Chevrolet in Mechanicsburg, PA - near Carlisle.

Does anyone have anything related to that dealership, like dealer emblem, pictures, info???  I'd be glad to hear from you if you do....


Originality / Numbers Matching or Not?
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:26:35 PM »
I have a friend who is the original owner of a 68 Camaro/ 327 / 4 speed....neat car.

Back in 68, he had the car for a week and the rear developed a leak, which turned out to be a crack in the casting.  The dealership had the rear replaced under GM warranty.  So is the car still considered a numbers matching drive train????  The owner had no choice - just got his car fixed under warranty.  He has all the paper work on the car since day one.....

Same car.....he ordered the car with an AM radio....but what he received when the car was delivered - was an aftermarket unit made by Motorola.  No capacitors on the frame anywhere on the car and no caps on the voltage regulator.  An obvious addition BEFORE the car was delivered.  Seems to be a money making trick dealers did back in the $60 for a GM AM radio, and the dealer puts in a cheaper aftermarket unit to make a few extra $$.

Again.... is this considered original or not????  This is how it was delivered when he picked up the car from the dealership.  How does this car get judged in concourse judging????

Just throwing this out for thought.

Maintenance / Fuel Pump - How old is too old?
« on: May 09, 2017, 12:30:12 AM »
Spoke with a friend of mine who has a 68 327 Camaro yesterday, and he asked me how long I would keep my fuel pump on my 69 SS 350 before I replace it due to age - like preventative maintenance.

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to tell him.  I've had my AC embossed unit on my car since 1994 with no issues (knock on wood).

Now I'm wondering if I should replace it.

Any thoughts / suggestions???? 

Garage Talk / GM Nationals No More....
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:52:09 AM »
Just saw on Carlisle's website that the powers to be decided to re-brand the GM Nationals and are now calling it the Carlisle Chevrolet Nationals.

Now if the Camaro Nationals organizers can get passed their "possessiveness" of that event and bring it back to Carlisle where it that'll be an event!!!

Trans-Am Camaros / 69 Penske Donohue Camaro
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:22:15 PM »
Any news on the whereabouts of the #6 Penske camaro?  I know it was wrecked a few years back and was supposedly repaired.  The way that car looked I couldn't imagine that car ever racing again.
Just wondering where it was.

Restoration / 69 TH350 Trans Dipstick Handle
« on: April 07, 2015, 11:12:40 AM »
The handle of a dipstick from a TH350 trans.....

Is it a flat black or natural metal....?  I've got an original, and can't tell what color / patina the handle is.


Originality / License Plate Mounting
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:12:52 AM »
Here's a good one for you guys with original / survivor cars.

What do the screws that hold the front & back license plates look like? 

Are they rounded-headed slotted screws or hex head like the "assembly line" screws sold at Heartbeat City?

Small item, but details are details.  Gotta get it right!!!

General Discussion / Reproduction Tire Age
« on: November 25, 2012, 11:47:11 PM »

I've had a set of Goodyear Polyglas repro tires since 1995, and they still look great.  No dryrot, cracks or anything that indicates any failure.  These tires have no more that 3000 miles on them.  The car is always stored in a garage....and the tires have always been given a coating of Meguiers Protective coating - front and back side at least three times a year.

Now for the stupid question........should I replace these guys before something blows????  I'm pretty sure 17 years on a set of tires is kinda risky....

If I replace, I'm going with Radial T/A's.......$1000 for four tires is nuts.

Maintenance / Fuel Pump
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:52:16 AM »
I've had the same AC fuel pump on my car since 1992......I'm wondering if I should replace it.

Now....the $10,000.00 dollar question........I have a new AC pump that's a few years old.....should I use this one, or just get a new one...

I wonder if someone rebuilts these things.....

Restoration / 69 Seat Adjustment Knobs
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:33:56 AM »
Does anyone know how close are the chrome OER seat adj knobs are to the originals?

The ones I had were chrome plated plastic that just pushed onto the adj rod / shaft.

The ones I got on Ebay were OER units that are metal with a set-screw to tighten the knob onto the shaft.....and not even close to the plastic ones I took off.

A friend of mine has a 68, and his are metal with a set screws.....

Did 69's have plastic knobs????

Any takers?

Restoration / Upper A-Arm Dust Sheilds
« on: April 30, 2012, 12:15:33 AM »
This drives me even more nutty than upside-down cowl induction air-cleaner seals........

Aren't the rubber dust sheilds that are stapled to the front wheel housings supposed to go into the upper a-arm holes to keep them from flapping around?????

That's why the sheilds have a t-flaps to go into these holes......right??????

Please tell me I'm right.......almost every first gen Camaro I've seen has the rubber sheilds just laying over the upper control arms which defeats the purpose of keeping road dirt and water from going into the engine bay????  ???

General Discussion / Camaro Nationals Moving
« on: October 31, 2010, 11:45:27 PM »
From the website:

Here is the press release from the Maryland Camaro Club-

Hello Fellow Camaro Enthusiasts:

The Maryland Camaro Club would like to welcome all our fellow Camaro owners to the 13th Annual Camaro Nationals June 23 - 25, 2011.

As you are aware the American Camaro Association has chosen not to put on the Nationals and the M.C.C. (which has been the host club for the last 6 years) was asked by the A.C.A. to put on the Nationals. A.C.A. had a signed yearly exclusive agreement with Carlisle Productions which will not be renewed.

The American Camaro Association will serve as advisors and consultants to the Maryland Camaro Club and will be at the 2011 show.

M.C.C. will be presenting the Camaro Nationals at the Frederick Fairgrounds in Frederick, MD. The host hotel will be the Holiday Inn in Frederick about 4 miles from the show field. Frederick is located off I-70 and Route 15. Frederick is located in a very historic area with many National Historic sites easily within reach. Many Civil War Battlefields including Gettysburg as well as Washington D.C. and Baltimore are nearby. More information will be available in the near future.

Everything will be in place just as it has been the previous twelve years. All 51 classes will still be offered from Non-Judged through Concours classes. All the judges that you have known and seen in the past will be there to judge classes in 2011.

Let me reassure you that the only things that have changed are the club presenting the Camaro Nationals and the location. Nothing else will change, which is the number one goal of the show to be the same show you have all known, enjoyed and attended over the years.

Im sure many of you have questions and concerns: feel free to contact Bud Scolastico in the evenings at 610-921-3721 or email Bud at

We look forward to seeing everyone in June and having another great show.

Best regards,

April Alderson
President of the Maryland Camaro Club

Originality / 69 Front Bumper Bracket Bolt Plating
« on: June 11, 2007, 11:56:30 PM »
Should the bolts that hold the front bumper brackets to the subframe be black phosphated or natural metal (silver)?

I see that Rick's are silver, but others vendors are black.... ???


General Discussion / New Rosewood Wheel
« on: April 02, 2007, 05:04:56 PM »

"The Parts Place Inc". is making (supposedly) a NOS correct - down to the grain & color - 1969 Rosewood wheel, making the OER wheel a god-forsaken real POS.

Saw them on ebay advertising that it took them 5 years of development to get it right, and by the looks, it's not bad.....

Has anyone bought one of these????

Just hope they don't crack too soon....

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